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Stylist: Jeff

I tried stylist  named Jeff who specializes in curly hair (Deva Cut) at a new to me salon and got the best haircut I've ever had! Well, I should really wait to say that after I do it myself, but I woke up with still curly hair after sleeping on it, so that says a lot! He really took his time, and explained what he was doing through the whole cut. The stylist I used to go to at another salon moved away, and the person who replaced her was horrible. I've spent over a year growing out a really bad cut.He had to cut quite a bit off the length to fix it. It had been halfway down my back. He also went over how to dry and style it. He used a new diffuser by Dyson (yes, the vacuum cleaner company) which dried my slightly longer than shoulder length hair in seven minutes! I can't buy that diffuser myself since it cost $400, He showed me that if you cup your other hand not holding the dryer around the section you are diffusing it dries faster. He used a new Deva product called "Wave Maker." I told him I hate gel, so he used this. It is more of a styling cream. He showed me a fine water mister you can get on Amazon to get second day hair and beyond-just spritz your hair, turn your head upside down and gently fluff it and the curls should come back. I hope that will work for me.Jeff was incredibly conscientious and thorough. He spent close to an hour just on the cut. He consulted me every step of the way, asking me the length I prefer, my styling ability (zero!) and if I ever needed to wear my hair up. He double checked the whole cut before washing and drying, and then looked it over a third time after it was dry to make sure everything turned out well. I'm glad I checked the Deva site and found him listed. He's only 20 minutes from my house and had fantastic reviews. One client even travels from NYC where there are a bunch of Devachan salons to go to him in central NJ!

Reviewed on 02.18.17