Capri Salon

3246 Atlanta Rd
Suite D
Atlanta, GA 30080

User Reviews

Stylist: Sandy

I thought my hair was straight but Sandy said it actually had a lot of curl. She styled me curly and I loved it! Sandy made it so much fun and explained what she did every step of the way. That made it so easy for me to style my hair curly at home with my curlscription. She is the best!

Reviewed on 06.23.17


I have been a huge fan of the Deva method of cutting curly hair for about 6 years. Having the opportunity to try most of the top hairdressers in Atlanta who are Deva certified I feel I'm qualified to tell you how truly talented Sandy is!  what makes her unique is she does not give you the same curly cut that is everywhere. She gives you a cut that is truly individual to your texture (all 3 textures in my case)  Also she is a great listener and so down to earth. I am so relieved that I found her and my hair will be in great hands!

Reviewed on 11.29.16


Sandy does a great job cutting  &  styling my swavy hair. She has cut my hair for years, and styles it for special occasions. My styling technique is wash, use DevaCurl defining gel, introduced to me by Sandy, & I let it air dry. When I need a special look for different occasions, I get Sandy to style it as she styles my hair with smother curls that last for a week. I would not let anyone else cut my hair...if I can't get in with her, I trim it myself......and, Sandy repairs it goodheartly.

Reviewed on 11.16.16