Ricci Kapricci (Silvio Mato)

3438 N Halsted
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 698-7797

User Reviews

Stylist: Silvio Mato

Five stars is not enough! I recently went to see Silvio Mato at Ricci Kapricci Salon. I researched this salon, checked reviews and decided Silvio would be my best choice. I would definitely say without a doubt the best even and precision haircut I have ever gotten. I have long, wavy and curly fine textured hair and have had two horrendous haircuts in the last year and was in need of a positive experience.First I had my hair cut at a salon in Arlington Heights by a woman who used thinning shears on my hair... just until I looked up and stopped her after the damage was done. Following that after I tried letting the disaster grow out for several months, I decided to try for the popular "Deva Curl Deva Cut" by a salon in Chicago known for this method. Disaster number Two; they loaded my hair up with Four styling products at one time and cut random curls all over my head. My hair looked like plastic doll hair from all the goop they put on. It grew out into a thin, scraggly, uneven mess. After letting my hair grow out Four months, I went to see Silvio Mato. A nice salon, and I hear they are moving to a new location and I will definitely be following him to the new location. When I entered he gave me his full attention, looked at my hair, discussed my hair options and gave me a cold beverage. I explained about my other disasters, showed him photos of what I was looking for in a style and he listened with empathy and explained step by step what he was going to do. I was nervous he'd cut too much, i told him and showed him how much i wanted, and he completely reassured me and made me very comfortable. He even gave me a mirror and had me hold it to watch while he cut the back. I wanted the bottom cut blunt and straight across. I told him I washed my hair prior to the visit but he wanted to give it a quick rinse, and I agreed. He then used a paddle brush to blow dry it straight to cut it. I was very skeptical about this method, but he assured me it would work well and make for a great cut. I stood up while he cut it and he cut it dry, not wet. Bellissimo!! Truly the most straight and precise haircut I ever received! Then he suggested to cut a few long layers on each side. He winded each curl into long twists and had me sit under the dryer. Afterwards, he used a diffuser to give it bounce. He also said he'd check the cut and if it needed more he'd give me a final trim to finish. Well this cut was so beautiful, no final trim necessary. My hair is curlier now since the cut and I love it even more! A great experience from a true "Master Stylist", his time training with Sassoon definitely shows. A great guy, warm and friendly, fun and fashion forward. This is my permanent salon!Delete review

Reviewed on 08.09.17