8 South Main Street
Marlboro, NJ 07746

User Reviews

Stylist: Onita

Tried salons in NYC, north Jersey and the best is CHIPS. Onita can do all curly cuts and mix and match as needed. Love her salon. Warm comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Happy to have found this one eleven years ago and still loving it. :)

Reviewed on 02.14.16

Stylist: Onita

Always gets it perfect.  Been coming for 10 years and would never change. Always attentive to needs and up on latest looks. The staff is friendly n superbly trained. I Know Onita is a certified educator 

Reviewed on 01.29.16

Stylist: All

I have been coming to this wonderful shop since April 1999 and would not consider ever going elsewhere.  The stylists are incredibly talented and responsive to my needs. They are always professional and accomodating   . Every experience I have had at Chips Salon has been a great one. I have never been so educated about my hair and felt so comfortable in their expertise.They are truly the curly hair experts!!!

Reviewed on 01.22.16

Stylist: All

The worst salon.  I had a stylist that was doing a great job and then started making me feel like she was inconvenienced by me.  My blowouts became rushed, and when SHE was through, she walked out of the salon to smoke a cigarette, leaving me in the chair, even though I was not happy with the quality of the blowout, and wanted some pieces worked on a bit more.  Then, she did me in by destroying my hair and giving me a horrible haircut; one that took almost a year to grow out.  After speaking with the owner, I made an appointment with the owner, who proceeded to destroy my hair with hair color.  I let it be for a few days, but went back to the salon because I looked ridiculous.  She told me she was sorry I didn't like the color, and then charged me to fix it.  My hair was totally fried, and had to be cut about 8 inches.   I have been growing it out, and not having an easy time finding other people to cut it.  I wear my hair in a bun, and call it a day.  Stay away from this salon.  ZERO accountability on their end.  It is so sad that I was once so happy there, and then they completely too a turn for the worst.  

Reviewed on 08.27.15

Stylist: ???

Jasmarie is long since gone. I followed her to her next salon (as I think she has a gift with curly hair) but she was gone again. I need consistency. Chips dramtically increased the prices AND since my hair is thick it takes over two hours for them to wet/cut my hair (even though I would wash and air dry BEFORE I came they insist on re wetting it). They are not worth the effort in my book...Deva trained ot not.

Reviewed on 09.22.09

Stylist: Laura

Went for a haircut, all the girls raved about how nice my hair was, received a good cut, but the style was terrible. Gave it another chance for color, wanted a medium brown left with black hair. Never again!! Over priced- $90 for a root touch up. Should have made the trek to NYC to Deva. They claim deva trained, but do can not style curly hair.

Reviewed on 05.21.07

Stylist: Jasmarie

I went to this salon only once. Jasmarie was great, for someone as young as she is she has trained and studied a variety of places (get her to tell you about Hair Camp!). SHe really knows her curly hair stuff. I held her back a little bit (having had many BAD curly cuts) but she gave me a thoughtful good cut. She also specialised in the Japanese straightening technique that I would never do but many curly girls love. Will update her after I've had a few more cuts! Mary

Reviewed on 09.10.06