Arrojo Studio

180 Varick street
New York, NY 10014

User Reviews

Stylist: Hilary

It took me about a year to finally make an appointment for a haircut at this place. I was just really scared because it had been YEARS since I'v cut my hair because of previous bad haircuts. I wish I would have gone sooner!! I got my hair cut with Hilary about 2 months ago and I still have people coming up to me all the time telling me how great my hair looks. My hair always looks good and I seriously only get up and go lol! After I got my hair cut only 4 days later, a friend of mine called me crying because she got a really bad hair cut some where else and she asked me about where I got my hair cut so I refered her to Hilary at Arrojo.. She LOVES her new hair (she does look awesome)! I have to say, that when the two of us go out we always get complimented on our hair! i love this place everyone is super nice. I will defenatly go back for more and I will also recomend this place to everyone!!!

Reviewed on 11.06.07

Stylist: Arielle

Never, I mean never go to Arielle.I went to Arrojo about a year and a half ago.When I called to make the appointment I asked for a stylist who was good with curly hair and was told everyone there is highly trained to work with all hair types.No one with curly hair should ever, ever go to her. She left my layers long but razor cut my whole head.I looked like I had the worst split ends and worse yet, I had a wedding to go to a week after the cut with no time for repair.On top of the terrible, tear-inflicting haircut, the salon was like an assembly line.She was cutting my hair and evaluating/discussing the next client's hair with the client at the same time.The cut was too pricey for a poor cut and bad service.

Reviewed on 07.14.07

Stylist: Earle (Mark)

I went to Earle (Mark) on the recommendation this site. He is a nice enough man, but DOES NOT know what he's doing with curly hair. He basically gave me a "razor" cut and proceeded to turn my thick, shiny ringlets into stringy, frizzed out limp noodles. Even he remarked what amazing condition my hair was in before he massacred it. This morning I woke up with an actual knot in my hair that I had to cut out. That has never happened to me before. I got the cut last week and I thought that perhaps it would just take time to get used to it, but now I see that it will take months and months of growth just to look decent again. If you want a good curly cut go to Devachan. They may goop up your hair with product but at least they know how to treat curly hair.

Reviewed on 08.07.06

Stylist: RACHEL

I bleached my hair (from dyed really dark) the night before. it came out bright orange with white-yellow patches on. I ruined my hair and was desperate. I called Arrojo Studio where Chuck had previously given me the best bob I have ever had, and made an appointment with Rachel, the best colorist. Rachel was incredible, she and her assistant spent more than 2 hours on fixing my hair and it turned out amazing. I have never had such a beautiful color on my hair before. Rachel is an amazing colorist and she just knows what she is doing. The staff was very respectful and the salon is super clean. I love it there and will be returning asap. Everyone at the salon was amazed by the results. Check them out.

Reviewed on 02.15.06

Stylist: RACHEL

I ruined my dark dye hair by bleaching it, it turned bright orange. I went there to see Rachel, who spent around 2 1/2 hours with me andc fixed it. My hair looks amazing, like never before. Beautiful coloring, just as I have always wanted it with subtle high-lights. Rachel is an amazing colorist, go see her. She just knows how to get it right. THANK YOU RACHEL PS: all staff there is great and curteous. The salon is beautiful and super clean.

Reviewed on 02.14.06

Stylist: Jenny G

JENNY G has been FOUND again!!! I called to rebook an appt. with her, but they said she moved back to Ohio. However, that is not true. She is at a salon close by called "Serenity" on West Broadway. She is taking appts. there. Call 411 for the number to the salon!!!

Reviewed on 02.09.06