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Stylist: Jessica

Very unhappy with haircut. Did not expect this from a salon claiming to specialize with culy hair. I told them that I had 3b curls when I made the appointment and assumed that that I would get a stylist who knew what they were doing. She did dry cut but it was horribly uneven. My front right side was two inches shorter than the other side. Ended up with short bushy layers on one side and longer ones on the other. I washed and styled at home but could not work with this cut. I was told to come back if I wanted it fixed but, to be honest, if they maded the left side even with the right I would look more ridiculous. I looked worse coming out than when I went in. Looks like I paid a lot of money to wear headbands for the next three months :(

Reviewed on 09.28.12

Stylist: Brandi

I've been going to V Vegaz since I started college in 2006 and I always come back because I've never had such great haircuts and advice. Growing up with curly hair, you can feel ashamed and embarrassed, especially at the hair salon when you're required to let out your ridiculous head of hair in front of everyone. I always feel comfortable at V Vegaz and Brandi really helps me to love my hair and take care of it properly. Some of my friends can't really believe that I'm willing to spend so much on my haircuts especially since I'm not exactly loaded with cash or anything but, V Vegaz is totally worth it!

Reviewed on 03.21.11

Stylist: Callie

I had a great time at V Vegaz! Everyone there was friendly and made me feel at home. Callie was very nice. She listened to what I wanted, and then explained what she was doing as she went along. She didn't push me to buy a whole bunch of products, like they do at some places. Plus I really love my haircut! I am looking forward to going back for another one when the time comes!

Reviewed on 05.26.10

Stylist: Helen

Helen is an awesome and cool girl. I went to her after reading the reviews on this site, and I was glad; so glad. I only get my hair cut by her and I'm only in St. Louis twice a year. After not having my hair cut in almost two years, because of fear of getting a hack job, the first time I went to Helen she explained everything she was doing as she did it. My curls usually have good formation, so of course I got the same formation, but my hair was more consistent, balanced, and shiny! I felt like my hair was more of a collaboration between her and I, as I was talking about what I wanted, giving her ideas of what to do, getting her feedback, and then she would execute accordingly. This kind of collaboration with a stylist really opens your eyes to how it should be with a stylist. It shouldn't be one minute of, "This is what I want." Then the stylist goes to work without anymore feedback as they talk about your day. It made me really aware of how important it is to have a stylist who you can still keep giving feedback on what you want while they are in mid-cut. It's your hair. It's okay to ask questions or change some plans during the haircut. Also, she always seemed happy to go through this routine, as she was never frustrated with my continuous questions and feedback. She just replied or asked a question to make sure we were on the same page. She's really a nice girl who knows what she's doing with curly hair. I can't wait to go back to St. Louis in two weeks to have my hair cut again by her.

Reviewed on 12.02.09

Stylist: Jason

I went to Jason after having having my hair cut for a straight style that I hardly ever wore and asked him to cut into something that was more compatible with my natural curly look. He asked me some questions about how short I wanted to go and with this in mind he cut my hair curl by curl. After washing and applying Deva products he placed me under the dryer and that's where he went wrong. My hair went abesolutly flat/frizzy under a dryer so the end style was less than attractive. (I use a blow dryer with a diffuser - not a hood dryer.) However, the cut is amazing although I was only able to tell after I got home and washed out some of the product (he applied way too much) and style it myself. Had I been the stylist, I wouldn't have have sent a client home with such a bad hair style. I could sense Jason's frustration but if he had a bit more patience and persistence with my style, he would have gotten to see what a great job he did with my cut.

Reviewed on 03.09.09

Stylist: Callie

I have had two haircuts from Callie and she does a great job...I hve wavy/curly hair and she make my curls look great!

Reviewed on 02.25.09

Stylist: Helen

I am relatively new to St. Louis and was apprehensive about trusting a new person to cut my massive mane of curly hair. I am bi-racial (African Am and Spanish) and have a lot of hair that could easily turn into a mass of frizz if it's humid or if my hair is messed with too much. I just had my first appointment at V Vegaz earlier today, and Helen transformed my long, boring, shapeless "curtain" of all-one-length hair into curls that are bouncy, shiny and frizz-free. I even got honked at while walking out of the salon and back up the Loop to my car! Helen really took the time to explain to me exactly what she was doing and why it works for curly hair. She even took the time to tell me how to care for and style my hair. The sweet gal at reception even sent me home with an easy instruction sheet to help me achieve the same results at home. I was amazed at the amount of time everyone at V Vegaz invests in each person and how they make you feel right at home! All this great talent, superb customer service, curly hair know-how and a rockin' atmosphere for a great price? Amazing! I have found my go-to salon and my go-to stylist in St. Louis! -Sheniqua

Reviewed on 05.22.08

Stylist: Helen

I've been to a lot of salons, usually with a feeling of dread. I met Brandie one night and she told me she owned V Vegas salon. I needed a cut pretty badly at the time and was shocked when she told me her salon specializes in curly hair. "You what?", I think was my response. So I called the next day and made an appointment. She hooked me up with Helen. Best cut I've ever had in my life, no question about it. She spent a very long time working on my hair (which is what it takes to cut it right), then spent an impressive time shaping it afterward. I've had a few cuts in my life that worked out pretty well, but even the best of them didn't look good until at least a day later after it had been washed and styled at home. Helen is the only person who has ever sent me out the door of the salon with a head I wanted people to see right away. Only problem is, I live in California and now I have to fly back to St. Louis every 2 months so Helen can cut my hair. It's worth it, though.

Reviewed on 03.20.08

Stylist: Brandi

Brandi just rocked my world. Never before have I sat in a chair and had someone manage my hair like they really understood it. She also was so educated and energetic about what she did that I quickly trusted whatever she said. I got home and haven't been this excited about a haircut in maybe never. Absolutely fabulous. Karyn F.

Reviewed on 03.14.08

Stylist: Callie

Great Hair cut. First dry cut I have ever had. She worked with me to figure out what I want and what I could do with my hair. She went over the products and how I should work with my hari. I am currently going through the post-partum yucks with my hair and need something quick yet makes me feel pretty. Callie did an EXCELLENT job.

Reviewed on 11.06.07

Stylist: Jason

Honestly? I thought I was doomed to live with a halo of frizz.......until I went to Jason at V. Vegaz this past weekend. He came highly recommended and he did not fail!! He cut my hair dry, curl by curl (and this was a FIRST---even among stylists who have experience cutting curly hair) and walked through every step of managing my curls! I went home with wonderful product and step-by-step instructions, that are now hanging on my bathroom mirror! I have never received so many compliments on my curls----people even stopped me this weekend in the grocery store to ask where I get my hair done! Thank you Jason!!

Reviewed on 10.01.07

Stylist: Brandie

I have struggled with my curly, almost dreadlock-like hair until I met Brandie at V-Vegaz. Using the "Curly Girl" method, she ROCKS at cutting and styling curly hair. I get compliments on my hair all the time after seeing Brandie and using her simple tricks for my hair. She even did my hair in an up-do for a bridal party, and EVERYONE commented on how great my hair looked--not prom-ish or typical wedding hair. It was gorgeous!

Reviewed on 09.30.07

Stylist: Brandie Saulsbery

I began seeing Brandie two months ago, and I am so pleased. In 29 years I have never left a salon feeling good about myself, much less my curls, nor have I ever been able to wear my hair curly. Brandie spent plenty of time with me (and the learning curve is pretty challenging for me) and helped me learn how to style my hair so that I can wear my curls with pride. For the first time I am able to feel confident that my curls look healthy and beautiful.

Reviewed on 09.24.07

Stylist: Jason

I would highly recommend Jason. I have never really received very many compliments about my hair because I didn't really know what to do with nor did most of the people that cut my hair in the past. But after getting my hair cut and styled by Jason I received compliments from almost everyone I saw that day. He didn't just do a great job cutting and styling my hair but he aslo explained to me what he was doing so that I could do it myself. He is nowhere close to my house, but I will continue to make the drive to have him cut my hair.

Reviewed on 08.31.07

Stylist: Brandie

6174 Delmar Blvd. (314-725-7900) A friend recommended Brandie last year and I have not been disappointed. Brandie does a great job explaining all the steps and how to care for curly hair. Never have I had a stylist be so clear and thorough. She is reasonably priced and patient. Plus, I get more compliments about my hair than ever before. Brandie is the person to see in St Louis!

Reviewed on 08.04.07

Stylist: Brandie

I was very reluctant to try a new salon. I had been going to the same place for years. Although I was fine with my hair, I never seemed to find the right way to style my curly hair, or the right product to use on it. Finally, one of my friends convinced me to get my hair cut by Brandie. I LOVED it! Not only are the stylists at V. Vegaz friendly and fun to be around, but they also taught me how to take care of my curly hair and introduced me to the Deva Curl products. Brandie completely transformed the way I look at my curly hair. I used to straighten it when I had events that I wanted to look "nice" for, but not anymore. I love my curly hair and I recommend every curly-haired person that I know to V. Vegaz. Congrats on being Curly Salon of the month!

Reviewed on 08.02.07

Stylist: Brandi

I am so happy that I found Brandi! She spent tons of time with me during my first haircut with her, explaining in detail how to take care of curly hair. This was the first time that I left a salon, went home and *didn't* cry from frustration but rather was thrilled that my hair looked good! Since seeing her in May and changing the way that I maintain my hair, I've gotten through the St. Louis summer humidity with minimal frizz which is just unbelievable to me.

Reviewed on 07.26.07

Stylist: Martina

I love V Vegaz. It is so hard to find someone who can cut curly hair, and especially mine because it curls more in the front in the back. This is the first salon and stylist that I have ever been to where I love my hair cut when I leave instead of having to wait for a month or so for it to grow into a decent cut. She cuts your hair dry, curl by curl, so it takes about an hour, but it is well worth the time and not super expensive, which is a plus. If you live in St Louis and have curly hair, V Vegaz is the place to go.

Reviewed on 07.06.07

Stylist: Martina

Martina is the greatest stylist I've ever gone to. I didn't quite know what to expect when I went in to see her, but when I came out I knew that I would never leave her. She told me everything she was doing step by step, and after that what I needed to do to keep my curls in tact. I cannot thank her enough!

Reviewed on 04.04.06