Clare's of Clayton

7751 Carondelet, Suite 110
Clayton, MO 63105

User Reviews

Stylist: Jesse

I'm 53 years old and just started letting my hair go to it's natural curl. Jesse gave me an awesome hairstyle and took a lot of time explaining to me how to care for my hair. I would recommend Jesse to any of you curly girls out there. She's also very sweet.

Reviewed on 07.14.09

Stylist: Clare

A great salon--all the stylists are trained in the Curly Girl technique and sensitive to cut, care and styling that is unique to curly hair. My teenage daughter has massive, shoulder length, unmanageable curls and Clare recently did a great job cutting her hair and educating her on caring for her curls. They also carry Deva Curl.

Reviewed on 02.18.06