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Stylist: Catherine Kimpton

Have always had curls and grew up in a family that didn’t so my knowledge on curls was little to none .... SOOOOOOOO IMPRESSESED with how much my curls bounced up and the info and tips I learned in ONE appointment with Catherine!!!! If you are looking for a curl specialist GO SEE CATHERINE!

Reviewed on 03.24.18

Stylist: Cathy Kimpton

Finally found someone to do my hair right. Cathy did an amazing job with my curls and I look forward to working with her in the future!

Reviewed on 04.28.17

Stylist: Cathy Kimpton

I was pretty nervous for this cut, since my mom walked in with me, ranted to Cathy how she "disapproved" of my hair "obsession", then left me. A kid. Alone. In a salon. Lol. Anyway, once I started talking to Cathy I began to feel less nervous, because she was very nice. I told her that I've been researching curly hair care for a while, and the only thing that was missing was a good cut. My hair was one length, and I told her I wanted some layers so it was less "triangle-y". I also told her that I ran, so my hair needed to be long enough to be tied in a ponytail. She then began the dry cut. When she was finished, she washed, conditioned, and styled my hair, clipped my roots, and put me under the hooded dryer. Although my hair doesn't love the DevaCurl products, my hair looked AMAZING after this cut- it's the best haircut I've ever had! Cathy gave me a small bag of clips, some of the DevaCurl One Condition & Ultra Defining Gel, and she even gave me the Raw Curls Cleanser which she used to wash my hair (which is THIRTY DOLLARS, btw!). For a total of $85, I think this haircut was definitely worth it, and I hope I can persuade my mom to let me go back! :)

Reviewed on 09.04.15

Stylist: Cathy Kimpton

WOW!!!! that is all I can say, the very first real curly haircut I have ever had, Kathy was so into the curly hair cuts, she explained what she was doing and the reason why, then helped with the product selection. My hair never looked this good!!!!! and will continue to see her and also recommend Merlins, they are the best!!!

Reviewed on 06.24.13

Stylist: Cathy Kimpton

Kathy worked very carefully with the multitude of curl patterns on my full head of 3b hair and gave me the best cut in years. She really understands and lives with having curly hair, which adds another dimension to other "deva" trained curly hair stylists!! I am going back to fix my color!

Reviewed on 03.24.13

Stylist: Cathy Kimpton

I was very nervous coming into my appointment for my first ever Deva cut, but Cathy quickly settled my nerves with her knowledge, pleasant demeanor and the fact that she is a fellow curly girl herself. She listened to my concerns, answered all my questions, and gave me some great tips and techniques to help me do my hair at home. I can now successfully clip my canopy! I was and am very pleased with ,my cut and will be returning to her in the future!

Reviewed on 03.16.13

Stylist: Lauren L.

I've never actually been to a curl certified salon (I've been to one that claimed to be but they weren't really). I left the job entirely to her imagination and she certainly delivered. She gave me Tips on shampoo and conditioner to use and on styling. she even let me keep the little duck clips she used to give my hair more volume when drying! I was so impressed with the service and knowledge and I only paid 35 dollars! I didn't get the diva curl cut just a regular, that option was a lot more money (like $65-$75) I will never go anywhere else again! I've finally found a curly friendly salon for a good price!

Reviewed on 01.19.13

Stylist: Lauren L.

Lauren made my hair beautiful! She was so friendly and professional, asked a lot of questions about what kind of look i want and really listened. She is a very talented colorist, she corrected my old color issues and created a rich chestnut shade for me that looks fabulous and totally works with my complexion. Then she cut in beautiful long layers that frame my face. My hair looks so healthy and bouncy with rich color and looks beautiful, curly or straight! I'm crazy about it and feel so beautiful now :) Thanks!

Reviewed on 05.04.12

Stylist: Cathy Kimpton

As I am still a fairly new client, Cathy is very patiently working with me to be sure that my cut is just the way I like it. Cathy is a lot of fun - I look forward to my appointment and I'm looking forward to getting her feedback on a change that I'm considering.

Reviewed on 12.16.10

Stylist: Cathy Kimpton

Cathy is the salon owner and a Deva Curl trained stylist. She also carries the full Deva Curl product line. I absolutely LOVE my cut! Cathy paid attention to the shape of my curls so that I now have full, beautifully defined curls. I was at a bridal shower yesterday and received many compliments from family members who hadn't seen my new cut. Merlin's has great energy - it's inviting, fun, and easy going - I look forward to my Merlin's experience.

Reviewed on 06.14.10