Coupe Bizzarre

3770 st-laurent
Montreal, QC

User Reviews

Stylist: Rocky

One the worst haircuts of my life. This guy jumped up and down and danced while he cut my hair and then - surprise - it was uneven and patchy. 

Reviewed on 03.18.17

Stylist: Anyone

This place is great for curls even if it isnt one of the placea on the big "curly radar". I had a bit of a problem with a crooked cut from another stylist and Nick fixed me up. Any of the stylists here are great and I will keep on coming.

Reviewed on 01.18.17

Stylist: Jen

This place was ok. I remember getting my hair done here... but... thats it. Not very memorable i guess.. lmao

Reviewed on 12.07.16

Stylist: Nikol

This is my second time going to Nikol. She is a true artist with curly/wavy hair. First of all she listens to your needs. Then she cut my whole cut dry, working with my texture. This makes it so easy to manage your hair at home. I also get lots of compliments. Thanks Nikol!

Reviewed on 08.28.16

Stylist: Blocked out of my subconcious

It's all a blur...I truly got the worst haircut of my entire life at this place. It was so bad, so short and so awful it took almost one full year to grow my hair back out and feel like myself again. These comments coming from a pretty easy going & relaxed person who rolls with the punches daily. Seriously - the cut was frightening. I would highly recommend someone think twice before getting their haircut here. Sorry I don't remember the guy's name who mangled my locks - I have seriously blocked it out.

Reviewed on 12.12.08

Stylist: male stylist at queen st.

I had a TERRIBLE experience at Coupe Bizarre - I have naturally very curly spiral hair, and I asked for a few inches taken off. I went in with shoulder length hair. My stylist (I forget his name) I guess took it upon himself to do his own thing, he flat ironed it, and he gave me a Beatles-esque haircut that was about 2-3 inches long ALL OVER. I left the salon in tears, hoping it was all a bad dream and that I'd wake up! Well, nope, and it took me a LONG time to grow it back out!

Reviewed on 04.20.08

Stylist: NIkol

I've gotten my hair cut by her forever. She is the only stylist that I have gone to that takes my frizzy hair and sculpts curls into them. Each time I go she gives me a totally new look which I love. She is THE person to go to at Coupe for curly hair as she has crazy curly hair herself she gets it.

Reviewed on 11.06.07

Stylist: anyone

I couldn't help but write to say that I share your pain about coupe bizarre. I had my hair cut at c.b. in montreal and it will take months to grow out. I had my hair flat-ironed as well, with bits hacked out. It is so thin that I have bald spots. I went back and they agreed that it looked bad but refused to fix it. THey said it was my fault.

Reviewed on 10.07.07

Stylist: danny

He wouldn't allow me to explain what I wanted--said"listen, I know what I'm doing." Flat-ironed my hair before cutting then hacked off chunks randomly. With washing, I had bald spots, no apparent shape and my hair was waaaay shorter than what I wanted. Went back to see him--he agreed that it looked bad, and couldn't figure out how to style it curly OR straight. Refused to fix it. Said it was MY fault--then walked away from me.

Reviewed on 10.07.07

Stylist: Jen

Went to Jen on recommendation from this site - agh! Will never go back to Coupe! She had the receptionist point me out from several feet away, glanced at my hair without talking to me, then had her assistant STRAIGHT IRON my hair before handing me over to Jen to cut it. When I finally sat down in Jen's chair & she asked what I wanted, I mentioned having curly hair & she said "I saw it over there - it's not that curly". It was in a ponytail!! She cut it dry without ever having seen my curl pattern, and left it straightened even though I told her I always wear it curly. This was the WORST haircut experience I have had in years.

Reviewed on 06.28.06

Stylist: Jen

After reading about the viewer who had a terrible experience with Jen, I had to write and share about my horrible cut from her about 3 years ago. She used a razor all over the ruined my curly took forever to grow back out! I DO NOT recommend this stylist!

Reviewed on 03.30.06

Stylist: Jen

I had read about Jen on this website, and took a chance with a new hair stylist. The atmosphere of the salon is not my style, however I overlooked that and waiting nervously for Jen to finish up with her other client. She sat me down and asked me what I was looking for. I told her my problem - the famous christmas tree cut, I want my curls to come back! My hair was very long and heavy as well, however I specifically said I liked the length. Jen made my hair an absolute nightmare. Not only did she cut off more than anticipated, she styled my hair until it was a frizz puff ball. I thought ok, maybe it was just the product, however I went home that evening and took a shower and used my own products. The haircut she charged me for was terrible. I DO NOT recommend this stylist.

Reviewed on 03.14.06