Persimmon Salon

9852 Rea Road Studio #107
Charlotte, NC 28277

User Reviews

Stylist: Serena

I loved the time she took with my hair. It's the first time I've left the salon completely happy with my curls!

Reviewed on 09.28.18

Stylist: Serena

Serena focused on me and my hair and she delivered! I'm happy with my hair and I'll be back!

Reviewed on 08.02.18

Stylist: Serena

I enjoyed my experience! Just when I thought it was over she texted me a couple days later to see if I had any trouble with the techniques she taught me!! Top notch customer service! Highly recommend :-)

Reviewed on 07.31.18

Stylist: Serena

I had a wonderful experience with Serena! I have fine, 3a/3b hair and she has given it LIFE. I'm so glad to have found her in the Charlotte area. She explains everything, answers all the questions and is really easy to talk to. Her salon is peaceful (dare I say "serene"?). You are the focus during the appointment. I love that she is a one-woman show. Her salon space allow her personality to ****ne! She is great with all hair textures and I will definitely be back to her in the future. Thanks again, Serena!

Reviewed on 07.16.18

Stylist: Serena

Wonderful experience!

Reviewed on 06.08.18

Stylist: Serena

I’ve been looking for a stylist for my daughter. She is biracial and I don’t want to put heat on her hair to manage it. She’s 10 but has enough hair for 2 people lol. I found Serena on this site and wanted to come back to leave a review. She was patient with my daughter and she explained what she was doing to her hair and why. I could tell my daughter was comfortable with her and so was I. I’m happy with her haircut. I’m so happy I found her!

Reviewed on 04.19.18

Stylist: Cerina

she was so attentive to my curls. It was a great experience.

Reviewed on 03.28.18

Stylist: Serena

Serena has a very gentle, light hand. She coaxed my stressed out curls back to life, and she gave me plenty of autonomy over the style and length. She took her time to make sure I was happy. I haven’t had a cut this good ever. This is the first time I’ve left without feeling like crying in years. My hair feels healthy, and I felt like Serena really heard me and respected my hair. I will not be trying another salon again. It was worth the 45 minute drive for me. I’m happy to do it all again.

Reviewed on 03.27.18

Stylist: Serena

The best haircut I’ve ever had! She’s worth the travel time for me

Reviewed on 03.20.18

Stylist: Serena

Serena reshaped my hair. It’s thick and curly and it looked like a triangle from my last cut. She thinned it out without using those thinning scissors that I hate. I liked that she explained what she was doing and why throughout the whole process. More than that, I like that I was the only client. She gave me her undivided attention! Me and my curls are happy! I highly recommend her!

Reviewed on 03.07.18

Stylist: Serena

I am so happy I found Serena! She was patient, professional and funny! I left with exactly what I wanted.  She gave me the deva cut and my curls have never been so happy! Check her out she's great!

Reviewed on 10.10.17