Salon 5

1643 Schlosser Street
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

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Stylist: Ona

I've had naturally curly hair my entire life....35yrs :)...and it's only been in the last 10-13 years that I have really embraced my curly Q's. I love my hair and am grateful for my look. I am incredibly particular as to who cuts and colors my hair because I'm a dishwater blonde that has fine hair. Highlights are super important so I have dimension/depth however the cut (to me) is vital because it gives me the volume I want and need. I have a lot of hair but its very fine and the cut can either make or break my look for the next 6-8months. I use both Ouidad & Curlisto products and I am a fan however I've been to both salons (each a minimum of 3 times) and were never completely satisfied by the style or cut. Out of desperation, I decided to go somewhere local and read some excellent reviews on a woman named Ona that worked at 5 Salon. I was apprehensive at first but can honestly say she gave me one of the best haircuts I've ever a very reasonable price! I have been trying to grow out a terribly thinning hair cut for almost 6 months and thought I'd have to wait another 4 months before I could love my hair again. The next day after the cut I did my usual routine and LOVED my hair. Another woman named Neno did my color and was also outstanding. I would highly recommend these two women. Again, they KNOW what they are doing and do it very, very well.

Reviewed on 04.05.12

Stylist: Ona

So like many other curly heads, I've neglected my hair because of too many bad bad cuts bad bad products and bad bad client education. My hair seemed to stop growing once it hit my shoulders, from there it only dried up and seemed to wither away... like the fall leaves if you know what I mean. I selected Ona out of desperation... I figured at this point my hair could not be worse than it was and if worse came to worse I would buzz it off (I had lived buzzed already). Ona is sweet and very knowledgeable. She took what I had to say into consideration... and after a lengthy conversation, I knew for sure that I had finally found the person that I'd leave my hair to for, hopefully, a very long time. I left feeling so happy and so renewed, a great cut can do that to a woman... you'll see! Don't do as I did and wait until desperation takes over... go now before it's too late! And still if you hesitate this is the place to go to be resuscitated. Ona has become my HAIR EMS!!!

Reviewed on 02.16.11

Stylist: Ona

Ona is AMAZING with curly hair! I've been going to her for years, even though I live over an hour away now! She cuts curls perfectly and takes your opinion into account as well.

Reviewed on 08.01.08

Stylist: Ona

I've gone to see Ona twice in the past 12 weeks and since then my hair has grown a lot and recuperated from drying out over the summer. Ona herself is Dominican (like me) and we have very similar hair texture/curls so she understands the battles I've gone through. Her hair is very long, when blown out it reaches her hips but looks extremely healthy. She is an advocate of switching products every so often so the hair doesn't get too used to one product line. Salon 5 only uses Kerastase products and I love the way it smells and how soft and shiny my hair looks afterwards. You get one free bottle of shampoo for every 4 you buy. 30% off the first visit and 15% off subsequent visits so long as you pre-book 6 wks ahead of time and don't change/cancel the appointment. Free valet Wednesdays-Saturdays. David is the stylist that dyes my hair and I see no damage whatsoever. If anything ever since I started going the strands are stronger and less brittle. Thanks, Ona!

Reviewed on 09.25.07