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Stylist: Dazzles

Pretty good

Reviewed on 12.31.10

Stylist: Olga

I found Olga via this site's recommendations, and am so glad I did. I have very, very curly type 3C hair and haven't had it cut in 2+ years due to bad experiences. Olga took the time to fully examine my hair and listen to how I wanted it cut. She put me at ease immediately with her knowledge of the ins and outs of curly hair and was able to identify my hair's problem areas without me telling her. She explained what she was doing and why through each step of the cut. After the cut, she styled it curly while explaining how I could achieve the same look at home and gave me tips on how to minimize frizz. I highly recommend Olga and will definitely be seeing her from now on.

Reviewed on 08.09.07

Stylist: Olga

I recently went to Olga and am delighted with the results. She took time to talk with me, listen to what I wanted and didn't want! and went to work. The result is an actual SHAPE on my hair for the first time. My face is framed and the hair looks the healthiest it has in years! Two thumbs way up!

Reviewed on 06.08.07

Stylist: Olga

Olga is terrific. I have very curly hair. I had grown it chin length and was looking for something modern and stylish, yet easy. One month ago had a very bad experience with a haircut and ended up with a bad short haircut that was a very bad shape and had no style. I waited as long as I could and then found Olga on this site and she is right in my town. I went for a consultation and ended with a great haircut. She listened to me and and really understood what my needs were. Since my hair had been recently cut short, we had limited options, but it came out great. It is the perfect shape for my face. When I came back to work today everyone loved it. I recommed her for anyone with curly hair. The rest of the staff in the salon are all very nice as well.

Reviewed on 12.04.06

Stylist: Olga

Olga is just wonderful with curly hair. I went for years without a haircut until I found her on this website (she was formerly in Fair Lawn). I've never followed a stylist anywhere, much less across the county, but she's worth it. She really has a knack for shaping curly hair so it doesn't look all wild and untamed. And the shaping holds - I go 6-7 weeks between appointments and it always looks neat and styled. And it never gets all "square" up near my temples or "triangular" down near my shoulders. She didn't try to convince me to blow it out, she just worked with it as it is naturally - and there was no suggestion of an afro either. I've seen her work on other friends, and it always looks good too. Thanks to her, I finally like my hair. Arlene

Reviewed on 11.18.06