Salon Nefisa

825 E Walnut
Columbia, MO 65201

User Reviews

Stylist: Candice

Candice made me understand how great it is to have a stylist who doesn't want to straighten my hair or tell me how to improve my style by getting rid of my curl.

Reviewed on 01.05.11

Stylist: Candace

I started going to Candace after reading about her on this website. Going to her has made a huge difference in my hair. It made me realize that most stylists don't really understand curly/wavy hair. The other great thing is that her cuts grow out so much better than the cuts any other stylist I've had. I also love that she really respects the fact that I only want to spend 5 minutes on my hair most days and the cut she has given me allows me to do that.

Reviewed on 05.21.09

Stylist: Candace

Candace is hands down an absolute expert with curly hair. A friend referred me to her after I complained about my umpteenth bout with a bad hairdresser. My problems were over, however, after I started going to Salon Nefisa. They are exceptionally nice there, and Candace always cut my hair exactly how I wanted (I'm pretty specific!) and would even make it look better than I'd imagined. In addition, she's wonderful to talk to and gives genuinely good advice about how to handle crazy curls. Unfortunately, I can't go to her any more because I've moved, but I highly recommend Candace to anyone in the area!

Reviewed on 11.09.08

Stylist: Candace

Candace is amazing. I live in SC and still fly/drive back to MO for her to cut my hair. I know others have written about her a ton, but she is truly is one of the best stylists for curly hair I have ever been to!

Reviewed on 05.17.07

Stylist: Candice

Hello, Candice has been written about before on this website and that is where I was able to track her down. She has now moved to Salon Nefisa in Columbia, Missouri and she is SOOO AMAZING. This woman knows everything there is to know about curly hair, she has the curly hair books, shares all the advice in the world and she made my hair look like a million bucks. I have not had such pretty curls in years and she took her time getting to know me, my hair and my style! Even though I am moving to St. Louis, MO I will still drive back here for her to do my hair. She is truly one of a kind!

Reviewed on 04.19.07