Natural Alternatives Salon

1949 Bardstown Rd
Louisville, KY 40205
(502) 473-8882

User Reviews

Stylist: Tameka

Natural Alternatives Salon is awesome and I’m glad I have finally found a home for my (newly) natural hair. I went in on 5/24/16 for a big chop and it was my 1st time stepping into a salon as an adult. Horror stories had kept me away from salons for over 20 years but I was ready for a change. Turns out I had NO reason to be worried!Tameka did my hair and she was AMAZING!THE SALON: The day I made an appt. the lady on the phone was super nice and got me in that same day for a free consultation. We toured the salon and went over the equipment and product lines they use. I was impressed with the clean, relaxing, and professional atmosphere. Regina, the owner, was nice and came right over to introduce herself.During the consultation Tameka listened carefully and seemed excited to get started on my hair. She made sure the haircut would be appropriate for work, asked how long I’d been transitioning, and made sure I was really ready for such a drastic cut. I was booked for the following Tuesday.THE CUT: It’s scary to only know someone for about 20 minutes and then have to trust them with cutting off (most!) of your hair but again I had nothing to worry about. The moment Tameka helped me into my cape I felt at ease. She was gentle, ALWAYS double checked with me before cutting, and most importantly didn’t cut too much off! (A big complaint among frequent salon goers.) She was also honest about the awkward stage I’ll go through if I grow my cut out in the future. I’m quiet and I’ve heard others complain about stylists making them talk when they just want to chill. Tameka didn’t force me to talk but when I did want to chat she was very easy to talk to. She explained each step she was doing and the benefits of each product. I swear I never had to wait more than a few seconds after the dryer or the steamer stopped before she was coming around the corner to whisk me away to the next step. Since then, I’ve gotten nothing but compliments on my hair!

Reviewed on 06.03.16