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Stylist: Dyan Nevers

I have had a long history in my life of never being able to find the right hair stylist. I read an article in the local paper about a new salon, that boasted about having curly haired specialists! I made the appointment with great trepidation - I have long, curly hair that was mostly one length. I knew I wanted to lose a good amount of the the length and really regain some curl, because my hair was so long the curls were going flat. I told Dyan of my horrible past experiences, so she was fully aware that I was pretty skeptical. Wow, did she ever meet and supercede my expecatations!! She DOES really know curly hair - she gave me the best cut that I have ever had, and showed me how to style my hair with little finger curls while wet & dry it like that to give even more definition to my curls. I have a wonderfully flattering cut that is loaded with beautiful bouncy curls. I would recommend her to anyone with naturally curly hair - she just understands how it behaves!

Reviewed on 06.19.07