Curls by Jami

4770 Hwy 121
Room 32
The Colony, TX 75056

User Reviews

Stylist: Jami Pease

Jami has consistently given me the best haircuts ever. In addition to being knowledgeable and skilled, she's hilarious and delightful to be around. Because she also has curly hair, she knows exactly what I've dealt with and has solutions. 10/10, can't wait for my next haircut.

Reviewed on 06.29.17

Stylist: Jami Pease

The first time Jami Pease cut my hair was at The Styling Hutch in Plano. When I found out that the salon had closed for good in December 2016 I panicked because it is almost impossible to find someone who can cut my hair and do a good job on it. And when it isn't cut right it looks like a disaster (I'm sure I'm not the only curly girl who has had THAT experience!) So I kept checking the internet and finally one magical day I found Jami on OH HAPPY DAY! This lady knows her way around a curly head, let me tell you.... and she has beautiful curly hair .... curlier hair than pretty much anyone I've ever known. Of course that makes her an expert at cutting AND wearing curly hair and she knows EXACTLY how it acts and how it needs to be handled, babied and loved to look its best. She can give you some hair tips and tricks if you are just learning how to live with your curls. Also, Jami is an authorized Ouidad stylist who was trained at Ouidad’s studio in NYC. So you can get a Ouidad cut or a curly cut (Ouidad costs more). Her prices are competitive so you won't have to take out a second mortgage on your house to get your curls looking their best. She is very easy to talk to, very pleasant and will cut your hair like you want it. You won't come home wanting your husband to leave a hat on the porch for you to put on before you come in the door. 

Reviewed on 06.28.17