Chris McPherson at Wayne Powers Apothecary

2321 Devine street
Columbia, SC 29205

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Stylist: Chris McPherson

I am a hair dressers worst nightmare. I’m super picky and have to fight the urge of touching my hair with every single move they make. On top of that I can be annoyingly persistent since I feel like I know everything there is to know about hair since going to cosmetology school. I have a lot of hair, and it’s what should be considered illegally thick. To make matters a little worse the last curly hair cut I got was quite possibly the worst haircut I’ve ever had. I get to my appointment and prepare myself mentally for another disaster of a hair cut. While I have curly hair it can be pretty difficult. It ranges from being super tight little ringlets to these monstrous almost fake in appearance ****can sized spirals. As cut starts I am absolutely blown away. Not only did he actually listen to every word I said as far as what I wanted he made it better than imaginable. He is slowly grabbing each and every single group of curls on my head. He is watching them, he feels them, it is as if he is listening to what these curls have to say. He is doing exactly what they want to do. The haircut was short and painless and as he spins me around to inspect it I can literally feel my stomach churning out of nervousness. I have never been so happy with a hair cut in my life! He did everything I wanted, nothing I didn’t want and made my vision even better than I could have ever expected. My hair was so much better than I could have ever imagined! My hair has life again! Now we move onto styling. Prior to this cut being the educated and somewhat arrogant hair snob I am I inform him of all the things my hair doesn’t like. I remember while doing it thinking to myself it was not worth the effort. I’ve never had a hairdresser listen. If anything they use the things I ask them not to as if they’re trying to prove a point. Trying to prove that they can, and my hair always looks like a hot mess afterwords. Not only did he actually LISTEN to everything I said I did not want in my hair but he did as I asked previously an****e using his own products did not attempt to push a single thing on me! There was no sales pitch, he was purely informative with zero “saleys pressure”. I left with nothing short of absolutely fabulous hair! The products are amazing! Beyond that, he did it at half the price of said worst hair cut ever. I have never been so happy with a hair experience in my life! I wish there was more I could say. If you have even the slightest bit of curl to your hair this is where you need to go! He will love your hair, he will listen to you and he will show you how to love your hair! It is beyond obvious that he is truly p****ionate about curly hair! Endless thanks!

Reviewed on 06.26.19