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Omaha, NE 68144

User Reviews

Stylist: Leah Remacle

I found Leah through this website and am very happy with her work. I was looking for specific things, most importantly styling options and products. She's the only person I've found that actually knows how to handle my hair and taught me to style it exactly how I had been wanting it to look for years. The change in products also made a huge difference. Definitely recommend her!

Reviewed on 10.07.08

Stylist: Tanya Martin

I have been seeing Tanya now for 4 years. She has never given me a Bad color or cut! She really enjoys her job and you can tell. I tell her what I want and she tells me whether it is doable or not! Very Trusting Thanks Tanya for making feel so good about my self! (402)880-Hair (4247)

Reviewed on 09.06.07

Stylist: Leah Remacle

I have struggled with my naturally curly hair for years and Leah has been wonderful to work with!! She has naturally curly hair herself, so she understands. I would recommend her to any person with naturally curly hair. She is fabulous! I have never gotten so many compliments about my hair. She is worth every penny!!

Reviewed on 06.23.07

Stylist: Leah

I went to Leah after reading about her on this site - thank you so much to those who recommended her!! I have never loved my hair so much! She did such an excellent job, I have told everyone I know about her! She really takes her time, gives hair a great shape, and is very good at coloring.

Reviewed on 06.22.07

Stylist: Leah Remacle

After 15 years of my adult life never being happy with a haircut, It was a nice change to be able to trust my hairstylist. I found Leah from this site and couldn't be happier. My curls look so much better. I love to style my hair now. I even have her set up to do my hair for a wedding I'm in. Thanks, Leah.

Reviewed on 03.22.07

Stylist: Leah

It has taken me 50 years to find someone who could manage my thick curls. She has curly hair herself and quite familiar with all the myths and "no-no's." Leah spent 20 minutes with my initial consultation. She actually listens and knows exactly what she is doing--from color/highlights to cut/style. Don't hesitate to try her. It is not cheap, but worth every penny!! Salon Tino also has two other curly experts each with a different type curl. Yesterday was my first visit and I have never had a better more fun cut/color. I will definitely return.Tell her Jane K sent you!!

Reviewed on 06.30.06

Stylist: Leah

I finally found someone!! Leah has naturally curly hair as well so I knew she understood my frusterations. I have never been happier with my hair or my experience with a stylists. Leah is very professional, fun, and a true pleasure to talk to. She took the time to talk with me about my hair, lifestyle, and what I was looking for with my hair. Plus my color looks amazing! I can't wait until my next appointment!

Reviewed on 06.29.06