Studio 109

1143 Highway 109
Wildwood, MO

User Reviews

Stylist: Annie V.

I found Annie through this website & so thankful I gave her a try! Being a curly girl it's scary trying someone new but Annie is awesome! She is definitely an expert w curls. On my 1st visit she gave me much needed advice on how to care for my hair. She is very kind & gives as much time as you need. The last time I was there she helped me go through all of my hair products to decide what was good or not for my hair. I was there for 2hrs & she is so reasonable w her price. I've recommended her to 2 of my curly haired friends & they love her as well!

Reviewed on 10.31.12

Stylist: Annie

Annie was recommended to me three years ago, and since then my very curly, full hair has been easier to manage, has cost me less to maintain, and has received tons of compliments. Women always ask me who does my hair and I am happy to tell them about Annie. I drive to Studio 109 from Clayton, she is worth the drive. She listens to what I want and then makes suggestions about style and products. Try her out. She will impress you too.

Reviewed on 01.26.10

Stylist: Annie

Sometimes people come into your life and you just know there was a reason for it. That sounds sappy, I'm sure, since we're talking about hair, but it's truly the way I feel about Annie at Studio 109. I have vacillatated back and forth between hating my curly hair and tolerating it my entire life. I can truly say I never loved or embraced being a curly girl. And, I've been to NUMEROUS curly hair "experts" over the years. Well, meeting Annie and having her cut my hair and educate me on the correct products and techniques to optimize my God given gift of curls has changed my life. I have an entirely different outlook on my hair and my appearance. She's a master and a truly wonderful person. If we ever moved out of the area I would make the trip back to St. Louis every 10 to 12 weeks so she could keep on cutting my hair. I can't wait to have her do my color next!

Reviewed on 12.15.09

Stylist: Annie

Annie really took the time to help me learn how to care for my curly locks. She was really great and a very nice person, too.

Reviewed on 11.10.09

Stylist: Annie

Annie is a highly experienced stylist that specializes in curly hair, natural hair care, custom cuts, and color. I have long, curly, unruly hair that Annie always manages to tame and style to fit my face. She is NOT scissor happy and takes special care with your hair. I drive over an hour to see her because she knows what she is doing and she is worth it! I know you will feel the same.

Reviewed on 08.29.09

Stylist: Annie Vessell

Annie is a wonderful curly girl stylist. She is very knowledgeable about varying types of hair, hair products (DevaCurl, Mop Top, and Jessicurl), and spends a lot of time with her clients. She is great about listening to your hair concerns and brainstorming solutions. Annie gives great cuts, is very personable, and is very reasonable. I highly recommend her!!!

Reviewed on 06.13.09

Stylist: Annie Vessell

After reading several rave reviews here, I contacted Annie & set up an appointment. She gave me the best cut I've ever had in my life - no triangle hair here!!! Not to mention advice, specifically about my hair, recommendations on which parts of the Curly Girl routine would work best for me, product recommendations, etc. Be prepared to take a while because Annie is so thorough, but I walked out feeling like a million bucks, loving my curly hair. It's been 2 months since my appointment & I'm still loving my hair every day. It's growing healthier, shinier, and beautifully curly because of Annie's advice. While Annie is not your usual salon experience, you feel like you are her only client & the most important person when you are in her chair. I've never received so many positive comments on my hair, even on what I deem "bad hair days" from strangers & family members. Annie truly has a gift for understanding & making the most of a curly head.

Reviewed on 11.06.07

Stylist: Annie Vessel

Choose to see Annie after reading reviews on this site. I was not disappointed. Annie was awesome and I will recommended her to my curly friends. Annie piece cut my hair dry, colored, washed and styled my hair with Deva products. She showed me how to fix my hair step by step and even sent me home with a few clips and told me more hair fixing tips. Annie is so friendly and nice and reasonable priced too. Go see her!

Reviewed on 07.05.07

Stylist: Annie V.

I love my hair for the first time in my curly headed life!!! Thanks to Annie V. at Studio 109. She taught me a simple regimin and my color is amazing! It was $109.00 at Studio 109, what a bargain! Cut, color, products, and best of all the hair care knowledge!

Reviewed on 09.23.06


Ann has trained with Lorraine Massey twice, and it shows in her work. From cust to color to product, she has the skills needed to care for curls. I used to be straight, but I am proud to be three years curly thanks to Ann at Studio 109!

Reviewed on 02.02.06