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Lynbrook, NY 11563
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User Reviews

Stylist: Teresa Gary

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!I went to Amani Salon for a Deva Haircut with Teresa Gary. **I'll repeat her name, Teresa Gary!!*** THE Curl goddess! She comes to New York every 10 weeks to work on her NY Clientele, but lives in Tennessee, (When i read that she gets flown to NY just to cut her NY Clientele's hair, I knew she had talent). She is a Level 3 Deva-Certified Stylist, meaning according to the Deva website: "A Level 3 Deva Certified Stylist has reached the highest level of curl expertise offered through the DevaCurl Academy and has passed a technical evaluation and written exam". Besides having the hands of a goddess, she has curly hair as well, so she understands our dilemma, and she is super friendly. Background info of my hair: I have thin curly hair that is a type 3B. My hair is tightly curled at the ends and just curly-wavey at the root, which I've worked so hard to get my hair this way since I had over processed hair from bleaching it. I went to a salon in Merrick called Beautiful People, where they promote to specialize in Curly hair, which they DO NOT! The stylist BOMBED my haircut! I showed her an image of the deva-cut that i wanted and she gave me a curly bob instead. I was so upset. This happened in October 2015. Fast forward to April, I came across this salon from searching on for a stylist who has had Deva-cut training. Unfortunately, you have to wait until she is back in town which only happens every 10 weeks, and she is only here for 3 days! So she gets REALLY booked! I had to book my appointment in April to have my haircut in July. Overall, I highly recommend this salon and a haircut with Teresa. (It costs $150 for the haircut and wash, but totally worth every penny!). 

Reviewed on 07.08.16