Kristy Ramos: Curl Specialist at Sunflowers & Scissors Salon

625 Harden Street
Columbia , SC 29205

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Stylist: Kristy Ramos

Kristy is awesome!  I went to see Kristy for my first ever curly cut and styling lesson.  She did a fantastic job!  I felt like the time I was there was my time.  She made me feel extremely welcome and our appointment never felt rushed.  She made sure to thoroughly explain what she doing when cutting, washing, and styling, and what to do when I'm at home. She also gave me a card with a list of all the products she used and some additional that she recommended at the end of our appointment.  Thanks to her, my curls are poppin' and my wash n' go is always on point!

Reviewed on 06.08.16

Stylist: Kristy Ramos

I recently visited Kristy for the first time at Rock Paper Scissors Salon where she gave me a trim and a curly hair styling lesson. The last time I got my hair cut by a professional was around 2010, after having my hair chemically straightened. (I completely forgot that I did get my hair cut by a “professional” at Great Clips in 2014. I asked her to cut off as much processed hair as she could. She was afraid to get rid of my length, so she ended up giving me a “shelf”… I had my sister snip the last of my processed ends shortly after), I wasn’t really sure what to expect since I had straightened hair for the majority of my salon experiences. I’ve never had a professional cut my curly hair. The evening before my appointment, Kristy sent me a courtesy email asking me to arrive with my hair detangled, washed, dried, and styled using products I normally would. She also mentioned that my hair needed to be down. No buns, braids, or ponytails. I understood why she asked me to detangle, but I was puzzled by why she needed me to show up in a wash-and-go using products. I guess I had just assumed that my hair would be wet or straightened before cutting. Kristy cuts hair using the Deva Cut method, so my hair needed to be dry and down so she could see what my curls were doing. When I met Kristy the morning of my appointment, I instantly found her easy to talk to! She sat me down and asked me what products I use, how often I wash my hair, how I wear my hair to sleep, etc. She explained how and where she’d trim, and she explained how my hair would lay after she cut it (she basically gave me a waterfall where I had previously had a blanket!). After assessing my hair and laying down the gameplan, Kristy took me outside for some “Before” photos. We had a nice conversation while she cut my hair, curl-by-curl. After the cut, Kristy led me to the wash station where she cleansed, conditioned, and styled my hair using all DevaCurl products and methods. Kristy took the time to show me the bottle of each product she was using and told me what each product did. She also walked me through the DevaCurl process (this was the curly hair lesson). In addition to the washing and styling lesson, Kristy mentioned the importance of keeping the hair wet, even when cleansing and conditioning. My hair is always thirsty, so it makes sense to give it as much water as I can when I’m in the shower! I’m so used to squeezing all the water out of my hair before shampooing and conditioning, so it feels weird doing this! I’m going to stick with it to see if I notice any changes. (She also told me there was validity to the myth that tells us to rinse our hair with cool water after washing because it seals the cuticle! I’m glad those morning chills aren’t in vain!!)Once she applied the products and patted some of the excess water out of my hair with a microfiber towel, Kristy took me back to the chair and taught me how to pin my roots so that they wouldn’t dry flat. She stuck me under the dryer and let me read her copy of Curly Girl: The Handbook. I read as much as I could while my hair was drying because I knew there would be a bunch of cool tips in there! While my hair was drying, Kristy wrote out my “Curly Hair Prescription” complete with instructions on how to wash my hair, and she listed all the products she used. She also listed where I could get the Curly Girl book and a Tangle Teezer (which she used to detangle my hair with conditioner; I didn’t mention that before). When my hair was dry enough, Kristy diffused my hair using her hand-shaped defuser! You guys… my hair came out so shiny and pretty!!! I was trying to keep my composure in the chair… The hair cut facilitated so much movement! I was floored by how my hair looked, felt, and framed my face. We took some “After” pictures, she read over my “Prescription” with me, and I paid for her services. Before I left the salon, Kristy let me know that if I had any questions or concerns that I could contact her at any time.Using her custom instructions, my new DevaCurl treasures, and what I can remember from my appointment, I am able to recreate similar results from my wash-and-go with Kristy!! I haven’t tried pinning my roots, and I allow my hair to air-dry, but I’m happy with what I’m able to achieve at home.Kristy is a talented woman who clearly loves her job and her clients. I learned so much valuable information and tips from Kristy in those three hours, and I look forward to wash days! If you’re someone with curly hair, you can rest easy in Kristy’s hands! TL;DR: If your hair is curly, visit Kristy at Rock Paper Scissors Salon in Columbia, SC. She’s a curl whisperer!!!

Reviewed on 06.07.16

Stylist: Kristy Ramos

Kristy was recommended to me by another stylist and I'm so glad that she was. I've never seen someone so enthused about doing their job. She was so excited to get to play with my curls. She's very gentle and thorough with her work. I even got a curl-prescription to take care of my hair the proper way. She gave me the greatest curl experience I've ever had at a salon.  

Reviewed on 06.06.16

Stylist: Kristy Ramos

I was struggling to love my curly hair and started to lose hope on ever being happy with my hair until I visited Kristy. She really gives exceptional service and will give great tips for you to go home with. I get tons of compliments on my curly hair now! She is really knowledgeable about curly hair and is the sweetest person to work with too! All curly girls in the Columbia area should go see Kristy! 

Reviewed on 06.05.16

Stylist: Kristy Ramos

Kristy is awesome--you know your curl stylist is legit when she rocks great curly hair herself! She is part of the team of stylists at the newer Rock Paper Scissors salon in Five Points, and she handles most of the curly peeps. Both my boyfriend and I have curls, and we both have her take care of them. She has done a great job not only cutting and shaping the curls, but educating us on how to take care of them once we leave the salon. I have also had a good time hanging out at the salon while there, these ladies are a lot of fun!This is a good salon not only for getting your curls taken care of, but they also have stylists that do edgier cuts, funkier colors and treatments. I look forward to my next appt with Kristy! If you want to look at some of her work, her instagram is @sunflowersandscissors

Reviewed on 06.02.16