BangZ Salon

23 S. Fullerton Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042

User Reviews

Stylist: Cory

I went to Cory for emergency repair of a godforsaken weird angled cut I didn't even ask for. I have coarse, thick hair that has big loopy curls in most spots and is straight and finer in others, and when I have my hair short it's challenge to find a good stylist. I found him in Cory, who is a specialist in the Deva Curl method, which I always try to look for. He took the time to ask me what I liked about my hair and what I disliked about the cut I was hoping to rid myself of. He is extremely smart, listens carefully and is an all-around pleasure to be near. It was my first time at the salon, whose name is a little off-putting. But the interior is beautiful, peaceful, and the light is really magical. You don't have to hear other people's conversations, or compete with dance music. Cory gave me a terrific, terrific hair cut. I always hold my breath until I wash and style (such as it is -- blotting it dry and using a bit of product for scrunching) it myself and it's even better than I had expected. If you want a thoughtful, collaborative stylist who is trained in cutting challenging wavy hair, Cory is your guy.

Reviewed on 01.20.12

Stylist: Cory

I just moved to the area and was looking for a local stylist. The Banz website said Cory was a Deva-trained stylist so I decided to give him a shot. It was the best decision ever because it was one of the greatest cuts I've ever had! It looked great immediately and it is growing in beautifully. The cut cost me $50, which is an unbelievable bargain. The salon has a great atmosphere too. Only drawback is they didn't have a great selection of styling products for curlies so next time I'm bringing my own, a very small price to pay!

Reviewed on 05.20.10

Stylist: Stephanie

I was very excited to find a stylist for curly hair in NJ since I am a faithful Deva follower, but I usually go to Arte Salon, which is an amazing place in Soho, but tough to get to and expensive but worth it. I went to Stephanie and she said all the right things but the cut she gave me wasn't so great. It didn't grow out properly and was very square. It could have been an off day or my type 3b hair is too complicated.

Reviewed on 12.10.09

Stylist: Stephanie

I have naturally curly hair and it was hard for me to find a stylist in my area that would give me a good cut WITHOUT BLOWING MY STRAIGHT. I like having my curls...I wear them on a daily basis. Stephanie gave me a great cut with layers that didn't make my hair huge! She also recommended some great products that I absolutely fell in love with. She also gave me some great hilights that don't "hide" in my curls.

Reviewed on 12.11.07