The Darling Room

1800 Baltimore Ave #1
Kansas City, MO

User Reviews

Stylist: Becki Bradley

This salon is closed. =(

Reviewed on 09.30.11

Stylist: johny

after reading the reviews here i decided to give the darling room a try. the receptionist asked questions about my hair and booked me with johny. i LOVE my cut and the way my curls look now. he took time on my hair, had a great personality, and made my curls awesome! without question, i will be going back.

Reviewed on 01.11.09

Stylist: Nancy

I've had a lot of trouble finding a good stylist in KC, but when I read reviews on Amber and her new salon I decided to give it a try. Amber wasn't taking new clients so I scheduled my appointment with Nancy. She was great! She cut my hair dry so I could really see what it looked like. When she finished the cut she washed my hair and gave me some tips along with recommending some good shampoos and conditioners. Then, she styled my curls so they were looking more gorgeous than they'd ever looked before. I highly recommend Nancy at the Darling Room!

Reviewed on 12.10.08

Stylist: Becki Bradley

I've been going to Becki at the Darling Room for about a year now. She does a great job with my 3A hair! She cuts dry and is meticulous in taking her time. Becki always listens to what I have in mind. She's given me trims and also cut my hair shorter when I decided I was ready for a bigger change. She knows her stuff in dealing with curly hair. When I leave, my hair always looks terrific. As a previous reviewer mentioned, the salon has moved a block or two away, and their new address is 1919 Wyandotte.

Reviewed on 10.04.08

Stylist: Becki Bradley

I found Becki off of this site. I LOVE HER!!! Me and my 3B hair walk in there and leave looking super fabulous. She cuts hair dry and we all know how hard it is to find someone who will do this. All my curly headed sisters and nieces are regulars in her chair now, too. My hair has never looked so good. It has been months since I have had a bad hair day. How many curly headed girls can say that? p.s. the salon moved to 1919 Wyandotte.

Reviewed on 09.13.08

Stylist: Amber, my sweet salvation!

I first went to Amber at Spy Agency and followed her to her own establishment. I can't say enough good things about her! She knows curly hair inside and out (not bad for a smooth-headed girl) and seems to enjoy working on a curly head. She also gives me PERFECT straight cuts and is a very gifted colorist as well. And she also happens to be very sweet and funny! If she ever moves away, I will have to move with her. Unfortunately she isn't taking new clients (and she has a LONG waiting list even for established clients), but I have seen her other stylists work on curly heads and they seem to be very gifted as well. It is the best salon in KC BY FAR, and maybe the best in the region. If you are looking for a new stylist or salon, go! NOW!

Reviewed on 04.25.08

Stylist: Nancy

I booked an appointment with Nancy, the newest stylist at The Darling Room, a few weeks ago and I was super nervous about it until the very moment I sat down in her chair. I had been going to the other stylists there, and loved their work, but they were booking up so quickly! Nancy made me feel at ease and really took great care of me while I was in her chair. My hair is behaving so well and looks fabulous! She even showed me more styling tips! I will be booking my next appointment very soon.

Reviewed on 08.16.07

Stylist: Becki Bradley

I went to Amber at The Spy Agency and then lost her when she moved. I finally found her again and naturally she was booked until forever. So I gave her new stylist, Becki Bradley, a whirl. I love her! I had post pregnancy blah curls and she gave me a short do that's fabulous and easy. She cuts dry like Amber and she's super friendly. I've already booked my next appointment.

Reviewed on 07.27.06

Stylist: Amber

I first went to Amber when she was at Spy Agency, due to a recommendation on this site. She did a *fantastic* job on my long, thick, 3B hair. She is Devachan trained and cuts hair dry. She really knows what she is doing, and she is enthusiastic about curly hair. The cut also lasts a long time. When she opened her own place in August, I followed her there - even though I live 800 miles away. Whenever I vist relatives in the KC area, I always make an appointment with Amber.

Reviewed on 04.08.06