Blue Velvet

Bumble and bumble
2834 Culver Road
Birmingham, AL 35225

User Reviews

Stylist: Niki

She takes the time to get my layers blended just right. My bottom layer is straight and my top layer is 3C curly and she actually cuts the top layer first to avoid the shelfy, mulletty look. She's great.

Reviewed on 02.15.11

Stylist: Cindy

Love her!

Reviewed on 12.14.10

Stylist: David

After looking on this site for someone to cut and style my overly curly hair. I went to Blue Velvet Salon in Mountain Brook. And David really knew what he was doing!! I love my cut and it is so easy to style!! I recommend anyone in Birmingham looking for a great cut to go see David!!!

Reviewed on 07.10.08

Stylist: Kelly

I found this salon from this website. Kelly really seemed to know a thing or two about curly hair. She was very receptive to discussing expectations and needs. I was a little disappointed that she did not cut my hair in a different hairstyle and only trimmed it up. But she explained to me the way my hair was cut previously needed to grow in order to get the desired effect I was wanting. I will return after my hair grows and test her talents more. The charge for a cut and style was a litlle steep since I only recieved a trim but at least my hair was not ruined - like some other places have done for less money.

Reviewed on 05.08.08

Stylist: Shelley (??)

I believe Shelley did my hair, if I remember her name correctly... she wasn't ont he website She is a senior stylist there. She cut my hair (and it turned out good), without giving me a consultation or even looking at my hair dry. I had Rachelle do my hair last time and just needed a trim, same style. The receptionist said she could do it. She did ask after she had cut it if I wanted to take some weight out. After talking to my mom later she said you were not suppose to do that with curly hair. BUT- it worked for mine. Ofcourse, I did do the SPARKLE treatment and so I think that caused my hair to be weighted down some as it isn't nearly as frizzy as it was and its shiny. I def. recommend their SPARKLE treatment. LOVE IT! Go to Shelley if you're in a bind. I would recommend gettign a consulatation first though, it kinda scared me when she started cutting it and hadn't seen it dry. Rachelle does seem to know more about curly locks though, since she has them.

Reviewed on 09.25.07

Stylist: Rachelle

Definitely knows about curly hair. LOVE my hair cut. :)

Reviewed on 06.14.07

Stylist: Rachelle

I love my cut and Rachelle spent a lot of time with me just talking about what I wanted and how style my hair. I love Bumble and Bumble's curl cream that I bought while I was there. I had a great time at this salon and now I am hooked!

Reviewed on 05.19.07

Stylist: Rachelle

I got a great cut and learned how to let my curly hair dry naturally with defined curls. The salon is in mountain brook and I was a little nervous. I thought it might be stuffy. But to my suprise everyone was really genuine and really nice! I highly recommend going.

Reviewed on 03.23.07

Stylist: Rachelle

She has the curls and knows how to use them! Highly recommended stylist. I also think she is the owner

Reviewed on 03.23.07

Stylist: Josh

I got an okay cut. I just know that he doesn't cut hair as recommended in the Curly Girl book. I probably should have been more assertive with what I wanted, but it was my first attempt at getting a cut to emphasize rather than hide my curly hair. He was very friendly though.

Reviewed on 02.24.07

Stylist: Josh

After my cut, my hair is easier to style and looks better than ever. Josh did a wonderful job and he's very personable too. I highly recommend him.

Reviewed on 10.10.06

Stylist: Josh

I took the advice from the post here and went to see Josh. I LOVE the cut he gave me. He was very pleasant, took his time, and gave me some advice about care and products. My hair is so much easier to fix now and looks better than ever. Highly recommended!

Reviewed on 09.12.06

Stylist: Josh

Josh is a senior stylist at Blue Velvet (in Mountain Brook across from Daniel George). He listens to what I want and has always given me a great cut. He used a technique called "slithering" on my hair to blend the layers (to avoid the "step" look). I can't say enough good things about him.

Reviewed on 07.01.06