Salon Bohemia

437 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

User Reviews

Stylist: Jess

Gave me a few tips but the haircut wasn't flattering at all. I recently discovered and started CGM and wanted to get a haircut that would be a good fit for my hair. The products they used and sold (Paul mitchell lavender mint) were very strongly scented an****hed my hair down next day(Checked the ingredients later ; they contained silicones and drying alcohols). Would not go back.

Reviewed on 09.10.19

Stylist: Kiki

I Love Kiki, she is the only person that I will trust to cut my daughter and my hair. Last year both my daugter and myself did out Big Chop and Kiki knows everytime we go in what our hair needs . I go every 2 months just as a day to pamper myself. Every one is so nice and I always have a great time when I go.

Reviewed on 01.26.14

Stylist: KIKI

I'm so in love with Kiki she will be the only one working on my child and my hair through our natural hair journey. She really gives me great advice and keep me on the right track even when I want to fall off. It reminds me of when I first Big Chop and my daugther had hair I had called in to make a appointment for my daughter for school and I consist of a flat iron and Kiki call me to find out why I was flat ironing my hair since I wanted to go natural, i told her it was for my daughter, That shows me how much of a grat stylist she is.

Reviewed on 01.01.14

Stylist: Roquel

Just got an amazzzing curly cut from Raquel yesterday!!! I love it, I showed her a few photos of what I had in mind and she matched it perfectly!! I am a 3c hair.

Reviewed on 12.09.12

Stylist: Aisha

Aisha is great! I have been going to get my haircut by hear for I think 3 years now. The first time I went to her was after I got the worst haircut of my life and she told me how she was going to fix it but that it would take a while for me to grow out the terrible hak job the other woman did. She used PM products on my hair which I have been using since and they have worked wonders. Whenever I go she starts springing my hair and then remembers who I am which I love because it shows that she pays attention to the type of hair, even though she obviously remembers my face also lol. But she is really great and seems to have a natural understanding of curly hair, always tells me if she is using something new and whether or not she likes the stuff I am using. She usually tells me that she likes my stuff which I like because it shows she is not a product pusher. I have 3c kinky curly hair and she always cuts it perfectly I think everyone should go to Aisha, I have also heard great things about Carlos.

Reviewed on 12.30.11

Stylist: Aisha

I was apprehensive as I never went to a stylist who specializes in curly hair and wasn't sure what to expect. I had been going to my previous stylist for 20 years and he does a great job at cutting my hair and styling it straight but recently I have been embracing my curly hair and letting it go natural and wanted a stylist to help bring out its maximum potential. Aisha was very nice and gave me a decent haircut but unfortunately my hair has different curliness throughout and I ended up with some longer straighter pieces that just hang down that needed to be cut shorter than she cut them. However since she did a wet cut I was afraid that would happen and I wasn't surprised though disappointed. I have been researching how to take care of my curly hair for the past 6 months and finally took the plunge to go to a curly hair specialist and was hoping she would cut my hair dry but didn't want to tell her how to do her job so I let her cut my hair as she saw fit (which was a wet cut) but it just is not even at all. I did not discover this until I washed my hair the next day and let it air dry. In the salon I went under the dryer to mimic air drying since I wanted a style that was super easy to maintain. I will say that my hair is more bouncy after her cut so I am pleased with that and think she did a decent job but now I am going to either have to live with the longer pieces in the back and some on the side or try cutting them myself which I am afraid to do as I have no clue how to cut hair and don't want to end up with it looking worse. All in all I think she did a decent job and I might go back depending but if I do I will tell her what happened with the uneven cut since my hair is different curliness texture throughout and that needs to be taken into account.

Reviewed on 05.23.11

Stylist: Aisha

Salon Bohemia has such a hip, welcoming vibe. They play good music, have a water cooler, and Paul Mitchell products everywhere. Aisha is a Goddess who did amazing things to my curly mane; she knows how to cut curly hair (i.e.: not thinning it) and she should, since she's been cutting for 20 years. She was able to refresh my style without cutting more than what was necessary. I'm hooked--won't go anywhere else ever again.

Reviewed on 12.19.09

Stylist: Alycia/Aisha/Carlos

I went to Salon Bohemia after reading reviews on here. The first two times I saw Alycia and honestly, I wasn't sure if she was good or not b/c I was newly natural and had no idea how my hair was supposed to look lol! However, she never really trimmed it. I was going regularly for trims but any length I had was gone after I left. The last time I was there I saw Aisha b/c Alycia was on maternity leave. I should mention that my hair is classic 4a. I have pencil-straw shaped curls. To be very honest, I was surprised when I saw Aisha b/c I just assumed she was going to be African American and or have some African ancestry b/c of her name. Now, I have no idea what her ethnic background is without asking but she appears to be Indian and/or South Asian. I don't believe that you must have the same ethnic background as your client, but this woman did not know how to do my hair. When I made the appt with Aisha, I actually thought she was a different stylist I had seen there. Mind you, the last time I was there, I had seen Aisha jack up someone's color (a girl with long 2A hair) so I was not pleased when I learned that she the woman who was going to do my hair. The color she gave me was no where near the color I asked for or the color that we agreed on. She cut several inches off my hair and attempted to shape it into a Ronald McDonald style afro with MOUSSE! My hair hangs, it is tightly coiled, but it hangs. I assume she has no idea how to do really curly hair so that is why she tried to make it into an afro. FYI, my hair was not damaged. I had been trimming it every 2-3 months prior to coming in, so there was no reason to cut it all off. Her customer service was also poor. She had a slight attitude and seemed annoyed when I asked her a question. Umm excuse me, I'm paying you my money, you are here to answer my questions! When I left, my mom said I looked better before I went in. True story. Because I was so turned off by this experience, I have not been back. I thought about going back to Alycia but feared she would cut too much off again. Alternatively, I sent my mom (2A) and girlfriend (3c/4a) to Carlos after watching him cut several clients' hair. They both thought he did a good cut. I also thought about trying him, but I just can't bring myself to step foot in that salon again after the last experience.

Reviewed on 10.27.09

Stylist: Aisha

I've seen Aisha three times for a cut/color, trim and a blow out. I find her to be very intuitive about curly hair (mine is type 3c). Her consultation was spot on about the problems of my previous cut and the ways she could improve it. She was more tentative for my first cut so we didn't take off too much length (so no regrets). It was good but safe. My second cut was great and I am often complimented on what a good cut it is. She's not a talkative stylist (which is a plus for me) but very professional. I also got really great highlights my first visit that continue to look amazing as they grow out. I didn't love my blow out but I wouldn't expect this salon to be great at that. They are reasonably priced and the regular staff is very professional and helpful every time I've had contact with them. I highly recommend this salon for curly hair issues.

Reviewed on 10.20.09

Stylist: Aisha

I might have gotten Aisha on a bad day, but I just wasn't that impressed. She was almost cool to me, and my hair turned out just okay. I asked her before if she was going to cut it wet or dry, and she said wet (I've never had a good cut wet). One of the problems I mentioned in the brief time we talked before she cut my hair was that I have long, almost straight pieces that needed special attention (more cutting), but when I left, they were just as they were when I came in: noticeably longer than the rest of my hair. I don't regret going to Aisha, but I doubt I'd go back.

Reviewed on 08.06.08

Stylist: aisha

I've never had my hair cut professionally and I'm 23 yrs old. I went in and saw Aisha, and she was truly amazing. She talked to me about what would be best for my type of curls and what would best frame my face. She also taught me how to style my hair better and what products to use. I'm very happy with my cut and will return to her again. Highly recommended!

Reviewed on 08.03.08

Stylist: Aisha

Visited this salon twice. My first time was an ok experience. I got a decent cut, and with my curly hair I usually just pray that my hair isn't chopped up. The price was very reasonable, so I decided to go back a second time, for cut and color. The second visit was pretty bad. My color was even, but much darker than I wanted it, and the cut was very uneven. I also spent the next two days trying to scrub the color off of my forehead, because she did a very sloppy job. Lesson learned, only go to a colorist for color ! I also noticed much more talented stylists at this salon. I'm still kicking myself for picking the wrong one.

Reviewed on 07.03.08

Stylist: Patty

After reading the many reviews on salon bohemia I decided to try out the salon and I'm so happy I did. I received a hair cut from Patty and I'm very pleased, it has been two months and I still love my hair cut and I still get complements. I've tried other salons mentioned on this site and I can say this is the best hair cut I've received and also very reasonable price. I'm very happy to have finally found a salon I love and a stylist who truly knows how to work with my curly hair.

Reviewed on 03.29.08

Stylist: Aisha

I went on Recomendations to AISHA,I have very curly hair. She shaped and highlighted my hair, She also helped me pick out products to condition and style my hair I ,loved my visit. The alon was very welcoming.

Reviewed on 06.02.07

Stylist: Aisha

I went to Salon Bohemia to get a haircut..and i was very pleased how my haircut came out. I was searching and searching for a salon...that was professional but tht wouldn't put a hole in my wallet. Anyway, I found this place -Salon Bohemia. I've never cut my curls before and was a little apprehensive about it. But Aisha was very confident and she spoke to me before she cut. I love my haircut and i have gotten many compliments. I will def. go back to this salon. OH-and the cut was only $50. I thought it was a good deal.

Reviewed on 05.22.07

Stylist: CARLOS!

I go to Carlos he is so great.I have curly curly hair.He really knows what he is doing.I have been seeing him for about 2.3 years and love his style.although sometimes i have to remind myself to prebook my appointments because he is a buzy guy.{he does photoshoots outside of the salon.)and his prices are reasonable sssshhhhhhh don't tell him that.check him out.

Reviewed on 10.06.06

Stylist: Roquel

When I met my stylist, she told me she was going to shampoo my hair, and I had to ask her to only use conditioner explaining that shampoo would dry my hair out. She washed it and then began to cut--while my hair was still wet. She combed it over and over again, apparently trying to work out the natural curl. By this point I was not expecting much, but by the time she was done, I had almost come around. The hair did not look much different than I had pictured, and the long layers were to my surprise actually long enough. The only thing I would suggest is telling her to cut off about half the length you actually want cut off, because she did not understand how much it would spring up in the end. I will consider going back, if only because it was cheep (40 dollars for the cut) and convenient.

Reviewed on 08.22.06

Stylist: wendy/carlos/aisha/alycia

Not only do they cut/Shape curly hair,they also highlight, color and texurize.I have known them 7 years and i still visit them.They are truly the first multicultural hair salon in parkslope.They have been in the slopes 20 years.also clients get booked to stylist according to hair and texture.

Reviewed on 06.24.06

Stylist: All of them

The cool thing about this salon -- My daughter has curly hair, I have kinky hair, our friend has straight hair and HER daughter has hair with a slight curl -This salon was able to handle all of our heads! I have never in my life been to a salon that worked my natural hair and another person's naturally straight hair in the same place. My daughter's hair has lots of cultures running through it and I was quite impressed that not only were they able to keep her (age 4) entertained and unstressed for her first haircut, they were also not as expensive as the other salons in this neighborhood (Park Slope). --Jackie

Reviewed on 05.30.06