JCPenney Salon

3 S. Tunnel Road
Asheville, NC 28805

User Reviews

Stylist: Deanna

Nooo! My sister lives in Asheville and I would always get my hair cut when I visited from NY. Deanna was amazing!!!

Reviewed on 09.19.09

Stylist: Deanne

Sadly, I must update. Deanne, wonder woman that she is, has moved to Texas. I am at a loss now to find someone else to cut my hair.

Reviewed on 08.02.09

Stylist: Deanne

There are two salons listed here, but they are indeed only one. I just wanted to make sure that no matter which one you looked at, you would see my review. OMG...This woman is a gift from curly heaven. I have never been so well treated. From the time I walked up to the counter and was greeted so warmly to the best haircut IN MY LIFE, this was with out a doubt THE best salon I have ever visited. These people have it right. For any curly in western North Carolina, this is the place for you. Deanne is a MASTER. She listens to you. I am growing my hair out and only wanted my ends nipped. She took the extra time to pick up each individual dry curl and just nip of the tiniest bits. I walked out of there looking like I didn't even have a cut, verses before, when a stylist would cut 1/2" straigh accross with wet hair to where, when dry, it looks like you lost 3". This is a 5 star women. You are nuts if you don't see her!!!!

Reviewed on 04.18.09

Stylist: Deanne

I just got a haircut by Deanne at the JCPenney salon in the Asheville Mall and I have to say that this is the very best haircut I have ever had! I read reviews about her on this site after having had many horrible haircuts and I finally decided to give her a shot. She cut my 3B hair dry, which I had never had done before, and I was a little nervous about. The result was wonderful. She did a spectacular job and I will definitely be going back to her next time I need a haircut. I feel like I have had my faith in hairstylists restored after this experience.

Reviewed on 03.05.08

Stylist: Deanne

I found Deanne from reviews on this site. I honestly would have picked a high scale salon and never considered going to JC Penney for a hair cut but the reviews were so good I had to try her. She is truly a gem and Asheville's best kept curly hair secret. I also bought the "Curly Girl" book and I'm just amazed at the difference in my curls. Thanks to you all her recommended her! I will be moving this winter but will drive the 5 hours to see her! She is worth it!

Reviewed on 09.26.07

Stylist: DeAnne

I just got my hair cut by DeAnne after reading reviews from this web-site! Awesome cut. She took the time to find out about what I am doing currently to my hair on a daily basis. She made recommendations, and gave me the best hair cut my hair has EVER had! I would highly recommend her to anyone with frizzy, overworked naturally curly hair.

Reviewed on 09.21.07