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User Reviews (2)

Stylist: Lisa

Lisa has long gorgeous curly hair – why would she cut my hair so short it looks like a big ball of frizz? My hair was finally at a length that I could pull it up in soft waves and I wanted her to give it a little more definition instead of the triangle it was leaning toward. I showed her how my hair is curly on the top and straighter under the canopy. She cut it dry and erratically cut chunks: So now my hair was uneven side to side, long strands coming out in different places and I can’t even come close to pulling my hair up. My hair on top is curly to it hiked up on my head leaving the straighter parts hanging below the frizz. What a disaster! Yes, she was trained to cut curly hair, but missed the class on listening to your client and not insulting them in the process. I have red hair with some gray which makes it blend to a blondish/reddish look – get compliments on the color all the time. It has been 4 months since that cut and I still have pieces in front that can’t reach to the back of my head. It takes so long for curly hair to get the length and now I am starting all over again. Lisa was unprofessional, did not listen to me about the particulars of my curly hair and was argumentative. I would not recommend her to anyone.

Stylist: Lisa Hesse

Bad hair cut and she was obstinate. My hair is shoulder length with a curly canape and straighter hair underneath. I like to pull my hair up and back ocassionally to get it off my face. I let Lisa take the fullness out and basically gave her "some" latitude but with my objectives still to be able to pull my hair back. I am now stuck with a curly canape that hikes up over the straighter parts. I have to spend a lot more time and its a stuggle to calm down the curly mop on top to meet my straighter hair. I cannot pull my hair back. The right side is longer and there are strands of longer peices mixed on top that were not cut. I am a thin 52 year old and look great for my age and younger than my counterparts. I work at it. My hair is a mixture of auburn/blonde/gray which is really one of the best features of my hair-the color is really pretty. After the cut, Lisa wanted to put a color rinse on my hair and said I would look 10 years younger (Insult #1) When I made my appointment she stated her fee was $50. I was charged $55 and bought $100 dollars of the Deva products (which I have some left at home). I hated my hair and called to let her know I was returning the product and put a stop payment on the check. She said to bring it back in and she would look at my hair and she would not cash the check. My blackberry broke/traveling with work and was unable to call her back for 5 days. I finally got in touch with her and made a date to come in. My bank calls me the next day after I spoke with her to let me know they seized the check she tried to cash it at the bank that day. (Insult #2) I walk into the salon and I could tell she had talked about me as they women were all staring at me-you know those looks. Lisa takes the products, shakes them, eyeballs them and opens each container as if I used them. (Insult #3) I reminded her that I have product at home and I didn't use them. She then says you owe me $50 for the cut. I orginally paid her $55 but didn't comment on the difference. (Insult #4) She did not offer to look at my hair and started to argue with me rather than try to get this right somehow. (Insult #5) I threw down $40 dollars on the chair and told her I was done. And by the way - just because some has curly hair (as another reviewer mentioned) it doesn't mean these people listen to your issues. She did not "listen" and was combatitive. Who needs this kind of treatment? Never will I go near that place again. I can't even describe what a nightmare experience this was and to be treated this way was really over the top.