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1188 n.tamiami trail
Sarasota, FL 34236

User Reviews

Stylist: Bridget

If you want a reliable stylist, look elsewhere. To be fair, Bridget does a great job with cutting and styling curly hair. I only wish that she did not cancel 50% of the time. First it was because of a relationship issue, then a headache….both of which I was empathetic to as we all have stuff going on in our lives and she let me know in advance. However, Bridget has A LOT of drama. The final straw that lead me to find another stylist was when she was a no-show due to weather reasons. The other stylist was there, the other client, and myself….we all made it to the salon, but not Bridget…..there was no advance notice, she did not respond to texts, and I waited 30 minutes. She eventually responded an hour later.

Reviewed on 09.07.17

Stylist: Bridget

Bridget knows curly hair, and does it very very well.  Just moved to Sarasota...finding a hair stylist was not easy....found...Bridget and I look marvelous!She is trained in all the methods, but uses what is right for your hair.   She also understands Sarasota humidity... So my cut is and easy wash and dry style....and not frizzed out!My color is great and her prices are reasonable...Plus she is just plain nice!What more does any naturally curly woman need?  

Reviewed on 08.27.16