Bumble & Bumble

Bumble and Bumble
415 W 13th Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10014

User Reviews

Stylist: Julia

Julia does what I call an "upside down" hair cut for me which is a very simple long cut though we do variations (i had it very short for a while, but usually we vary the front angles). It is totally different from how straight hair is cut. she decreases the bulk of my hair, essentially, by giving it internal layers. she uses the edge of the scissors, and honestly I am not really sure exactly how it works other than that because she is talking to me the whole time and suddenly it's done. She's really consistent with the cut and gives me a look that I can wear down very easily. Bumble and bumble also has a great heavy conditioner called "super rich" - it's a shame their shampoos are too harsh. I use the 365 shampoo. My routine involves towel drying and using a tiny amount of drug store leave in conditioner product, then blowdrying the front of my hair and the top near the scalp. the rest air dries faster and my hair has volume but fits around my face - it looks like that popular celebrity hairstyle... varies from second from the left and fourth from the left depending on the weather/slight variations in technique http://beyondbeautybasics.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/cast_90210.jpg

Reviewed on 03.24.11

Stylist: William

He's incredible!! about 5 years ago, my friend recomended him when I complemented her haircut, and I've been going to him ever since; I won't let anyone else touch my hair and now I'm moving away from NY and might have to keep coming back once in a while, just to get a haircut...

Reviewed on 11.05.07