Avenue M Salon and Spa

180 South 2nd Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204

User Reviews

Stylist: Michelle Peri

I've followed Michelle for 8 years and 3 salons. She's the bee's knees. This was my review from 2010 that was deleted by an upgrade (I think): "Michelle is a hair cutting coach so she really knows what she's doing. She takes the time to study my curl pattern and lovingly snips each curl in a way that distributes my curls evenly, even through the grow out stage. She is one of the few stylists I have met who is able to cut my hair DRY so I can see immediately exactly how my hair looks. Never in my life have I ever been complemented so much on my hair as I have after going to Michelle. I am a grad student and can't afford much right now in the way of luxuries but I would rather save up to see Michelle than go to some cheap place & suffer through another bad haircut!"

Reviewed on 03.13.18