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User Reviews

Stylist: Marietta

Having had a number of unfortunate haircuts over the course of my life, I called Panico while visiting my family in New Jersey. They set me up with Marietta, one of the best stylists in the salon. Marietta was extremely warm and attentive, and she definitely sided with me on keeping my (very curly and poofy) hair long. She almost seemed insulted when I described bad haircut experiences in the past, as if I were hinting that she did not know what she was doing. In fact, she turned the tables on me, talking to me as if I were an 11 year-old just learning to deal with her curly hair, rather than a young woman in her twenties. Most of that came from her mothering instinct, as well as her love of curls. She and a few other stylists showered my ringlets with compliments - so if you're ever feeling low about yourself, go see Marietta! While I left with a nice cut and a great leave-in conditioner, my hair was still damp and the bill was over $100. I'd recommend Marietta, cause she's talented and really sweet, and given the experiences I've had in the $50 range in the neighborhood, the good cut and stress-free experience is worth it.

Reviewed on 08.29.08

Stylist: Stefanie

Stefanie's the best! She really listens to what you want. Stefanie has curly hair & understands the trials & tribulations you go through to maintain it. She also has taught me a lot about curly hair, things I never knew, which has really helped me take better care of it. She also talks to you before the cut, before your hair is washed, to talk about your concerns, how short you may want your hair, etc. I highly recommend Stefanie to do your curly hair!

Reviewed on 03.30.07