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Stylist: Navila

If you want to pay $150 for a haircut and end up styling and blow drying your own hair, go here! I have been a Devachan customer since 2014. I've seen several stylists here, but this by far was my worst experience yet. My haircut was scheduled for 1:15pm, they called me to come in early which I did. Services are schedules in 45 minute increments so I paid for one hour of parking. My service went over by 37 minutes and i got a $110 parking ticket. My service went over for two reasons, 1. my stylist Navila was scheduled another client during my haircut as i saw her working on someone else so she wasn't available to help me 2. The ****istant who washed my hair quickly and messily applied product to my hair and left me to finish off and blow dry my hair myself. Unfamiliar with their blow dryer and diffuser, i burnt my scalp a bit which left me irritated. When I checked out i told those at front desk of the situation and they said "that shouldn't have happened and i shouldn't have had to blow dry my hair by myself". When i went out to my car i saw a ticket and how much time my appointment went over. I specifically asked when i scheduled the appointment how long it would take for the service and was told 45 minutes. I called the salon the next day and was told that i was valued as a customer and a manager would call me with a resolution the next day or the saturday coming up. No one called so i followed up again and spoke to a manager named REESE. Reese answered the phone with at****ude and told me that blowdrying is an extra service (never told that, experienced that previously and others in the salon at the time were getting their hair blow dried). I told her that I was treated like "****" in the salon and she told me that me swearing at her made her sad because she is a Christian???? Not that she was sorry and sad to hear about my poor experience as a loyal customer. She told me that she didn't think the conversation should continue any longer and was ok with me not going there anymore. This company seems to be falling, which is sad because it's a brand that guides and helps women/men with curly/wavy hair. Several of their best stylists have left their salon for good reason clearly. They also closed their white plains location. For anyone who has gone to the white plains salon or was looking into it i suggest seeing one of their stylists who have moved to another salon in the white plains area such as lois, meg, or pedro!

Reviewed on 11.18.17

Stylist: Lois

Lois is by far the best stylist at Devachan.   I've had my hair cut  by a few different stylists at Deva and John Frieda and no one compares to her.  I am so sad that she is no longer with Devachan Salon.  I have tracked her down and found her at Vaskan D salon in White Plains. I'll be headed there soon for my next hair cut.   Truthfully, I've been going to Devachan Salon since 2004 and they have lost touch with customer service so I welcome the change in salons.  Lois has always been the consummate professional so it isn't a surprise she has moved on.  Looking forward to the new salon experience in her trusted hands. 

Reviewed on 08.24.17

Stylist: Several different stylists

I've been going to Devachan for a long time now. I used to get my hair cut by Lorraine Massey back when she was still cutting hair. Since she left, I've gone to several other stylists there and have not been completely happy with the cut or service. Devachan has changed for the worse over the years which is a shame. When you pay that much money for a service, you expect great results every time! There are many other better (& cheaper) options. I've moved on to another salon.

Reviewed on 06.25.17

Stylist: Jackie-cut/antonio-color/amy-rinse And Style

Wow! Jackie transformed my curls, which were dry and shapeless when I walked in. I could almost hear them hearing my hair give a cry of relief. Even being a curl expert, I got so many great tips from her. I found out that by putting my curls into a bun wet, I'm stretching my hair and causing breakage. I found out I should run the conditioner through my hair with my fingers close together. I would recommend her to anyone!

Reviewed on 07.21.16

Stylist: Helik

Helik was just wonderful!!!!!! Is the best experience I have had at a salon. I'm latina so I was really happy with Helik, cause he speaks spanish, and was able to explain everything to me excellent. He took the time to know what I wanted, hear me out, and then MAGIC happened! He is amazing, i went from loooong curly (almost at the waist) to above the shoulders! I wanted a extreme make over and im so happy it was with someone profesional who knew exactly what I wanted and needed . Just an amazing job! Im so happy, my hair is manageable and he taught me everything about treating curly hair. If you want to go to Deva Curl... definetly go with the expert HELIK. :D best regards to you from Guatemala. 

Reviewed on 10.01.15

Stylist: Lois

It took me over two hours to get to Broome Street and Crosby, NYC, NY... as I live in CT. It was well worth it! Lois is a hair Goddess! I had the most amazing haircut today! She literally takes everything in consideration... Your hair goals, your personality, your height and bone structure... Everything! And it shows in the final result! My hair has never looked better! A million times better than any "curly cut" I got in a few different salons who claim to specialize in curly hair in New Haven. And she asks you about everything! She explains everything and makes sure she has your permission before doing anything! That's big, because trust when it comes to stylists is a very big thing to me. She really knows her stuff, and I love the cut she gave me! It's amazing! It may be over four hours round trip... But I will be a regular customer from now on!

Reviewed on 12.01.14

Stylist: Lois

It took me over two hours to get to Broome Street and Crosby, NYC, NY... as I live in CT. It was well worth it! Lois is a hair Goddess! I had the most amazing haircut today! She literally takes everything in consideration... Your hair goals, your personality, your height and bone structure... Everything! And it shows in the final result! My hair has never looked better! A million times better than any "curly cut" I got in a few different salons who claim to specialize in curly hair in New Haven. And she asks you about everything! She explains everything and makes sure she has your permission before doing anything! That's big, because trust when it comes to stylists is a very big thing to me. She really knows her stuff, and I love the cut she gave me! It's amazing! It may be over four hours round trip... But I will be a regular customer from now on!

Reviewed on 12.01.14

Stylist: Melissa

The best ever

Reviewed on 10.15.14

Stylist: Melissa

The best ever

Reviewed on 10.15.14

Stylist: Ana

Worst haircut ever! My haircut with Ana was the worst haircut I have ever had! She cannot cut curly hair. Bring back Lorraine Massey - no one cuts hair like Lorraine.

Reviewed on 05.16.14

Stylist: Julia Rose

Expected better from this salon. Julia Rose, a stylist in the Broome St. location, cut 6+ inches when I asked for a rounded trim and to keep the length. I walked out with lion-mane/Jeri-curl cut. To her credit the length was kept in a one inch patch at the nape of my neck. The rest of my head went from chest length to chin length.. Most of my appointment was spent shilling the Devachan product line and method for drying/setting curls. Julia seemed overjoyed the cut and despite expressing my dissapointment, she posted before/after shots on her twitter which I had to ask to take down. It seems Devachan allows these kinds of mistakes and behavior to persist since they consider themselves THE curly experts. It's a pervasive problem if numerous online reviews complain about certain staff not listening to client concerns.

Reviewed on 01.13.14

Stylist: Maryanne

I have found Curl Heaven!! I received a gift card for Christmas, which was by far the best present ever. From the moment you walk in you are pampered. I exchanged my winter coat for an elegant silky robe, was given a champange flute glass filled with water and I waited patiently for Maryann. Upon first meeting she was warm, welcoming, friendly, and knowledgeable about her craft. She instantly put me at ease as we settled into her work station. She took a moment to study my curls--the curl pattern, bounce, and the way they naturally fall. She then briefly examined my facial structure. After we discussed my curl goals: grow out my curls while framing my tiny face so as not to be smothered. Within moments she took her magical scissors and went to town. Cutting each curl individually as she saw fit. Accustomed to mom and pop hair salons in the Bronx, I was amazed by her technique. Instead of the typical straight across cut she was literally creating art. Throughout the much needed cut, she explained everything possible about MY HAIR. We discussed my regime and how I can get the max out of the all natural products I use. Following my cut, we relocated to the washing station: canopies covering each individual bed and basin. I was greeted by another woman whom took me through the washing, conditioning, and styling process STEP BY STEP. She had me feel my hair periodically to know what it should feel like for my future attempts. After I was placed under a dryer, did the flip over and had my hair diffused, and then I was done. I paid $142 not for a haircut but for a LEARNING EXPERIENCE. I learned about MY hair's needs, it's potential, and the ways I can reach my curly goals. I went in with frizzies, fluffy, stringy curls and left with full, defined, non frizzy corkscrew curls that perfectly flattered my face and has NEVER looked healtier. My sisters were with me and both nearly tripped over each other to make an appointment for themselves. Maryann did a PHENOMENAL job. After you experience Devachan there is no going back.

Reviewed on 12.30.13

Stylist: Rick and Rosie

Had high expectations, Rick had a 2 minute consultation with me and wanted to give me the old fashioned cut, short in the back and longer on sides, I wasn't having it, so he snipped away for two minutes then handed me off. After gobs of gook were put on my hair I left looking like I had geri curls, I figured it would look good after I style it, well I had it blown out a couple weeks later and was shocked to see one side several inches shorter then the other. They scheduled me for an "adjustment" with Rosie since I refused to let Rick touch me and Rosie took more time and I walked out looking better until...I had it blown straight again and one side was several inches longer AGAIN!!! I took a picture and emailed customer service. Happy to say the gave me a refund, but first asked me if I would give them a third chance, I wasn't letting any of them near me. I figured out that it is all about their product line, they can make a straight haired person have curly hair by glopping on product and twisting with clips. Devachan is a Sham, I saw many bad cuts walking out, they are not current or edgy.

Reviewed on 09.27.13

Stylist: Antonio

For my visit I give 1 star. Half of my one star goes to the young lady who washed, conditioned and styled my hair (don't remember her name). She was nice enough and followed the direction of the ill-mannered Antonio (supposedly a senior colorist). The other half goes to the atmosphere and the front desk staff who were also friendly enough. When I walked to the front desk to pay at the end, even they looked like "did she have her hair done yet?" or "she wants to PAY?". Antonio ("senior colorist"): Antonio greeted me with snooty falseness and proceeded to be very condescending. He said "so tell me everything" when I sat down; with no real reference as to what he wanted me to say. We spoke for a bit where he proceeded to tell ME that I wasn't listening, that he was the doctor and I was the patient and what he was telling me was for my own good. I am not a child and despite my petite stature and kind voice am a 25 year old woman. Unlike other reviews I saw he never asked me what products I use or anything. (Up until the last minute during styling, the young lady doing my hair looked so confused when I told her I don't use the products). Advice: I am a young woman with kinky-curly 3C-4A hair. If you already do your own wash and go successfully... trust me you can do it better than they can. Save your time and money. God Bless.

Reviewed on 04.20.13

Stylist: Jackie

I've become less and less satisfied with my haircuts. I was really unhappy with the past two, the last one driving me try someplace else where I won't be paying so much money to be unhappy. Part of my dissatisfaction may come from the fact that after many years Jackie has come to spend 15 minutes cutting my hair and doesn't offer ideas or observations except to point out where it is too bulky, which is obvious. Several times I have mentioned that I don't like the cut and her response was that I should wait until it was washed and dried and it would look great. Jackie doesn't even do the styling after the wash--the person who washes my hair does. What's up with that? The salon is unreasonably expensive ($150 for the cut + tip), so if you don't have a high paying job it's a huge splurge that isn't worth it. Perhaps the major problem is that I have hard hair to cut because it is uncommon? My hair is think and coarse, with some curls. Maybe I just need another stylist, but the cost makes me doubtful about giving it a try. I have no idea where to go now, especially if I need to spend less than $100. For the price, I say don't go.

Reviewed on 04.20.13

Stylist: Nevila

Prior to going to Devachan, I had had my hair cut by three different Deva trained (one day course) stylists over a four and a half year period, as well as having trimmed my hair following the directions in _Curly Girl: The Handbook_. A few snips into the first Deva cut, I was convinced that this was absolutely the right method of cutting for my hair. I was able not only able to grow my hair, due to lack of hairdresser sabotage, but also able to avoid awkward stages. However, my hair is extremely fine, and my stylist seemed unable to give me a solid enough base to keep my hair from looking straggly as it got longer. I could have gone back to a shorter look, but I was able to trim it lightly enough myself to counteract that, and still hoped that someone who really knows the method could produce even better results. So when a friend suggested we meet at the Mother Ship, I was in. Nevila listened well to my concerns, discussed them with me, offered suggestions, and gave me an absolutely brilliant cut. She also taught me styling tricks to get much better tendril definition, volume, and root lift. I absolutely love the cut I received! It is all that I was hoping it would be, and more. In addition to having the stronger base I wanted, since Nevila deftly used a lighter touch in layering my (much curlier) canopy, my very uneven curl pattern looks uniform. Two months later, my hair continues to look progressively better, as I become more adept at following Nevila's styling suggestions. Multi-day hair has become easier. No matter what the dewpoint is, whether my curls are looser or tighter, or extremely or merely very springy, my curl pattern looks even. I can't even imagine having my hair cut anywhere else.

Reviewed on 04.02.13

Stylist: Lois

This was my first experience at Devachan. I selected Lois based upon earlier reviews and the fact that I wanted to leave my hair long and Lois sounded like the right one for the cut. She did not disappoint. From the time she sat me in the chair, to the time I left, she was patient and spent considerable time discussing style and upkeep with me. I was told I did not have to return for approximately 4 months, with the exception of a bang trim, if needed. I am looking forward to my next time with Lois.

Reviewed on 03.01.13

Stylist: Anonymous

Love, love, love my Deva! I used to go to the one in the Village but decided to go to another salon because I lost sight of the importance my curly q's had on my facial features & overall style! I've just recently come back to my roots and am so happy & satisfied! Robert at Broome Street knows his stuff! & Donatella has hands of gold! I recommend this place (especially Broome Street location) to anyone wishing to leverage their curly locks!

Reviewed on 02.21.13

Stylist: Sophie

Came all the way from Switzerland for a haircut. I must say, I was not disappointed. Thanks to Sophie who gave my curls a great cut and gave me tips on how to do my hair. I am so happy with the result that I am thinking of visiting the salon in a year again. Great job, well done!

Reviewed on 01.28.13

Stylist: Ana/Larry

I cannot even begin to say express adequately how incredible these two artists are. Larry does my color and he is spectacular. Ana does my cut, it is like she is creating a sculpture. They are both attentive and warm but above all, immensely talented. They are the epitome of perfection.

Reviewed on 01.24.13

Stylist: Helik

After many months of searching for a stylist to do a dry cut on my long curls, and after totally abandoning any product or technique that wasn't DevaCurl, I finally booked my appointment. Mind you, this appointment wasn't just a quick phone call to schedule and a subway ride to get to. I live in Kentucky and this was a *trip* - all for a good haircut - a cut that was meant for my hair type. So, my anticipation was great. When I arrived, the salon was completely packed. Apparently the other location was having plumbing problems and the stylists crammed 2 salons into one, on a Saturday morning. But everyone was organized and professional, and very accommodating. I was scheduled with Helik, and since I had no experience with any of the stylists, it was a complete gamble. Well, the gamble paid off. Helik demonstrated his expertise immediately, interviewing me to understand what I was needing. He had a complete understanding of the products and what impressed me most was his thorough respect for my curls. No brushing. No unnecessary fluffing. He gave me my first dry cut and I'll never have my hair cut any other way! Ever! We conversed about the lack of understanding of curly hair and the difficulty someone with curls has in finding the right products or stylists. I highly recommend Helik. I appreciate his time and efforts. It was worth the expense of the trip to NYC. I hope to make regular trips - or find someone in Kentucky - to continue caring for my hair the RIGHT way! Thank you Helik and Devachan Salon!

Reviewed on 11.27.12

Stylist: Susan

I've been going to Deva for a decade now, and though I keep trying to find someplace else to cut my hair because it's $$$ and far from where I live, I always come back. I started off with Carlos, who now has his own salon somewhere. He did a great job on my hair -- helped me grow out a horrible razor cut -- but after three years couldn't learn my name. (I noticed this when I went for a trim a week before my wedding, then went back for a bang trim two weeks after -- it was like he'd never seen me before, couldn't remember I'd gotten married. Bleh.) So I asked to be switched to a junior stylist, and they recommended Susan. I've now been going to her for six or seven years and couldn't be happier with her! Susan is lovely -- friendly, low-key, sweet, and really listens when you tell her what you want. If you're interested in changing up your style, she'll do that; but the last time I went, I really just wanted a trim for health because I'm growing my hair longer, and she did a great job on my hair, cut off no more than I asked but made it look beautiful. And she has great styling tips. I recommend her wholeheartedly -- and second the reviewer who said, if the price scares you, go for a junior stylist. They are great hairdressers in the making!

Reviewed on 11.20.12

Stylist: Anonymous

Melanie is a junior stylist. She is great! Just because she is a junior stylist doesn't mean anything. She cut my hair nicely and gave it a great shape and I love the way she made my curls look defined and pretty! I would definitely go back to her and would recommend Melanie to anyone willing to spend only $80 bucks. She is very nice talking to her, she gave me great tips.

Reviewed on 08.18.12

Stylist: Maryanne

I can't believe I pay this much for a haircut, but Maryanne is an artist. I have never felt so consistently happy with my 3a hair. I also love how low maintenance my hair is! I get out of the shower, put some gel in it, squeeze out the water and clip it up until it dries. It turns out great, every single time. My first time in, after explaining the products and why no-poo was so good for my hair, she gave me the names of some other brands that make sulfate-free shampoos and silicone-free conditioners in case I didn't want to pay the price for the Deva Curl line. When I told her I color my hair myself, she had a colorist come over and give me some tips on how to do it in a healthier way. That, along with my awesome hair, is how I know that she really wants my hair to be as healthy as it can be, and she's not just trying to get me to buy expensive shampoo. Since I started following her advice, my hair is healthier and easier than it's ever been. I hardly ever even see a split end anymore.

Reviewed on 07.02.12

Stylist: Susan

I absoluetly loved the time she consumed into getting to know a bit of my hair background and what I really wanted for my hair. She talked with me along the way and made sure I knew what was going on before doing anything. she explained very well how she was going to cut my hair and I loved the results. Crystal washed and detangled my hair and gave me great info and made me feel like i was talking to a friend not a professional hair stylist. I Loved my cut even more when i styled it on my own at home

Reviewed on 06.05.12

Stylist: Anonymous

April is my stylist. I have 3B curls. I have long hair below my bra strap. I wanted to keep the length but have great layers to show off my curls. She did just that. One time I was 35 mins. late for an appointment and she took me anyway. Still with a smile on her face and she still took her time. Your curls will be gorgeous, better than u ever thought they could be. LOVE this place. Worth the $120

Reviewed on 06.02.12

Stylist: Lois

Lois in White Plains has given me the most beautiful haircut that I have had since I went curly 10 years ago. My curls and the haircuts I was getting felt like clothes that just didn't fit the person I was. It overpowered my face making it longer and the texture looked thick and wiry. I resigned myself to settle for the equivalent of orthopedic walking shoes for hair in order to have healthy hair. I wanted so much to feel beauty again but thought those days were truly over, especially after menopause. Lois's haircut has helped me to feel me again and I am so grateful to her. My hair is so much fun to experiment with! The hair dos that I am trying are fun, daring and unexpected! Thank you for the gift of beauty that I never thought I could have again. Linda Katz

Reviewed on 05.18.12

Stylist: Keith

I've been seeing Keith (who is now at their Broome St. location) since 2004, when my mother sent me an article from the NYT Sunday Styles section on the laments of curly-haired girls in the Big Apple and a gift certificate. It was love at first No Poo! Keep in mind, I don't live in the Big Apple, not even close. I make the pilgrimage about 3-4 times per year for his expert cuts that manage to hold their shape really well. People say I'm loyal to a fault but when you find someone who doesn't make your curly hair look like a ball of frizz you stick with him! And plus I really like the Broome St. location over Broadway, so much more peaceful.

Reviewed on 05.16.12

Stylist: Rosie

Rosie is the most amazing stylist I have EVER met! She made my hair the curliest it's ever been!!!! And I can get the same results at home, too! My hair has never been shinier and curlier. EVER!! She took one curl at a time and sculpted it to perfection! I HIGHLY recommend you go see her. I promise you will not be disappointed. She was PHENOMENAL! I adore her. I cannot stress this enough, you HAVE to go to her!!!!! She was so sweet! And she's been working there for 16 years! So she knows her stuff! Also, my sister went to see Antonio for a colouring and she said he was so awesome and fun!! PLEASE GO SEE ROSIE!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Reviewed on 03.25.12

Stylist: Lois

Left strands hanging out of my hair after haircut of $120. Need I say more?

Reviewed on 03.07.12

Stylist: Lois

Had a wonderful cut and style by Lois, she cut very little as requested but shaped it well. Using the Deva products absolutely keeps my hair from getting frizzy as is a curly haired girls problem. My curls are soft and bouncy. Great.

Reviewed on 02.09.12

Stylist: Charles

Charles is an amazing colorist!!! i have not highlighted my hair in 10 years but Charles did a beautiful job highlighting my dark brown hair with some subtle highlights. I'm actually going to make an apt in a few months and have him add more highlights because I completely trust him. He also did a great job with my deva set as he used a new styling foam which left me with beautiful curls. Charles also works in the city for those of you who can't make it to White plains.

Reviewed on 11.12.11

Stylist: not in list

Figured I needed to spend some money to get a good base cut for my wavy hair, but this cut was a great disappointment. The stylist was very thorough to give a great product sell through the entire cut (did not like the smell of either shampoo and had to wash out the conditioner when I got home for the same reason). Even while I was still in the chair, I pointed out sections that were still too long and not falling correctly to me, but was told to let it finish drying outside and it would be fine - never happened - and needed to be cut again to curl correctly. Would not recommend...

Reviewed on 10.26.11

Stylist: Lois

I went to Lois the other day for a shaping and also for a hair trial. My sisters wedding will be in August and she is having her hair done by Lois that day. She told me what an amazing job she did and that I should think about having my hair done there also. Lois gave me a fabulous cut, not taking much off because I am growing it really long again. Right now its below my collarbone on its way to bra strap length. Jezel then cleansed with No poo and One condition. She then applied Arc Angel to my soaking wet hair, scrunched with her hands as I flipped my head and leaned over. She also went over everything she was doing in detail. I liked the trick with the paper towel scrunching! I never thought it would work. Jezel then used the clips to give me lots of height in the front then placed me under the hood to dry. My hair dried in 30 minutes which is fast for my hair. Lois then scrunched it but i told her I didn't want the curls broken up too much because I was going out later and I would do it myself. It looked awesome! We also went over the different options for when I get my hair done for the wedding and she showed me a couple of alternative styles. I was very pleased with the services I received from all the employees of this salon. I highly recommend Devachan Salon in White Plains. Especially if NYC is a hassle for you to get to.

Reviewed on 07.24.11

Stylist: Robert

This was my first experience at Devachan salon in Soho, and I must say that I am very impressed with the quality of this salon. Devachan salon is awesome and I am very satisfied with Robert's great work on my curls! Not only is he a great stylist, he's also funny, professional and has a sense of humor. He definitely seems to like what he does. He is alittle pricey but the cut, the style and the relaxing message on my scalp was definitely worth the money. He listened to what I wanted done on my curls and he did just that. Overall, the Devachan salon customer service is very good. If you have a chance to check out Devachan salon in Soho, please do so.

Reviewed on 07.22.11

Stylist: Christopher

I took my 6 year old daughter in for her 1st real hair cut and to remove all the heat and chemical damage from her hair. Long story short. Her cut was cute and she loved it. I was not impressed with the product they didn’t really work on her hair. She lost a lot of length but gained fabulous curls in her 4a & 4b hair. I took her to have her hair straighten for an event for the 1st time, almost 2mths after her Deva Chaun hair cut and WOW!! Her cut is fabulous. Once her hair was straight you could really see her cut. It was worth the train ride from Jersey and the $$. Thank you Christopher.

Reviewed on 06.20.11

Stylist: Michael

Im givin tis stylist a 1 only cuz i felt misled. I went there last friday for a cut n style. I showed him the picture of the style n wanted and he said that wasnt my hair texture so we'll c wat we can do. (it was a picture i took from the miss jessies salon n the girl had the same 4a hair as me. The after was a results of products lol). So he cut my hair dry. Cool. I went n got my hair washed by morah. We talked n she told me about me bout the,prouducts and how they worked in her hair. After the wash, mike took me n put me under the dryer . I asksd wat style he was gonna do since he said he couldnt do the other. His response " o i thought u knew wat we do here. We dont do any type of hairstyles. Wat we do is maximize the potential of ur curl". I was pissed to say the least. He gives me a flower n says u can put tis in ur hair. My biggest mistake was payin. I shoulda walked out. Neva again

Reviewed on 05.24.11

Stylist: Lois and Rini

I can not emphasize enough how wonderful my experience with Lois was today! I walked into the salon with a mop of thick frizzy hair that I have been trying to tame my whole life and walked out with the most gorgeous shiny curls. When I arrived Lois spent a long time just talking with me and running her fingers through my knots! I felt immediately at ease. We explained how she envisioned my style, and what products I should be using. Watching Lois transform my hair was in a word...AMAZING! She is a brilliant stylist and artist. Rini was the young man who washed and set my hair ( being at a spa) and after the dryer I could not believe the gorgeous results.Lois checked my hair...again explained how to care for my new curls...and told me I'd be good for about 6 months! This makes my haircut much more affordable than I imagined. I feel like I was truly glowing when I left Devachan, and my 2 teenage girls and husband can honestly not believe the transformation. I can not thank Lois enough for everything she did to honestly make me feel so beautiful. My only regret.....that I did not know about Lois and Devachan earlier!

Reviewed on 03.01.11

Stylist: Robert

I trust Robert 100% with my 3b/3c hair. He cuts beautiful layers and I'm always thrilled with the results.

Reviewed on 02.15.11

Stylist: Robert

I've been going to Robert for at least 8 or 9 years now and no matter how many words I put in this box, I will never be able to accurately describe just how talented he is. Not once have I gotten a bad, or even mediocre cut, from him. He listens carefully to what I want to do, he knows how my hair will "work" (especially after going to him for so long), the man kneels on the floor to make sure my ends are even!! The last time I was there, I was all done and ready to go and he came over to say good-bye when he stopped me, said "wait a minute", ran off to his station and returned with his scissors. One small part of my hair was uneven and he fixed it for me before I left. I have never walked out of any salon that he's worked in unhappy or not feeling like I looked my best. He clearly cares about his clients and wants them to be happy. He always double-checks that the length is right and that I'm happy as he's cutting. He makes GREAT suggestions; my last cut was my favorite of all (or at least that I can remember) and a lot of it was him just ad-libbing as he went saying "I think we should do this...." and me just trusting in him and his amazing skills. As a Corporate Trainer who's physical appearance is an important part of their job, trusting it in his hands is easy for me. I know that he would never allow me to walk away unhappy OR looking foolish. I wish I could say the same about all of the other stylists I've received bad service from before I met him. I tell everyone I know about him and I also tell everyone that questions why I go into the city for haircut that he is the ONLY person on the planet allowed near my hair with scissors. Aside from being amazingly talented, he is just a great person that I look forward to seeing each and every time. He's funny, he's witty, he doesn't care if you're chatty or quiet, he's just wonderful to be around. Robert really is the best stylist I have ever met and I intend to go to him forever....even if I have to hop on a plane to get to him, he will always be the only one for me!!!

Reviewed on 02.04.11

Stylist: Thelma

Went to Devachan in November 2010 and Thelma gave me the best cut ever, not only that but she explained in detail what she was going to do. She didnt cut that much, but it was how she cut it. She told me to go back in April. They explained to me how to wash and care for my hair which I have followed and people have told me that my hair looks great! I know its bc Thelma gave me a great cut and I've also followed her advice in caring for my hair. Everyone there is very friendly and professional. Also, one of my biggest pet peeves is when I go to a salon and they wash my hair, it's usually so uncomfortable - not at Devachan. I lay down and I almost don't want to get up! I definitely recommend it to anyone with curly hair looking for a great stylist specializing in curly hair. I cant wait until April to go back!

Reviewed on 02.03.11

Stylist: Melissa

Melissa knows how to cut curly hair very well and doesn't cut too much, which is great. She knows how to get the most curl but the stying hasn't been too good. I usually have to restyle it when I get home. She is very sweet and accomodating though.

Reviewed on 01.22.11

Stylist: Robert

This was my first time at this salon in Westchester County. I am so glad that I went! It is much easier to get here and less hectic than the NYC salon. Robert was my stylist. What a sweetheart! He was very kind and knowledgable and made sure to listen to me and find out what I was looking for in my haircut while also suggesting a cut that would frame my face better. What a difference! I LOVE MY HAIRCUT!! I also appreciated the woman who washed and styled my hair and taught me how to style my hair myself at home. I didn't get her name, but she was a lovely woman with amazing kinky curls. Actually, everyone who worked there had gorgeous hair. I would highly recommend this salon and will be coming back - often! My only "con" if any, is the high price tag. My cut was about $150, which is high for me. I don't have to go back as often, however, so I feel that the cost will balance out and is worth it. I do wish they listed their prices for hair services on their website, just so customers know what to expect. I have gotten a few haircuts at the Ouidad salon, the other curly salon in NYC, and I like Devachan better. The cut was better, the products work better for my hair and have less "bad stuff" in them (chemicals, sulfates, etc) and I liked the styling better. Thank you Devachan!

Reviewed on 01.15.11

Stylist: Lorraine Massey

She is great

Reviewed on 01.08.11

Stylist: Sophie

Sophie was great, I was transitioning from relaxed to my natural curls and she listened to all my concerns. She also gave me a lot of great tips to keep my hair moisturized in the winter. I love my curls even more because of her :)

Reviewed on 12.31.10

Stylist: Rosie

Another amazing cut from Rosie. She is a curl sculptor. She is a perfectionist, taking her time to cut each curl, and really good at creating a flattering shape. I felt like I looked 10 years younger after her cut. She also did some pintura highlights to break up my color. I LOVE it!!!! I highly recommend her. I'd say she's one of the best curl stylists anywhere.

Reviewed on 12.03.10

Stylist: Lois

I went back to Lois the end of October (26) after having seen her in June. For the second time I received an amazing haircut. I am letting it grow and just needed a little shaping. She hardly took anything off but when we were done a transformation had occurred! Amazing as usual! I can't recommend this salon enough and the wonderful staff that work there also. Don't walk to Devachan, run!

Reviewed on 11.04.10

Stylist: Maryanne

I flew to NY to have my hair cut at this salon after reading the curly girl book and reading all of the reviews on this site. Unfortunately, Maryanne BUTCHERED my hair. I have 3B curls that were down to my shoulders. It had taken 13 months for me to grow them that long. I explained to Maryanne that I wanted to grow my hair out as long as I could but i needed some volume on top. Maryanne started running her fingers through my hair making into a frizzy mess and then proceeded to cut my hair into a circle. When I asked her to stop after two cuts) I told her I wanted to keep my length and was still growing it longer (I thought she didnt hear me the first time). She told me not to worry, that she was giving me lots of layers without losing the length. Well she was WRONG. My hair coiled up so tight on top of my head that I look ridiculous. Im ashamed to go outside with this hair cut. It is so short that I cant even pull it back into a pony tail. The longest layer on the top of my head is 2 and 5/8 inches when it is pulled straight. What was she thinking?!? Obviously Maryanne did not account for the fact the length of my hair was pulling the looser. When she cut it so short, the hair, no longer weighed down, curled right up into a tiny little coil. If this had been a stylist who was NOT trained to specifically cut curly hair I MIGHT have been a little more understanding although I would not have ever allowed that person to cut my hair. BUT this is a DEVACHAN trained stylist who allegedly has cut curly hair for the past 3 years. CURLY GIRLS please be ware. This is not someone who understands how to cut curly hair. Dont make the same mistake I did! I will have to suffer through the humiliation of this hair cut for the next year until it finally grows out. Im sick over this!

Reviewed on 10.10.10

Stylist: Jackie-cut/Antonio-color/Amy-rinse and style

This was the best Salon experience I've ever had! I am a 60+ woman with corkscrew curls. It was the first time I've ever left a Salon with a style that I can actually wear without pulling my hair back. The cut was fabulous, the color perfect, and the rinse and style exceptional. Not only was my hair well hydrated, but my body was as well with non-stop offerings of ice tea and water. What a pleasantly surprising afternoon! Thank you. . .

Reviewed on 09.24.10

Stylist: Sophie

Sophie does a wonderful job cutting my hair--it looks beautiful every time! She has really helped me figure out how to make my hair look good and is genuinely complementary of my hair. I look forward to haircuts with Sophie--she listens to what I want, remembers everything I tell her, and is really nice. I also like conversing with her. She is on the shy side and not pushy at all, which is what I like in a hairdresser. The first time I went in my 2C curls were in desparate need of help--my hair is actually not dry and is really thick, so I was having trouble getting my hair to look clean. She gave me great advice without making me feel bad, which solved the oily looking hair problem, and has since given me other great advice to keep my hair detangled. She also told me that I only needed to get my haircut every three months, which has really helped it grow longer (and saved me money). She was not at all bothered by the fact that I didn't want to get my hair washed (I am allergic to stuff in the Deva hair products) or try any of the products. Be prepared for the fact that she may have to take a few minutes to return to a customer that did have her hair washed while she's cutting your hair. I suspect that is just the way the salon works. The haircut is the most I've paid ($114.95 before tip), but it is worth it to me to go somewhere that they know what to do with my hair and appreciate it. Devachan has a rewards system now, which should help. I highly recommend Sophie, especially if you like stylists who are nice and listen well.

Reviewed on 07.27.10

Stylist: Judy

I've been going to this salon for about 2 years now and I could not be happier! This past time I told Judy I was ready for a major change and she just went for it. Judy listened to what I wanted and wasn't afraid to give me her honest opinion. Definitely recommend this place and Judy! :-)

Reviewed on 07.25.10

Stylist: Julie/Ellen

I had a consultation with Julie before getting my hair cut and styled. Plainly stated, she was AWFUL. From the moment I sat down she seemed annoyed, as if she had better things to do. Thankfully, the friend who reccommended the salon had already filled me in on the best techniques for dealing with my curly hair because Julie was of no help whatsoever. First off, she insulted me by saying that the cut I already had (which had grown out and was the reason why I made the appointment) resembled a mullet. Yes, she said "mullet." Then when I asked about how to care for my hair, what products to use, etc. She said it needed to be moisturized. Okay, and how do I go about doing that? I had to drag every bit of info out of her and if my friend had not prepped me, I would have left the salon with as little knowledge as I'd had when I arrived. Julie had no problem telling me that I needed a cut and she charges $135, but had no availability that day. As if I would have allowed her to do anything to my hair after our interaction. By the way, when you're a senior stylist at a curly hair salon, it might be best not to wear a WEAVE while you insult other people's natural hair. Unbelievable! Fortunately, one of the other staff felt my pain and directed me to Ellen, a junior stylist ($70). She has since left, but she gave me a good cut and pampered me the whole 2 hours I was there. She taught me how to deal with my curls and told me what products to use and more importantly what products NOT to use. I think the cut and instruction were worth the money and I plan to go back twice a year for a trim and pampering. Stay away from Julie, whatever you do.

Reviewed on 07.20.10

Stylist: Lois and Rini

Hands down the best stylist ever! My sister recommended her to me and it was a fabulous experience. She took the time to analyze my bone structure and then inform me of the type of style that would look best with it. She also was very respectful of my wishes to grow my hair long again and told me I shouldnt need another cut for at least 6-8 months. Talk about an honest stylist. Last time I was told to come in every 8 weeks. If I had done that I would have no hair on my head! Rini was the wonderful young man who cleansed, massaged and then pinned my hair before placing me under the diffuser. Afterwards Lois checked and double checked my hair to make sure it was just right. Everyone else working there couldnt have been friendlier.

Reviewed on 06.11.10

Stylist: Susan!

Never have i had such a great experience. All of my life, my mom has cut my hair. One day, my mom decided she didnt want to anymore. I told her, I REALLY need a haircut! its been 9 months! so after a month of looking for a salon, we settled on Susan at Devachan (Broome st location). I didnt know what to expect--i'd never been to a salon before. I'm young, so i didnt want such a "sophisticated, complicated, time consuming" look. Susan was a complete sweetheart, took care of my curly issues, made sure i got what i needed, and gave me the most gorgeous haircut EVER! i have never before had a hairday that has completely been frizz free, before today (my first day going to Devachan). I even went out, and it was doing that horrible mist , and it didnt frizz. it stayed curly and wonderful. EVEN MY DAD LOVED IT! and thats hard to come around. Anyhow, thank god for Susan--without her, i'd still be curly and confused. Now, i'm just CURLY and i LOVE it! she took all of my requirements and met them 100%.

Reviewed on 05.29.10

Stylist: Meg

Meg did a great job cutting my hair! This was my first dry cut and I was a bit nervous but the results are amazing. Overall my experience was great with this salon. However, I returned a week after my cut to review the styling process. When I told Meg I wasn't using the Devachan products, she no longer wanted to explain anything to me. She said that their methods only work with their products. I'm having good success with the products of my choice because of the excellent cut at Devachan.

Reviewed on 05.19.10

Stylist: Maryanne

Four months ago, I had my hair completely butchered by a stylist I had spent seven years with. I was so upset and very nervous about going to a different salon. This was, I might mention, the second time that my hair had been completely butchered by a stylist who just didn't get curly hair. So, I went to DevaChan after a lot of consideration and trepidation. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. All the stylists and receptionists had beautiful curly hair. No one was hiding from the fact that they had curls. Everywhere I looked, women were embracing their curls. Maryanne took time to listen to my traumatic hair cut stories and gave me a look that I wanted and enjoyed. Both she and the woman who washed and helped to style my hair gave me a lot of instruction. I was amazed at how good my hair could look. There wasn't even any product in it! Bottom line: If you have curly hair, you must go here. It is a curly girl mecca. I can't tell you how many compliments I've gotten since then, and I'm finally not embarrassed about my hair after four months of hiding it behind hats and elastics.

Reviewed on 04.05.10

Stylist: Keith

My first real curly haircut and I feel amazing. I have fought my hair for a long time (I'm 48) and now I love my hair. Dry cutting makes total sense. The DevaCurl products do their job and my hair feels light, frizz-free and I look younger. I happen to be in NYC for a weekend but live in Michigan and now I have to find a Deva salon as close by as I can (likely Chicago... 8 hours away) because I will never go back to a regular salon again. If you have the chance to get a curly haircut, DO IT!!

Reviewed on 03.06.10

Stylist: Thelma & Amy

Thelma cut my hair and Amy washed it, in case you were wondering. I love my hair so much after the cut. They both were friendly and my hair looks amazing. I got tips on hair care, which were highly needed for me. I loved the salon. (and my hair smells like apple!):D

Reviewed on 02.17.10

Stylist: Luciana

I really like their approach to cutting and caring for curly hair, but am disappointed with my cut!! Both times I went I left looking egg-shaped, and this most recent time Luciana went scissor-happy and chopped off most of my hair!! I asked for HALF AN INCH off my ends and next thing I know my hair is gone!! It's now above my shoulders. I was so upset and disappointed when I left I wanted to kill. Now I have to go look for another stylist all over again. If you decide to go, do yourself a favor and choose someone else to cut and style your hair.

Reviewed on 12.19.09

Stylist: Rachel

This is my 2nd time having Rachel do my Pintura highlights. She does an awesome job and is just as good as any of the Senior colorists. I used to go to Vida, who did an excellent job, but she was a little too pricey. I will continue to have Rachel color my hair!

Reviewed on 11.21.09

Stylist: Sophie

This is my 2nd cut with Sophie and I absolutely LOVE her! I've been a devoted Devachan customer for about 4 years now and would never go anywhere else. Sophie is so easy-going and gives an amazing cut! I'm even planning on using her for my wedding hair! I adore her and her work!

Reviewed on 11.21.09

Stylist: Susan

I went to the salon on Broome St, and had Susan as my stylist. I was growing out a drastic chin length a-line for over a year, and my hair was pretty long at this point. I had explained that I needed a lot of layers because I wanted more volume, and that certain parts of my hair were always flat. I had also said that I needed a stylish haircut, and not something boring. In the end she did a great job. I still have an interesting shape to my hair, and best of all she fixed all the problems I was having. The No-poo and One Condition left my hair softer than it has ever been in my life. I'm not kidding, and it lasted for like 3 days even though I used other products to cleanse my hair. I am totally trying that combo out soon. I had been using the Devacurl styling products before going to the salon, and they turned me onto some new ones, and showed me new ways to use the products. No one was snooty to me in any area of the salon, and I wasn't forced into having awkward small talk with my stylist or shampoo girl. Susan was a total professional, really sweet, and listened to what I wanted. I am very happy with my Devacut! I will totally be going back.

Reviewed on 11.03.09

Stylist: Sophie

I was happy to be able to go to white plains for a Deva cut from Sophie who had done a great job a year ago. This time was good too, she did both my cutting and the no pooing since it was at end of day. The salon is a bit hard to find and the street-signage is low key. The place was just about empty at 5:15, which is a big change from NYC. Sophie spent lots of time on each curl and my hair curls up really well now, much more bouncy than it was after not having been cut for over 11 months. I will go back again.

Reviewed on 11.02.09

Stylist: Robert

The result was beautiful, but not very impressive. The salon ‘experience’ was wonderful. Robert was friendly and listened to me. He was very careful to keep my length, but in my opinion could have taken a bit more risks. As a result my haircut was average. After a couple of days, I realized it was a little too choppy and uneven for me. It was also a very fast haircut, for $150, I felt it could have been more care driven. I didn’t even realize it was over, but to his defense he added more cuts and layers at the end, at my request. It felt more like he cut my tips, than really style a cut fit for me. The washing and styling experience was good, and the deva products are amazing. You lie back on a very comfy bed/chair privatized by a sheer white fabric that suspends from the ceiling; the head massage is relaxing and soothing. They tutor you on how to take care of curly hair and recommend products and applications to improve hair quality, but sometimes I wished the young lady would be quiet so I could fully enjoy my experience. I probably should have said something, but she was so nice… If you know how to handle your curly hair and make it look good, I’m not sure you can get too much from Devachan, except for a few tips you could probably get online, and a chance to try out their wonderful products. I would check out all my options before committing. But if on the other hand you are frustrated with your curly hair, and have the money to spare, then I highly recommend them. The styles I saw while there seemed conservative, although one girl at the front desk had a more contemporary style. So maybe I don’t really know, might depend on the stylist. I hope this helps on your decision.

Reviewed on 10.27.09

Stylist: Shari Harbinger

This was by far, the best experience EVER! Shari Harbinger is the head colorist there and I think one of the owners. Anyway, I was lucky enough to get an appointment with her. I have never received so many compliments in my life. She asked so many questions before we began, which made me feel very comfortable. Nobody has ever done such a thorough consultation with me before. She said she wanted to understand my likes, dislikes and together we could find a look that we both felt good about. She did this highlighting /painting technique where she highlighted my curls, curl for curl. I've never had that done before. I had foils which I disliked because they made my hair look too bright and they dried it out bad! In any case, I have since sent many friends there. They were unable to get her but they went to Antonio and Joseph and they too loved their hair!

Reviewed on 09.09.09

Stylist: Thelma

For many years I have been a client of Carlos of Devachan in NYC and I couldn't wait for the new salon in White Plains NY to open up so I could set up an appointment. Well, I finally went yesterday (9/2/09) and it was fabulous. The experience was just like the one I had in the city. The set up of the salon is gorgeous, with the long tables you lay on to have your hair "no pooed" and massaged. It felt so good I almost fell asleep on the table. The stylist that cut my hair yesterday was Thelma (pronounced with a silent H). She was incredible and spent so much time explaining what she was going to do before she did it with me. I was highly impressed. I HIGHLY recommend Devachan Salon in White Plains NY for people who can't get to the salon in NYC or don't want to go into the city. The cut is a little pricey but if I end up going less (I am growing it out) than I would going to a regular stylist, because the cut lasts longer, then its worth every penny! Also, the staff were very friendly and couldn't do enough to make my stay enjoyable. One other highlight of my visit to Devachan was the Strawberry/Kiwi/fruit ice tea drink they serve in champagne glasses. Thanks Lorraine for a wonderful salon in Westchester County!

Reviewed on 09.04.09

Stylist: Lorraine

I had my first haircut a year after my big chop with Lorraine at the new White Plains Devachan location. She treated my hair like it was a prize and actually saved the "fallen curls" to bring home with her. She went through my tight coils and cut curl by curl. I'm obsessed with my haircut and would trust no one but a Deva stylist to cut my hair. Lorraine is the best!

Reviewed on 08.01.09

Stylist: Jeffrey

FYI - Jeffrey from Devachan has moved to John Dellaria. He didn't move away or anything. Go see him down the street! :) Doing better curls than ever! (and for smaller charge ;))

Reviewed on 06.05.09

Stylist: April

Hello, I just wanted to let everyone know that I had a great time in NYC at Devachan over the weekend. My stylist was April. She was so kind and wanted to give me the hair-cut that I had always envisioned :) After a previous stylist had refused to cut as much length as I wanted last time, I was a little worried that April would also tell me to keep my hair long. But, she listened to what I had to say and gave me a wonderful shape! I would recommend her to anyone looking to try a new stylist at Devachan- she is very talented and I will be sure to book my next appointment with her. Also, she gave me so many new tips on how to care for my hair I wish I had brought a notebook with me! She was very knowledgable and helpful. Thanks, Devachan!

Reviewed on 06.02.09

Stylist: Keith

I had been going to Devachan for 3-4 years while living in NYC. For the most part, I like their concept and usually had a pretty good haircut. I love their products - their gel is the best I have ever found and I still order it. I have to agree with a previous review however, that eventually it became a negative experience. My stylist at the time, Keith, acted like he was doing you a favor to cut your hair and responded to my questions about my hair with smart ass comments. I waited forever for styling and it was incredibly expensive. If you go make sure you work with someone who takes are of you.

Reviewed on 05.30.09

Stylist: Susan

WOW!! Although I went to the one located on Broom Street, I can definitely share the same great experience everyone else has had here on As I walked into the zesty lemon scent, I witnessed a room full of curly girls! I was amazed!! Susan was great, she transformed my hair, she brought it to life! They carefully introduced me to their products and had me literally feel the way my hair should be like. Susan was like a fine artist, she sculpted my hair with her sharp cutting technique. It was beautiful to sit in front of a mirror and watch the way your hair comes to life. I bought the Deva One Condition which is great, I'm going back to buy the whole line!!! I changed the way I see hair, I will never blow dry my hair ever again, like Lorraine Massey said, curls are not a trend, it's a lifestyle. Luckily for me I was able to meet her, she complimented by hair and loved, even took a picture of it to add it to her book, I was so pleased and she is a beautiful person overall, and her book is wonderful as well!!! Devachan is a life changing experience, I learned to embrace my curls and to accept myself the way I am, and I am proud I'm different and that I belong to a community of women that share the same feeling I do!

Reviewed on 05.23.09

Stylist: Rob/Esmerelda

After a lot of research, I decided to try this salon and was very happy with the results! I was coming in with a botched cut that was grown out and oxidized color that really needed correcting. Rob did a fantastic job reshaping my hair to give it body and allow it to maintain its length. Esmerelda did a fantastic job with highlights. She offered realistic advice (stopped me from trying to go blonde too soon)and I was so impressed with how nicely the highlights had turned out. I only wish I had did my homework and came to this salon earlier... I think the prices were not too unreasonable, as I pay only a little less in other salons, but end up dissapointed. I feel confident in returning to this salon.

Reviewed on 05.22.09

Stylist: Michael

my cousin had been saying for awhile I needed to cut my waist long curly hair for awhile and when I finally agreed the 1st thing she said was: were going to a place where the curlies go! we wemnt to DevaChan salon and showed Michael what I wanted and he proceeded to cut off 11 INCHES and not only did he give me a cut I LOVE he showed me how to style and maintain it healthy which thanks to him is full and bouncy. I made an appointment to see him soon! The salon itself was awesome with a cheery vibe and everybody refers to you by name not Ms. which give you a more friendly feel. A little pricey but worth it for GREAT HAIR! Thumbs up!

Reviewed on 05.20.09

Stylist: Rachel / Colorist !!

Finally !! Someone that gets my hair. A few of my girlfriends recomended rachel to me, at first i was a little hesitant because being a curly girl we all know how easy it is to get a bad cut and color. when i first got to the salon Rachel greeted me and made me feel so comfortable she actally listened to what i had to say! She followed up with an amazing color and even taught me everything i needed to know about styling. Rachel Rocks!!

Reviewed on 04.21.09

Stylist: Jackie

Hi everyone! Well, I took the three hour drive after being inspired by the Curly Girl book and products to get my hair cut at Devachan. The experience was very nice and the majority of the staff were all very polite and very friendly. Jackie was my stylist, and although she insisted on keeping my hair longer than I had originally intended, the shape of my hair is so much better than it was before! I had a great time and the staff showed me so many tips to keep my hair looking great. Though a few months have passed and my hair is in need of a cut again, I'm not sure if I can afford another trip at this time. I look forward so much to the next time I can make it down. Until then, I won't let anyone touch my hair other than the staff at Devachan :) They are talented, knowledgable and very kind. I recommend them to anyone who has had a bad cut in the past- take a deep breath and relax- you will be in good hands!

Reviewed on 04.02.09

Stylist: Julie/Gin

Miracle workers! I've just made the decision to grow out my relaxed hair to my natural curls and I'm really excited to continue this process with these two stylists. I went in for a consultation and they fit me in for a cut and style right away. They actually managed to style and cut my hair in a way to bring some of my natural curl back to life. So much so that my natural roots almost match the rest of my hair. I was terrified I'd have to cut above shoulder length while growing out the relaxed but I got to keep my long hair and enjoy a seamless growing out process! These two women really worked wonders on my hair. If your thinking about growing out your relaxer, try this salon! They are very experienced in making the process as painless as possible.

Reviewed on 03.19.09

Stylist: Mia

Awesome! In my life (over 50 years) I cannot remember walking out of a salon happy - until now. Mia was fantastic, as was the entire experience. I am hooked on the Deva experience and I recommend Mia very highly.

Reviewed on 02.07.09

Stylist: Denis

In all my years, I've never had my hair cut at Devachan. So I was very excited to sit in Denis' chair. He looked at my overgrown hair and got to work. Hair was flying and I was a little apprehensive. But it's truly one of the best cuts ever. I have gotten more positive comments on the cut than I ever have. It seems to have given my hair new life. Thank you, Denis!!!

Reviewed on 01.22.09

Stylist: Jeffrey

Lord knows, it's been hard finding the perfect fit when it comes to salons. I've been to several places that cater to the curly-blessed, but have been unhappy with the cuts mostly. Jeffrey was perfect! Every time I go, my hair gets healthier and my curls become more and more defined. He and his assistant gave me such great tips on how to take better care of my hair, especially because I have patches on the crown that don't want to curl much at all. I'm not as into the DevaCurl no-poo shampoo, it's a bit drying for my hair (love the One Conditioner though instead of shampoo). I'm so glad a friend suggested I go!

Reviewed on 01.03.09

Stylist: Julie

I went to the Devachan salon on Broome Street in NYC AND Julie cut my hair while Chole washed and styled it. It was a great experience. The salon was busy and Julie was busy too. A little girl came back from getting her hair washed and Julie had to just to a quick touch up on her before she finished my cut. Although they were busy, I never once felt rushed or that Julie felt stressed. She was very sweet and nice to talk to. I highly recommend Julie. She and Chloe did a great job and I'm so happy with how my hair turned out.

Reviewed on 12.31.08

Stylist: Melissa

This salon is amazing! I don't like to spend a lot of money on haircuts, but I can honestly say this was worth every penny. Melissa was my stylist, but numerous others spend time with me teaching me about my curls and how to make them perfect. Every single person I saw walked out of the salon with perfect frizz free ringlets. If you have curly hair and cannot afford to use Devachan all the time, at least try it once. The time, techniques, etc. are really worth it.

Reviewed on 11.24.08

Stylist: Rosie

I didn't know what to expect, this being my first ever 'high end' salon experience. It was amazing! Before getting started, Rosie sat down with me and discussed my 'hair history'- how its been cut/colored in the past, what products I use, how I style it, etc. She then proceeded to tell me that everything I had been doing was wrong (I needed to hear that!), and that my hair had so much more potential. After assessing how my hair naturally lies on my head, she began to cut it she left it dry, and went through and cut each lock of hair individually. I could already see the difference within minutes. Then my hair was washed, conditioned, and left to dry. When it was dry, she explained to me step by step how to fix and finish my hair. I feel like I have a whole new head of hair, and have completely crossed over into embracing my curls. I HIGHLY recommend Devachan, and Rosie. It wasn't just a haircut appointment, it was a learning experience, and worth every penny!

Reviewed on 10.09.08

Stylist: Jeff

this was my second time going to davachan and i got the best haircut ever there before so i decided to go back. it's lucky i did because i love my hair. it's a lot shorter now, but it's soo much more manageable and i love it sooo much. i wear it out daily and im so much more comfortable with it. jeff gave me tips on how to deal with my hair and he did a great job

Reviewed on 10.01.08

Stylist: Julie

Let me preface this by saying that I was super nervous before going to Devachan. My usual experiences with salons consisted of getting my hair blown and ironed straight and cut. Even so, it had been a loooong time since I'd done anything to my hair. I went to Devachan today after not having my hair cut or styled in years and left looking and feeling like a million dollars. Julie was fabulous and explained everything she was doing, and she explained how I should be caring for my hair. Jose shampooed my hair and did also did a great job of explaining the best way to care for my hair. All in all, my experience at Devachan was wonderful. I would most certainly recommend Devachan and especially Julie to anyone and everyone interested in getting a good curly styling.

Reviewed on 08.15.08

Stylist: Ana/Esmerelda

You round the last bend of the curved staircase and your steps falter as you realize you've been swept into another reality... the Planet of the Curly Girls. What more validation do you really need than a broad white space filled with gorgeous women who are crowned with every imaginable color and texture and length of curly hair? And you immediately know that you could be one of them. I was coming off 15 years of foil highlights and THRICE-weekly blowouts. My hair was destroyed from bleach, silicone products and daily sessions with the flat iron. I carried a butane-powered iron in my purse in case of rain or humidity. And I could have taken my kids to Europe on what I spent on my hair in a year. But dammit, I had the Marcia Brady hair I'd always wanted. Now, I am willing to spend quite a lot on my hair. My feeling is that you wear your hair EVERY DAY. Why wouldn't you spend what it costs to make it look fabulous? And I am not a person who likes risk, so I've always gone to top salons, reasoning that the best would work at the best (which is true.) Over the years, I've been a client at Brad Johns, Louis Licari, Peter Coppola, John Frieda and Frederic Fekkai. Nowhere did anyone actually suggest I embrace my curls. But I'd reached a certain age where you start to think about streamlining your operation. And then I happened across an online feature about the Devachan Salon. Giving up the fight did sound appealing, but if I was going to buy into the Zen of Curly Hair, I wanted the best, so I Googled my face off and Ana emerged as the clear winner. When I called and was told that she books two months out, I knew I'd made the right choice. In person Ana is the epitome of curly-haired perfection. She is so exotic and beautiful it makes your heart hurt, and just being in her company is comforting and affirming. She will cut your hair dry, curl by curl, and if it takes an hour (as did mine), so much the better because you will never feel more the focus of another's person's attention than you will when Ana is cutting your hair. The wash and set are magnificent. They're well-described in other posts, so I won't go into detail, but the products are unique and smell like herbs and fruit and flowers and the pinning and scrunching techniques are easy to do. The great products cut down on the clutter in your bathroom-- they're all you need and work out to be less expensive than your current habit of buying new things to try and then to abandon. (You thought no one was watching, didn't you?) I left that first day looking like a celebrity and haven't had a blowout since. I get daily compliments from strangers, and indeed, I'm known for my curly hair. I started a new job not long after my first visit, and when people come into my office and see pictures of me pre-Deva, they express bafflement over my fight to suppress my curls. The only way that visit could have been improved was if I could have left looking like a BLONDE celebrity! Easily remedied: before I left I asked Ana to recommend a colorist-- she named Esmerelda, and I booked that appointment before I ran for the subway. (Has anyone mentioned how conveniently Devachan is located, right on the corner at the Broadway/Prince station? I'm just saying.) A four-week wait for Esmerelda appointments, ugh; but the best is worth waiting for. It was worth it-- a month later, Ezzie painstakingly hand-painted each curl and I had streaky blonde bouncy hair of the variety seen mainly on magazine covers. And I got to know another lovely and charming girl with an interesting background. Why are you still reading this? You should be on the phone. Someone could be the line with Devachan right now, taking YOUR life-changing appointment!

Reviewed on 06.21.08

Stylist: Jackie

She is wonderful!!! Her hair is wavy. I have corkscrew curls, that have different tightness all over. She listens to everything you have to say, and makes you feel very comfortable with any problems you might be facing with your hair. She did exactly what I asked her. She instructed me on how to treat/care for my hair. Now, I have a chic--modern haircut. My curls feel baby soft, and light. The salon has a very calming atmosphere. Tony, washed my hair with no-poo, and gave the greatest head massage ever. They are not pushy about their products, but do tell you about them. I find the products to be very good, and makes my routine more consistent than having a myriad of brands. Overall, the price was worth it.

Reviewed on 03.05.08

Stylist: Melissa

I was tired of having the same old cut for my curls. I thought I didn't have options. A friend of my sister's recommend Devachan. I have never been so happy with a haircut. It has been a month since I got the cut and strangers compliment my hair literally everyday. Not only do they give you great cuts but they taught you through everything you need to know about caring for and styling your hair. I used to wear my hair to work in a ponytail everyday. Now, I save the ponytail for the gym. I plan on getting my color there next.

Reviewed on 12.10.07

Stylist: Marvin-cut/Esmerelda-color

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I felt welcome and taken care of all 3 hours I was there. Marvin did a lovely cut that actually brought some life back to my hair and Esmerelda was a genius with the color (not to mention a lovely person to chat with). I almost cried at how good it looked. I have been a Ouidad salon devotee for 3 and 1/2 years. But last year, Morgan (my stylist) moved to California and handed me off to Ayanna. Long story short, my color got progressively sloppier and sloppier and the general vibe at the salon has gotten really snooty. So a friend recommended Devachan and what a world of difference! I will never go back to Ouidad.

Reviewed on 12.07.07

Stylist: morah and keith

i'ved used a few people at devachan. my favorite has to be keith and morah. they're both great. keith is more expensive, and morah was very detailed. she gave my hair more attention than i give it.....if that's even possible. Good conversation too.

Reviewed on 10.31.07

Stylist: Morah

I heard about Devachan and sent my sister there for her birthday. She was my curly guinea pig. I had been with my stylist for 5 years and was nervous about leaving him. She was switched from Mitzi to Morah at the last minute. It was so AMAZING. They spent so much time with her and then at the end, Morah came out and gave me advise about MY hair. So much time and attention was given. I was won over.

Reviewed on 10.31.07

Stylist: melissa

i love melissas work she is a great hair stylist i love my hair cut she was very patient

Reviewed on 08.29.07

Stylist: Jackie/MIA

i have never left a salon without putting my hair into a pony tail or bun 3 steps out of the door. But after leaving Devachan, i immediately called a friend to meet up with her and show her how amazing my hair turned out. i had heard about it a year or so ago, but hadn't made it in, and then finally, desperately needing a cut, i made an appointment. my hair cutter and washer both talked to me about what my hair needed to make it healthy and also talked through everything that they were doing. i am of mixed decent, so my hair is very curly and i have a lot of it, so most people have No idea what to do with it, but i left the salon feeling like a movie star. they were completely no pressure said "see you in 6 months!" as i was leaving. I will Absolutely be going back.

Reviewed on 08.29.07

Stylist: Jackie

She destroyed hair that took nine moths to grow.

Reviewed on 08.22.07

Stylist: Jackie

I've been going to another curly hair salon in NY but have been incredibly unhappy. In the humidity of the New York area, I started to look like Rosana Rosanadana. So it was Devachan or I was getting a razor and giving myself a haircut a la Britney Spears. The receptionist recommended an appointment with Jackie when I told her I had thick, wavy, coarse hair. Jackie spent time talking to me about what I wanted, made recommendations and then cut my hair dry. I know nothing about cutting hair but was starting to wonder why no one ever tried to cut my hair when it was dry. That seemed to make the most sense. Jackie told me how to take care of my hair and how to style. The styling is fast and easy. My hair looks fabulous. I'm still skeptical that I will never wash my hair again but use No-Poo instead but I'm willing to give it a try. The salon is beautiful, the chair in the hair washing, oops non-hair washing, part of the salon is the most relaxing I've been in and the products smell heavenly. I'm hooked.

Reviewed on 07.21.07

Stylist: Lorraine

I've been going to Devachan for more than a decade (trying not to date myself here). I remember when Carlos was but an assistant to owner/stylist Lorraine Massey and gave me my first no-poo shampoo. Have to say, I've never received a cut from Carlos, but I know he's received training at the side of salon founder Lorraine. I actually had a French stylist in DC who cut my longish curly hair dry while he rotated around me in a chair as I stood up, so finding Lorraine/Devachan was the best thing to happen to me since moving to NY. I've never been disappointed. My hair is healthier than it's ever been. I've gotten compliments on it as my temples have greyed, from everyone including women and college-age men. Given the beautiful cut, the incoming grey just serves as natural and well-placed highlights. The business has grown to include two huge salons in the same neighborhood; I'm still one of the chosen (and lucky) few to get my cuts from Lorraine -- though I know she has less and less time to do this -- but I can tell from the growing list of customers and thriving business that her army of curly-hair stylists must be doing something right.

Reviewed on 05.21.07

Stylist: Keith

Devachan is not the salon it used to be when they first started. They are unprofessional and act like they are doing you a favor by cutting your hair. I have been going there for three or four years and I honestly have come to hate the experience every time. They leave me sitting there waiting to be styled. I walk out looking like Shirley Temple with way too much product in my hair. It is outrageously expensive and they don't really listen to you or give you tips about how to style your hair. I am very disappointed with them and will be looking for a new salon.

Reviewed on 05.18.07

Stylist: Vida

I have been going to Devachan for about 1 1/2 years... I can't say enough how much I love that place!!! Vida is a coloring diva! I just came back from getting my hair colored and it looks great! People stopped me on street and subway and complimented me! I totally recommend Devachan. It is expensive but, I think it's worth it! The whole experience is wonderful! Go you won't be sorry...

Reviewed on 05.11.07

Stylist: Albert (and Rosie)

I have left my comments here before about my fantastic hair cut at Devachan (julie saved my hair), but now i will rave about my highlights. i am normally afraid of color because it never looked right on me in the past. this time i decided to go further in my curly quest and finally get color. OMG i looked great afterwards, i really did look different. He was great in recommending my color choice and also agreeing that my cut was appropriate for me (i am really small/short and a very long face so a shorter cut looks way better than my usual long hair) once again, devachan has gone beyond my expectations! Honorable mention: Rosie did my last cut since julie wasn;t available and she's absolutely great! i was terrified to go to someone else on short notice and she did NOT dissapoint, YAY Rosie!

Reviewed on 03.16.07

Stylist: Robert

I followed Robert from 2 previous curly Hair salons that he previously worked at, ouidad and Christo 5th Avenue. He is by far the best hairdresser that has ever touched my hair. He did my ionic softening last week and it was the best thing that he ever recommended me doing, my hair is now easier to control and is not straight at all just slightly looser. I will Follow Robert no matter where he goes he is truly number one. Thank You Robert

Reviewed on 01.10.07

Stylist: Rick for color

I've been going to Rick now for about 3 years for highlights. He does an amazing job and is realistic about my hair. He chooses colors that are complementary to my face and doesn't do anything crazy. The way he highlights also grows out very naturally and I can sometimes go up to 4 months between colorings because the highlights blend so well into my curls. I always come out of there looking gorgeous and totally natural. The next time I go to see Rick, I am going to try doing a cut with him. I didn't realize that he did cuts at all - I thought he only did coloring.

Reviewed on 01.04.07

Stylist: Mitzi

How come Mitzi isn't getting any props on here as a stylist herself? Mitzi cut my hair about 6 months ago, and I'm going back next week to her. She's great great great. She spent 2 hours with me, teaching me how to style my hair by myself -- she answered all of my questions, and really spoke the curly hair lingo. And it doesn't hurt that I love her hair, curly, thick, dark, shiney. I came out with a great cut that has lasted for a long time, and I can't wait to go back.

Reviewed on 12.14.06

Stylist: Mario

I defected from another well-known curly specialist salon here in NYC to Devachan this summer and I am thrilled with their technique and attitude! I just had my second cut with Mario and not only is he a talented stylist, he is also warm and personable. This salon is no pressure, very relaxing and has a very cool vibe overall. The fact that they're in Soho might have something to do with it, but I think it's just the kind of vibe that Lorraine Massey has established for her salon. I've already booked my next appointment.

Reviewed on 11.15.06

Stylist: Carlos/ Denis

Carlos was sweet and fun and did a pretty good job with my hair. I wanted a little more pieces in the front but he was respectful of length and I was 85% happy. Problem is for a $100 haircut you want to be 100% happy. So I'd recommend him if you have big bucks because he's good and above decent but for absolute perfection perhaps elsewhere. Denis did my color and it was pretty good. Practically perfect. His technique with no foil left me damage free and he worked with the color I already had in my hair (which was botched by the way). We came up with a plan for my hair! He's always booked and not so friendly but worth the $150.

Reviewed on 09.14.06

Stylist: Mitzi

Got my hair cut yesterday. Mitzi was fabulous. She talked me throught the entire process and taught me how to duplicate it. I did my own hair today after a 14 mile race and it still looks great! I wouldn't ever gamble on another place!

Reviewed on 09.03.06

Stylist: Julie

I am young, and was never taught to handle my hair, so it was knotted and matted all the way through. Some of it was almost like dreds. The second Julie took a look at it, she freaked out. After calling about five people over, they got all the knots out, but that barely lasted a couple days since I got it cut. It was barely even a cut! I look the same way I did when I came in.

Reviewed on 08.08.06

Stylist: Julie

I read "the book" (Curly girl) years ago and got great results. however i could never find a stylist that can cut my hair right. yeah i admit i was being cheap and stubborn and didnt want to go in and spend the money, but it was SOOOOO worth it! OMG! my hair is just looking so hot, especially since they introdduced me to their "No-poo". Julie was just great, she immediately knew what i wanted and did what she could to save whatever length of hair that was left. I am a convert. I dont care if my rent it unpaid or i can only afford eating crakers and hummus, I WILL GET MY HAIR DONE!

Reviewed on 06.20.06

Stylist: Colorist - Esmerelda

She is an artist!!! She took my hair and made the curls show more with her expert eye and technique. My hair has never looked better because of her. She also does the best hair sets!!

Reviewed on 06.08.06

Stylist: Judy/Morah

I have been blowing my super-fine hair straight since i was 12 yrs old. I've always hated my hair, and hated that the only way to make it look 1/2 way decent was to blow it out. Recently after a few lazy days I realized I have some wave to my hair. A friend of mine got her hair cut at Devachan a few months ago, while I watched her baby in the waiting area. I was amazed by the cuts all the women were getting - everyone walked out so glamorous! So I decided to see if they could do something for me. I called a manager and asked who would specialize in VERY fine hair with a lame little 1/2 wave. They suggested Judy. I couldn't be happier!!! She said that my one-length hair wasn't doing anything for me, and asked me if she could cut a bit shorter and layer to bring out the curl. I asked her not to go too short, but said I was open to anything that would make my hair look better. I love it! I feel and LOOK like a new person! Morah, who cleansed and set my hair, was INCREDIBLE. I told her it was my first time there, and she was very detailed in explaining all the products and how to care for my hair, and how to set it. I'm now a curly girl! No more blow drying for me!I couldn't be happier, and HIGHLY recommend Judy. She helped me to love the hair I have!

Reviewed on 05.27.06

Stylist: Larry - Colorist

On a whim I walked into Devachan this week and spoke with Larry a colorist there about highlighting my curls. OH MY GOSH, Larry is a colorist dream come true! My highlights can finallyi be seen (he paints them on) and he's open to experimenting with color like I am. I plan on working with him again and again as I make my way through the color spectrum.

Reviewed on 04.27.06

Stylist: Vita, Jaqueline sp?, Daniel, and others

I own a salon in Washington, DC. I just returned from the "Curlaboration" class at the Devachan Departure Lounge. Even though I have my own technique for cutting curly hair, I was so impressed with the Deva Concept. I learned a ton of information on cutting and coloring. It will definitely take me a while to gain comfort cutting curly hair dry but I have started applying the concept to some of my clients. Although the end result still needs perfection, they seem to be very happy. I love what the salon has taught me.

Reviewed on 03.17.06