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Stylist: Renee

Update to my October 24, 2007 review: I stopped going here because of the extremely unprofessional behavior of my stylist. Except for my first appointment, I was constantly being left sitting in the chair either with color processing on my hair, or waiting for my haircut, while Renee went out to pick up her daughter, or lunch or run an errand. I tolerated it for a while, but it became clear to me that if I wasn't part of the Long Valley clique of customers, I wasn't worthy of the respect they were shown. She did a phenomenal job coloring my hair and then lost the formula. They misspelled my name in the system and couldn't find it.

Stylist: Renee

Just a few things to say here. I am 47 years old and I am a curly girl. Most of my experiences with salons have left me crying and not only feeling hopeless, but feeling as if I were the only woman out there paralyzed at the thought of going to a salon because I KNEW it was going to be a bad experience. Nobody out there knew how to cut or style my curly frizzy hair.I was always getting cuts that made me look like the Great Sphinx or they wanted to blow it straight...something I could never do myself...unless i wanted to look like Bozo the Clown!! 2 weekends ago, I was surfing the web for "curly hair cutting" and came across this Naturally curly website. I searched under New Jersey Salons and found The Zoo Crew/The Zoo Salon (I believe they are tweaking the name). Anyway, the moment they opened on Monday I made an appointment with Renee. It is the best hair appointment I have ever made. I have received so many compliments on my hair...and trust me...compliments on my hair were a 0 before. I am so glad I found them. I finally feel happy with a Salon and my hair. Thank you Renee!

Stylist: renee and the help

After hating my hair for many many years. I finally feel like someone understands my frustrations with it. I found the zoo salon getting pizza from next to them. I saw the deva products in there window which I have been using. I had a really bad hair cut recently and hated it. I went in the salon and the recepionist was so helpful and told me Rene was the person to help me. I scheduled a appointment for the next day. When I got home from making the appointment I researched the salon and saw all the reviews. Now I was excited I found The Zoo Salon.The next day Rene took about 30 minutes on how I was clipping wrong and educated me on styling with the product. I kid you not, she cut about 10 minutes to fix the mess from the person before that cut my hair and showed me how to deal with my own hair. I almost cried in her chair. My hair looked the best ever. No one in the past 41 years was able to do the things for my hair that she did. Everyone at the Zoo seemed to really make me feel welcomed. I have been skipping from one salon to another and now I have found a home for my curly hair. Thanks Rene and your staff. Keep up the great work.

REVIEWED BY: kimg  |  7.24.08

Stylist: Renee

Based on the recommendations listed here, I decided to give the salon a try. What a wonderful experience it was. Renee is fabulous as both a colorist and stylist. I LOVE, I mean LOVE the color of my hair! I've gotten SO many compliments. I asked for a warm reddish brown and despite the fact that I had about three different colors going on, it all came out perfectly uniform with just a hint of red. She's also very knowlegable and you can tell she enjoys teaching her clients as well. I learned so much about my hair, what to do and not to do, and was happily surprised to find that I still had quite a bit of natural wave left to my hair. She's helping me to learn 'clipping' and to work towards my dream hairstyle. Don't hesistate to give her and this salon a try.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  10.24.07

Stylist: Renee

Finally a salon that is knowledgeable in someone with curly hair! I took the recomendation to make an appointment with Renee as i waited relaxing in what i will say is one of the most beautiful salons i have seen in a long time, the receptionist answered every question i had about there curly product line, Deva Curl. She handed me a book that i wound up purchasing that also helped explain all about caring for my curly hair and mainting them so i could actually acheive curls with no frizz. I met with Reneeand i cant tell you how satisfied i am. It is the best haircut i have ever had! I actually have a style now and my frizz is gone! My only regret is that I did not find the Zoo Crew sooner. What a find! I love my Deva cut!!!! Thanks to Renee and the whole staff.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  6.7.07

Stylist: Renee

I had heard some great stuff about a new salon in my town and thought I'd bring my daughter there when she had some hard to remove glue in her hair from a medical test. Imagine my surprise and delight whn I found out that not only were they able to get the glue from her hair & do a beautiful cut, but they had Deva trained stylists!! Turns out that this was a salon for the whole family, including the curly-headed members!! The staff is warm & knowledgable and Renee really knows her stuff. She took time to do a thorough consult and when I came back for a Deva cut & color I was thrilled with the results. i have recommended several friends based on my positive experience. People keep asking me where I got my hair done becasue it looks so fab!! I am so psyched that this treasure of a salon is in my neck of the woods.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  5.22.07

Stylist: Renee

i went to this salon to get my sons hair cut and saw this women talking to another client about her curly hair. i made a consultaion and wow she impressed me..she really knew what she was doing and gave me a stylish new look. i have paid top dollar in NYC and my hair never looked so good. She used all Deva products and i am hooked..i have no frizz. This salon is a hidden secret!

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  5.21.07