Sandys Classic Touch

47 Allenstown Road
Allenstown , NH 03275

User Reviews

Stylist: pj

pj is a great stylist I found in New Hampshire. She did a great job coloring and cutting my hair. she understands how curly hair works and is not afraid to mess with it!!,. color is a fun game for her! she gave me fabulous hilights without dryness! Shes also cute and fun to be around. Go see her! wont regret it!

Reviewed on 08.07.07

Stylist: pj

pj is tha bomb! not only is she a great person! her personality rocks!, and she is a great colorist and cutter on curly hair. i have been seing her 4 a while and never been disappointed. i never had such great colors like hers!, . shes pretty good using formulas that will lift your hair without damadge. and colors looks great till your next touch up!. go see her! finally someone in nh that is not afraid to mess around with a nappy nest like mines. shes not afraid of the challenge! about time!. also if your in mass? DANA,can take care or you! hes another master on curls! but for ya that cant travel? pj is all for it! youll love her.

Reviewed on 08.02.07