Sam & Bill's

109 Oberlin Road
Raleigh, NC 27605

User Reviews

Stylist: Sandy B.

I've had my hair cut three times at Sam & Bill's and I really like the place. My first cut was done by Stephanie B. and she really took the time to ask me how I cared for my hair and what I was looking for in a cut. Most recently it was cut by Sandy B. and she spent a good 1.5 hours cutting my 3A/3B hair dry, working for a bit and then letting me put my hands in it to see how it felt. I feel both stylists do an amazing job and I plan on going back there for my next cut in a few months.

Reviewed on 07.09.18

Stylist: Erin

Erin was really friendly. I went to her once. While she does seem to know how to cut curly hair, she did not give me a good style. This seems to be the problem I have found with stylists in the Raleigh area -- they can cut curly hair but don't know how to style it. Also, stylists in this area are not cheap. You'll pay about $50 for an okay cut.

Reviewed on 06.26.08

Stylist: Erin M.

Erin does a great job with curly hair and she understands how difficult it is to get a good cut. I lived in the triangle for 4 years and couldn't find anyone to cut my curly hair. And then I found Erin! She's cut my hair several times and I've always been pleased. I would recommend her to anyone.

Reviewed on 06.01.07