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Stylist: Vickie Vela

Vickie is an awesome stylist. She never hurries through a haircut no matter how busy she is and I love that she explains everything she does and how to do it. Mind you, I don't always remember, so she patiently goes over anything I might have forgotten in-between the visits. Vickie's love for what she does shines through in her upbeat personality and enthusiasm for the products, her clients, and the uniqueness of the naturally curly approach to haircutting and styling.

Reviewed on 01.03.11

Stylist: Vickie Vela

I am so lucky to have found Vickie just about one year ago. My previous sylist always wanted to straighten my hair. I had been wanting to try Deva, and was so excited to find someone in Orange County. The Deva process is such an amazing way to cut hair. She loves what she does, and my hair has never looked better. She takes so much time with each cut making sure everything is perfect. She will also go over all the products and how to use them at home- so you can have great hair everyday. I learn something new everytime I go into the salon. Plus her salon is so cute - curls are actually celebrated.

Reviewed on 12.28.10

Stylist: Vickie Vela

Wow! My hair looks amazing! I was very skeptical going for my hair appointment but Vickie really does know her stuff. She listened to my concerns and taught me so much about how to properly care for my curls. I never met anyone who is so passionate about curly hair. She is friends with Lorraine Massey and was trained by her. If anyone is interested Lorraine is going to be at her salon on March 12, 2011 to speak, answer questions and sign her new Curly book but make sure you RSVP [email protected] if you want to go. Anyway, I recommend her to anyone who was as desperate as I was with my hair.

Reviewed on 10.28.10

Stylist: Vickie Vela

My hair had always been beautiful and no problems, until this summer when I started abusing it and constantly putting it up very tightly and washing daily, which my 3b/c curls can't take. I was getting very unhappy with my hair, which was looking so dry and frizzy. I turned to the internet and found and her salon through it. I called that night and got an appointment the next morning in a just cancelled spot. I was so excited I couldn't sleep. I hadn't had any one cut my hair for 3 years as the last person chopped it evenly at the bottom and made it so short. I loved the fact that when I walked in I saw some one with curly hair! I felt so at ease with her cutting my hair. She cut the unhealthy ends off, leaving length and adding good layers but not a pyramid. The only thing I would say is, devacurl and devacare are not the same at all. I bought the devacare thinking only the scent was different, but when I couldn't recreate the cg look at home I realized it was because devacare was too heavy for my undyed, unprocessed curls. I'd buy just the sample set next time or to any one who hasn't done the deva line.

Reviewed on 10.21.10

Stylist: Vickie

Vickie did an incredible job cutting my hair. I've been getting Deva cuts up in LA for 2 years and was thrilled to find that Orange County now had its own Deva trained specialist. She did an incredible job. Really looked at my hair, listened to exactly what I wanted, exactly how I styled my hair and really double checked her understanding of what I wanted for length and style. She is trained by Lorraine herself (twice!) and goes to every Deva Curl class she can get her hands on. So she is very well trained much better than my former stylist. She knew exactly what she was doing and I loved the cut even more than my old Deva cuts (which I already loved). I will definitely be going here for years to come and would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Reviewed on 05.13.10

Stylist: Vickie Vela

I've struggled with my curly hair for as long as I can remember. I usually would blow it straight, then flat iron it and pray that it wouldn't rain. When I first went to Vickie I was nervous about finally allowing my curly hair to curl. Vickie made me feel comfortable and excited about having curly hair. She showed me how to use the Diva products and gave me the best hair cut of my life! Now people walk up to me on the street and ask if my curls are natural. Curly girls are always asking who cuts my hair. My hair is finally shiny and soft and sexy. I will never let another hairdresser touch my hair! Oh yes, and her new salon is comfortable, convenient and best of all has parking!

Reviewed on 01.07.10

Stylist: Vicki Vela

Vicki has been my stylist for over 20 years and has always done a wonderful job working with the trends, and me and what is best for my hair, etc. Since introducing me to DEVA products for my wavy hair, I have NEVER had so many COMPLIMENTS on my hair!! Strangers on the street literally hunt me down to ask me what I do to my hair and friends that I have known for 30 years are simply AMAZED that it is my natural hair. Vicki is well educated on her products and hair care and I recommend anyone with or without curly hair to engage her services!

Reviewed on 08.31.09

Stylist: Vickie Vela

I love the way Vickie does my hair and I would recommend her to every curly haired person I know. She listens and gently examines your hair. She is Deva trained (by Lorraine Massey herself) and it shows. She has curly hair also and it looks amazing! She knows exactly what to do with it. I absolutely love her work. The cutting process may take a while, since she does go through curl by curl, but it's definitely worth it. My hair looked incredible after I left the salon. She taught me how to maintain my hair on my own. Amazingly, it has been easy for me to replicate what she did. Since she has been cutting it, I have been receiving compliments. People are always saying "I love your hair" and I believe them, because I love it too! She is beautiful and smart and I never want anybody else to ever cut my hair again!

Reviewed on 08.28.09

Stylist: Vickie Vela

I have never known how to manage my curly hair, and thought what I was doing looked okay, but I was always disappointed with my hair, until Vickie Showed me what to do, and gave me the most fabulous cut!!!! I now love my curls, and have now learned how to manage and style my curls the right way. Thank you so much Vickie for teaching me how to do my hair, showing me the right products to use, giving me the best cut and style, and for Leading me to LOVE MY CURLS!!!!!

Reviewed on 08.24.09