Samuel Cole Salon

240 Newton Rd, Ste 100 1/2
Raleigh, NC 27615

User Reviews

Stylist: Sara

This is a nice salon but Sara is really just ok. She is very nice and very funny. I have curly hair and I color it. I went to her for about 6 months - getting a touch up every 4 weeks. I don't think she pays attention to the details of coloring - sometimes, you have to run the color through, not just do a touch up. Needless to say by the time I left, I had 3 shades of brown extending from the top of my head to the ends of my hair. My cut was no better...After a few months with her, I noticed my hair became unmanageable and dry. I really can't recommend her.

Reviewed on 09.18.08

Stylist: Sara

I went to Sara a few times but have not been recently. She is really friendly and very knowledgeable about curly hair. You have the option to have your hair cut, blown dry and styled for $50 or cut and air dry for $45. I've done both and would opt for the blown dry. Having your hair cut and left wet when you leave for $45 is not worth it. After a few visits, I was disappointed with the style though. I like an easy to manage style that flatters my features. I can't find a stylist in Raleigh that can do that:( On a good note, Samuel Cole provides comp wine and beer.

Reviewed on 06.26.08

Stylist: Sara

I had an excellent experience at Samuel Cole at the hands of the charming, talented Sara. She took the time to talk with me before the haircutting and coloring began, and was very attentive throughout. She and the other staff are clearly well-trained and excited about what they do, and the salon itself was very nice, with an upscale yet unintimidating ambiance. Sara, to my delight, didn't do what many other stylists have done: assume that I wanted my hair blown out straight. Hooray! Rather, she took the time to carefully cut my hair, stepping back to check its shape as she went. Then, she individually twirled each curl to "set" them, and we discussed keeping hair moisturized and etc. She did a great job of carefully placing color, too, so that it'd work with my curls (rather than cut across them). Overall, a positive experience! They have a website at if you want to check 'em out a little more before you go.

Reviewed on 06.20.06