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Stylist: Alana

I have been going to Alana for about a year now and I am loving my curls again. I started going to her after I got a horrible Quidad cut that made my hair unmanageable. She was my last hope before getting the keratin done and giving up on my curls. Since going to Alana my curls have less frizz then ever and I now use only one product to style my curls opposed to the 4 I used in the past) She also does great things with my color and takes the time to listen to what I want for my hair. Before going to Laboratory I was paying double at other salons and seeing my stylist for 5 minutes while her assistants did all the work. With Alana she works with my hair from start to finish and does not send me on my way without showing me how to style my hair and making sure I am completely happy. I would recommend Laboratory and Alana to anyone with Curls.

Reviewed on 04.26.13

Stylist: Mark

I have finally found the best salon for curly cuts (amongst other great services). I have been struggling for years....never liked my curly hair and was almost always blowing it out straight. Recommended by a very good friend of mine, I finally made the switch to Mark at The Laboratory and I can honestly say it has been life changing. I finally love my wavy/curly hair. The Deva cut and products are the way to go. Mark along with the rest of his staff are very friendly, yet they still maintain a professional atmosphere. I feel very comfortable there too. It is a classy yet casual atmosphere. I cannot say enough good things about this salon.

Reviewed on 09.12.12

Stylist: Mark

Laboratory Salon gets high marks from me. They are always on time for your appointment, the atmosphere is casual, pleasant, friendly, yet professional. The environment is open with lots of light. AND then there is the stylist that I use - Mark - who is the best I have ever had (in 20 years) for cutting curly hair. He cuts it dry so that the natural charateristics of your hair are evident and not masked by it being wet and flattened out. He adjusts his cut for the weather, the length of your hair and the degree of curl or wave for you in particular. I have to drive an hour to get to this salon and this stylist, but every time I do it, I tell myself it is worth the trip!

Reviewed on 07.27.12

Stylist: Stephen

I actually really love my haircut and now am in love with the DevaCurl hair products because my hair looks great even days after my haircut. I gave it a lower rating because of how I was treated at the salon. It was my first time going there or getting a dry haircut and I booked it at the last minute because I really needed one but wasn't sure I would have the time. Anyway I got there and Stephen, my stylist, made a face at the receptionist like how the hell am I going to do this hair, when online and on the phone they say they have dealt with lots of curly hair, I have 3c curls so curly kinky. Anyway he was brushing it out and I hadn't washed it the night before so he was bitching about it. Then to get on my good side he tried just talking to me about stuff and relating to me which was nice. But then when he talked with the shampoo girl he was like whispering to her in secret with their backs to me, and then at the end of the cut they threw away the sheet that told me what they put in my hair. I do love my haircut, even though he seemed scared of it, and I do love the products they used even though that is only because the shampoo girl was nice enough to tell me what she used, and the price was great only $55 compared to places in NYC that's great! But they could really work on customer service there.

Reviewed on 12.30.11

Stylist: Lacey

This was my first time ever getting a dry curly cut. I went to Laboratory based on reviews received on this website. I was extremely nervous and uneasy about it, but decided to give it a chance. I am not exaggerating when I say that Lacey was awesome! She took the time to listen to what I wanted, listen to me talk about my daily routines and gave her own suggestions as well. I left there LOVING my cut and experience. I will be recommending all of my curly girls to Laboratory in Madison, but to especially see Lacey! She suggested I trim my ends every 12 weeks, as opposed to every 6, as I've heard my entire life basically. Lacey did the following: - Cut my hair dry, and showed me at all times what she was doing - Washed it and explained the shampoo/condition technique - Styled it with bumble and bumble products (at home I was using Deva products), although I like the deva products a lot, bumble was a lot lighter on my hair and kept my curls looking fresh and frizz free (bumble curling foam and curl lotion) - Diffused my hair and walla! New hairstyle, new refreshed curls and happy me! Great job Lacey and loved the modern style of Laboratory hair salon :) Yours TRULY, Ivelisse

Reviewed on 05.29.11

Stylist: Eric

Horrifying. I've taken two recommendations from this website, one being amazing (Bang Salon U St. in DC, which I still travel to from NJ to get a haircut when I can) and the other being the absolute worst haircut of my life. I have relatively easy to style/dry/dry cut 3b/3c hair, if you know what you're doing. I have had a long list of awful haircuts - Ouidad, Atelier, but had not yet been able to try Devachan. I scheduled an appointment for my birthday a while back and they lost water and power! Anyway, I was excited to try Laboratory after seeing all the reviews and that they were Deva certified. It also helped that they were only 2 miles from my house. I had a horrible cut about a year before that had grown out even worse. I called in tears explaining that I had a NYE party to go to and my hair refused to do ANYTHING - half of it wasn't even curling anymore. The incredibly cold and rude receptionist told me that they could take me that day but only in an hour - I raced over prepared for the haircut of my life. Eric, who seemed pretty full of himself during our consultation, assured me everything would be great. We discussed the dry cut, the products I like to use, and how I like to dry my hair (with a Devafuser). He then did a half dry/half wet cut despite saying it would be a dry cut. By the time we got to the dry part, my curls were already jacked up. I asked for something to hide frontal hairloss I had suffered due to a hormonal condition. He decided that was "weird" and tried parting it down the center. First of all, one of my original statements was that I DO NOT have a part. The entire cutting process lasted probably 15 minutes max - 10 wet and 5 dry. The rest of my 90 minutes I was with his apprentice who forgot my name, left me in a wash basin with my face wet and no way to get out, and got products all over my clothes. The products he chose were too heavy and creamy for my hair, so after being styled my hair had the consistency of overly applied nailpolish...not quite dry, sticky, and awkward looking. It was also fluffy, straight in some places while overly curled in others, clumsily arranged in what looked like that woman from the Dilbert cartoons style, dull, and lifeless. When I complained about the styling, which I assume started off poorly by being dried in a halo dryer and not with a diffuser, I was given the crappy stylists overused excuse - it'll look great after it's washed and styled at home. Why am I paying you $85 to tell me it'll only look good if I do it myself? I was then pressed for a tip at the desk to the point of lying about not having any cash. I claimed to be running to the ATM and made my escape. I was supposed to be heading straight to my event, but instead had to go home and start from scratch. When washed and styled at home I was horrified to discover that I had CHUNKS of hair in various lengths all over my head. When trying to pull back into a pony or bun I had weird pieces flying up all over the place. When pulling it up higher I had stringy stragglers down below. I called to say that it needed to be fixed and was informed that no one could see me. When I called back to ask for a refund, I was hung up on. Calling back the next day I was put on hold for 20 minutes, then disconnected. I had to file through my bank to get a refund. It was a horrible experience. I wouldn't go back if you paid me.

Reviewed on 02.25.11

Stylist: Valerie Harrison

Finally a stylist who truly understands my hair. I previously went 5 years without having my hair cut before finind this salon. This is the first stylist who has proposed long term plan for my hair care. She took the time to talk to me about the ins-and-outs of handling my curly hair. I will now be making regular appointments to maintain my amazing 3b curly hair.

Reviewed on 01.29.11

Stylist: Lacey

Lacey was awesome. She was really good at hearing what i wanted, and what i needed. I left the salon very much satisfied.

Reviewed on 01.28.11

Stylist: Lacey

I decided to go to this salon because of the reviews it got, and because it is listed as Deva certified. I left the salon beyond satisfied! My stylist was Lacey, and she understood me more than i would have hoped. She gave me exactly what i wanted, and more! She was awesome at listening to what i wanted, and understanding my haircare routine and sticking to those preferences. She also adviced me on hair color, and helped me make the best choice for me and my hair! The salon also has a full staff of very friendly people, the atmosphere is very relaxed, and unlike my previous experiences at other salons, I felt very welcomed there.....

Reviewed on 01.28.11

Stylist: Valerie Harrison

As a curly haired woman, I have had more bad haircuts than I can count. Well, no more! I started going to Valerie 6 months ago, and couldn't be happier. She cuts my hair dry, so no more having hairstylists cut it wet and drying it and seeing a big mess. She completely changed my hair and how I style it. Every time I go, we talk about problems I have and she suggests styling products and tips that will help me. Most are nothing I have ever heard before, and they make such a great difference on how my hair looks. I get compliments daily, and feel so much better about my curly hair. I am so happy to have finally found a stylist who herself wears her hair curly and totally understands curly hair. I recommend to anyone with curly hair to try Valerie at Laboratory Salon- you'll never dream of straight hair again.

Reviewed on 01.08.11

Stylist: Valerie

This was a great experience. The salon has a tiered system of stylist, Valerie in the first level and Eric/Mark, that others have had, are the next level up. Valerie was wonderful. She looked at my curls to see how they fall, asked me what my routine was like, and helped me decide on a cut that would work for me. The salon has a system where the styling specialists will wash & style your hair after a dry cut. They also will walk you through the styling process so you will know what to do on your own at home.

Reviewed on 10.11.09

Stylist: Eric

I was so nervous to get my hair cut because I've had some really bad cuts. I have been straightening my hair for over four years so my hair was very confused. I had curls/frizz at the root and then my hair became straight at the ends and was breaking off something terrible. Eric made me feel extremely comfortable. I was nervous while he was doing it because it looked like he was just chopping away at my hair. In the end my curls rock! I love LABORATORY! I will be going back for my color.

Reviewed on 10.09.08

Stylist: Eric

!!!!!!WONDERFUL!!!!!! Well worth the hour and a half drive. Eric was fabulous. He took the time to talk to me about how I wanted my hair to look and the easy of care. He did everything I wanted and made my hair the best that it has looked in a long time. There was no pressure to buy the products. The staff was friendly but, professional.It was an excellent experience. I

Reviewed on 10.08.08

Stylist: Mark

I was going to Eric but he changed his hours so I had to switch stylists. Mark is the owner and he is excellent. Before he cut, he asked questions about what I was lookging for. He then explained my curl pattern and maid suggestions (my curls are at the end of my hair like a perm growing out - my words not his!). I loved the way my hair fell after the cut and it is curlier than ever. He also did my color and I've been getting tons of compliments. I highly recomment Mark!

Reviewed on 08.25.08

Stylist: Eric

I was very nervous to get my hair cut based on some reviews I read on a website. However, Eric calmed all my fears and thoroughly explained what he would do to my type 3b hair. He is an excellent stylist, showed me step-by-step care instructions (including a hand-out in case I forgot), and there was no product sell. Everyone at the salon is friendly, and I encourage you to take that leap of faith and let Eric cut your hair! You will not be upset (maybe a little shocked at first), and you will love the benefits of this Deva-skilled, stylized new do!!

Reviewed on 04.16.08

Stylist: Eric

I was getting bored with my hair so I stumbled across this salon that had Devachan trained stylists. When I called to make an appointment, the receptionist asked about my hair type and suggested I see Eric. Before anything was done, Eric asked me what I liked and didn't like about my hair and then made some suggestions. Because the appointments were backed up, I had my color done before the cut (usually it is the other way around). He used the pintura method of painting on highlights (I did see some people with straigt hair getting the foil method). The color came out exactly as I wanted it. After the color, my hair was dried before it was cut. It was styled using Deva Angell. I was thrilled with the results then and even more thrilled when I washed and styled my hair itself. My 2C/3A hair has great definition and bounce! Great atmosphere at the salon too - no product sell. Eric is awesome!

Reviewed on 03.19.07

Stylist: All

This is a DEVACHAN certified salon, the only one in Jersey. All four stylists, including the owner, are Devachan certified curl care consultants. They cut my hair dry, then washed it and put in clips at the roots. I'm very happy with my cut.

Reviewed on 03.15.06