Spectrum Hair

6405 Clayton Road
St. Louis, MO

User Reviews

Stylist: Inez

I went here after hearing good things about the salon. Do not let Inez cut your hair! She didn't listen to what I wanted. In fact, she didn't listen to anything besides herself. Lots of chatting AT me. When I thought the cut was over I wiggled in my seat and tried to smile, signaling that I was ready. She noticed it was a little uneven so she went to fix that. Another inch later and she still wasn't done. I keep my hair relatively short (and curly) so one inch makes a big difference. She finally "finished" I rushed out of there and burst into tears in the car. Not only was it shorter than I wanted, it was completely the wrong style and shape. To make matters worse, it wasn't even! One side of my head looked about an inch longer! I went home and touched it up myself. Don't let Inez touch your hair.

Reviewed on 05.16.12

Stylist: Frank

I went to Frank and he was great. He listens to what you want and knows how to manage your hair to get it. I wear mine curly and straight and he cut it to look good both ways.

Reviewed on 10.04.08

Stylist: Inez

1 month before my wedding and I needed a haircut to look perfect for this special day. I had 2 stylists...one was on medical leave, the other moved to NY...I panicked...I didn't want to go to someone new but searched this site and looked for a salon that had stylists who specialized in curly hair. I did not want to look like a mushroom which sometimes happened before. Inez was great. She knew the curly girl cut technology well, she even taught me a few tricks. She took some of the weight from the bottom and my curls up top sprouted beautifully. I have long hair, mid back length, she kept my length, added a few layers and I love it! The Deva products are great too...really helped. The price is also fabulous for this salon. They take lots of time on you so I wouldn't suggest to go during lunch. I didn't particularly like the way she styled my hair as I like to comb it and place a part, she likes to just let it lay and do a crossover technique...this did bring out more curl, just wasn't the way I'll style it in the future, however the cut gives me exactly what I want for the way I style it!

Reviewed on 10.13.06