Studio 703

703 Long Road Crossing
Chesterfield, MO 63005

User Reviews

Stylist: Mandi

Mandi does an amazing job with curly hair! I have recommended her to several friends and strangers who are also very well pleased. Mandi has a lot of experience with curly hair and she has great styling tips and product suggestions. Curly hair is easy to manage if you get a great cut!

Reviewed on 08.12.09

Stylist: Debbie

I wasn't sure if Debbie was still at studio 703 since the last review I saw for her was in September of last year. She's still there and she's AMAZING. She cut my hair dry, which I've never had done before. She talked to me about the condition of my hair and how to style it and I walked out of there feeling - for the first time in my life - like I LOVED my hair. I highly recommend this woman.

Reviewed on 04.29.07

Stylist: Deyne

Deyne, my hair stylist moved to studio 703! She was at American Image. Amazing work with curly hair. I highly recommend her. I heard they have the Devacurl products there too! Deyne is the best!

Reviewed on 01.09.07

Stylist: Debbie

After checking out this site I made an appointment with Debbie. I was so nervous going in, fearing I'd leave with teary eyes and a hat on. Instead I was so thrilled! Debbie is sweet and kind and very informative. We discussed my hair type and the condition my hair was in. She then got me started on getting my hair in it's best condition making sure to tell me along the way all the steps she was taking and how to do it at home. She made sure that I understood each step and gave me a number to call if I needed help when I got home. Debbie spent over an hour making sure I was confident about my curly hair and ability to replicate what she did. She showed me how to do two hair styles!!! VERY VERY REASONABLEY PRICED!!! VERY VERY INFORMATIVE!!! It's been 3 days and already I can tell a difference in my hair after following my new rules! DEBBIE IS PEACE OF MIND!! She's trained especially for curly hair!!! SEE HER TODAY!!

Reviewed on 07.31.06

Stylist: Debbie

I have been to Debbie twice and absoultely love her! I have never found a stylist who actually has taken special classes on how to cut curly hair...Debbie has. She first explains to you about your hair type and things that you can do to make your hair healthier and better looking. Then she cuts your hair dry [the way curly hair is supposed to be cut]. After words she styles your hair and explains all the steps needed to take to achive what she just did. She keeps a record of you with her explaining your hair type, what she did to it & what you want your hair to do. Not only is she very talented she is so sweet! I would recommend Debbie to anyone who wants a great curly hair cut without that feeling of going to the dentist everytime your hair needs to be cut. She makes you feel comfortable & relaxed like you have know each other for years.

Reviewed on 03.22.06