Allure Day Spa

145 W 4th Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99501

User Reviews

Stylist: Lacey

I also tried Lacey due to the other recommendation. I unfortunately did not have as positive experience. I was hopeful because Lacey shared with me she had naturally curly hair which she straightened. This actually should have been a warning for me. One of the first things I mentioned was I like to wear my hair natural. I went to her three times and every time after a trim, she tried to encourage me to dry my hair straight. I finally opted to find someone else.

Reviewed on 05.20.10

Stylist: Miss Lacey

Being transferred to Alaska due to the military, I was leery because I had just left my stylist of 5 years! I met a lady in the hospital that I work at who had a wonderful haircut. She recommended Allure and I will not go anywhere else! Miss Lacey does an excellent job with my curls. She is very sweet and listens to my requests. The ambiance is wonderful, cleanliness outstanding, and the staff is always courteous and friendly. I highly recommend Allurd Day Spa.

Reviewed on 12.28.06