Frederic Fekkai

712 5th Avenue 4th Floor
New York, NY 10019

User Reviews

Stylist: Mark DiVencenzo

Mark is the person to see when all the others have disappointed you! I tried Devachan, Christo and Eva Scrivo and while all the salons were pleasant, the haircuts looked great at first and then I couldn't reproduce it for anything. Mark cut my hair exactly the way I always wanted and now I can finally style it exactly the same way and it looks great all the time! It's expensive but he is worth every penny. I am so relieved. I have spent a fortune trying to find someone who could reproduce what my former hairdresser (who moved out of NYC) could do, and Mark is even better. Absolutely the BEST.

Reviewed on 09.28.08

Stylist: Mark DiVencenzo

Mark is the BEST! He takes the time to talk to you about what you want and how you normally wear your hair. His cuts works whether I’m blowing my hair straight or wearing it naturally curly. My hair has never looked so good - whether it’s long or short. When I cut my hair short, he was able to translate a picture from a magazine into something that worked for MY hair and face. And he has an amazing ability to create real style out of those awkward growing our stages. Don’t let the Fekkai name deter you, Mark and his team are the nicest I’ve found in NY! The only drawback is that he’s expensive - but it’s worth every penny and his cuts last at least twice as long as anyone else’s. Now that I’ve found Mark, I can’t imagine going anywhere else at any price!!

Reviewed on 04.15.06