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Stylist: Jason

I went to Jason to get my hair styled for prom. He did an excellent job on my hair, even if he did use a ton of hairspray. My hairstyle looked just like the picture I showed him and I was in and out of the salon within an hour. While I enjoyed my experience, I had trouble getting the style out afterwards. That's good because my style didn't come apart, but it also meant I had a giant knot from where I tried to take out the 50 bobby pins. Jason also used a brush on my hair, but it didn't look as bad as I expected my hair to look when brushed

Reviewed on 06.05.16

Stylist: Jason

My experience at the Ouidad salon was amazing from the second I walked into the salon until I left! I have been a fan of the great products for years but never had the signature curly cut. My stylist was the super talented Jason. Quick backstory: I had really long hair that has been breaking off for months due to bad bleaching months ago. It even ruined my curl pattern a bit unfortunately. Devastated & not used to short hair I knew I needed to get it shaped to grow out healthier and stronger than ever. Jason listens! If you have fear of haircuts, which I think is normal for curly girls, GO SEE JASON! I was concerned because some of my broken pieces were super short and I didn't want the rest of my hair to match it. He understood and respected my wish. He listened to me leaving as much length as possible but shaping my hair so my loose curls would fall better. He also asked me questions to confirm he understood what I was asking him about the results of my cut. Excellent attention to detail! I admitted the sound of "carve & slice" was super scary but in reality the cut wasn't. He explained the technique in details and how each cut is done to mimic the natural curl pattern in order to have curls puzzle in like a puzzle piece. He also said the cut is tailored to each and every individual and it all depends on the client's desired end result and hair texture. Somehow after he cut, and he didn't cut a lot of hair (thank God) my curls fell flatter to my head and looked longer than before hand! The carve and slice is done to avoid that dreaded pyramid and triangle. I also got a deep treatment which was amazing and left my hair very soft and shiny. He then styled my hair using the "rake and shake" technique explaining how I can recreate it at home. I took away so many tips and learned so much it was wonderful. At the end he also showed me how I can style and pin it back with cute braids and such. He also brought me a delicious latte and a lemon water and checked up on me when I was under the dryer for the deep treatment and to dry my hair. The chairs are the sink were nice and comfy. Not only did I get a great haircut, but I went away with knowing how to style and care for my hair at home. I can't rave about my experience enough. The whole staff at the salon were pleasant, respectful and kind. I could not have asked for a better experience and I plan on returning for my trims every few months so Jason can keep my hair in tip top condition. I also was observing other clients and every person leaving walked about with beautiful hair. My hair feels healthier already and my curls are springing back to life!

Reviewed on 04.24.15

Stylist: Jessica

After a soulless start with Melissa I am now in a curly hair stylist relationship with Jessica. My hair looks great, and I've learned how to better care for my curly locks. I'm glad I gave this salon a second chance. Here's the full story:After my previous negative review of Ouidad and stylist Melissa, the salon contacted me about my experience. Aniesha spoke with me, and assured me that the salon was addressing the issues I described with Melissa and the other salon staff. She offered a discounted price for my next visit, if I would give Ouidad one more try. She wanted me to try their stylist Jessica. Once I developed shelf head again and was desperate for a cut, I called Aniesha and scheduled my haircut with Jessica. Aniesha assured me that Jessica doesn't double book clients, so customers have her full attention when you're with her. When I arrived, Jessica greeted me with a huge smile on her face. She was warm, attentive, and helped me figure out the best curly cut for my hair. She does her shampoos and hair treatments herself, so customers get her for every minute of their treatment. As I progressed through the service, she taught me lots of tips to care for my hair. The best two were the importance of changing my hair part, and putting conditioner with a shower cap on when I go to the steam room as a deep conditioning treatment. That second tip has been SO amazing for my hair. She styled my hair, dried it, and voila! I had hydrated, perfectly formed curls that looked natural. If you have curly hair, you know how hard this is to achieve. I left with Biotin treatment and a smile. The experience described above is the same one I've had every time I see Jessica. As I approach my year anniversary of being at Ouidad, I look forward to many more haircuts there with Jessica. 

Reviewed on 10.09.14

Stylist: Anila

I have extremely thick, unruly curly hair that has always given me problems. During this summer, I decided I had enough of doing the minimum for curl care and decided to start putting my money and time into my hair (hence why this site is my new favorite so thank you to all the reviews and tips!) I found out about Ouidad from a friend who had read about it in a magazine. I couldn't believe there was a salon the specified in curly hair. I typically go to a salon which charges around $130 for a wash, cut and style (usually blowing out straight since most stylists don't know how to treat my curls without making me look like an untamed lion). I researched the heck out of this salon since my family was planning a trip to NYC over my Christmas break home from school. I asked for a cut from the salon as well as the conditioning treatment for Christmas. After stepping into the salon, I was so happy to see so many women with curly hair around me. Most of the stylists were rocking their locks which made me even more excited. My appointment was with Anila. She was extremely sweet and appreciative about my enthusiasm towards Ouidad. She took me through a consult for about five minutes where I explained that I wanted my curls to be more defined, but explained how most products can not hold me crazy thick hair. I also explained that I like the length and did not want my hair to be too big. We came to an agreement on the cut and style. I could already tell she knew exactly what to do with me and told her I trusted her to do whatever she thought would me best. S Everyone at the salon was upbeat and friendly. I had great conversations with a few stylists. Women were even there together for a girls day. The most popular thing to do was the deep conditioning treatment, which as it turns out can be purchased and done at home as well. I highly recommend this as they make sure your curls are quenched. Anila cut my hair using the Ouidad method and made sure that I was happy with the new layers and subtle bangs she was adding. When she worked the product in my hair, she explained and showed me how to apply this at home. She also gave me tips and tricks and walked me through my own routine critiquing few things that I may had been doing wrong. I bought the Climate Control Heat & Humidity gel as well as the leave-in conditioner spray for second day curls. I will probably begin buying the conditioner as well once I have money to start buying more expensive conditioner. I had such a great experience and found out from the site that a salon in my area offers the Ouidad cut and is trained from the Ouidad empire! I highly recommend this salon and probably any other variations from the brand in your area. I also recommend the products. My hair is so natural and really holds. I learned a lot and loved the experience! Hoping to come back again next time I am in the city!! Thanks Ouidad! So happy you opened a franchise for us curly heads!!

Reviewed on 01.22.14

Stylist: Jason

First, let me start off by saying my hair texture is type 4. I went to the salon for a really drastic cut. I wanted a type of tapered fro and gave Jason complete license to do as he saw fit. I am really happy and excited about the results. I have never had hair this short and am realizing the many styling possibilities and reduced maintenance time. He used a combination of products (Whipped Curls, Hydrafusion, Climate Control Gel, Mongongo OIl) and my hair is still light and soft. Every one at the salon was welcoming, the atmosphere was relaxed. One caution would be that he is a bit heavy handed, so if you have a tender scalp let him know. However, he asked me and he will definitely ask you too. Most importantly, he was excited to do my hair. I have had experiences before where a stylist instantly becomes deflated when s/he sees my tight curly hair. That was not the case here, at all. If you want to try something new and are concerned about the cut suiting your personality, I would recommend this salon.

Reviewed on 12.03.12

Stylist: Ayanna

The best salon hands down. I have been almost everywhere in Manhattan and these stylists know how to do curls! The products are superior and not only do they hold but frizz is nowhere to be found in my curls. I have been going for 12 years and think every curly head should experience Ouidad and her team of miracle workers!

Reviewed on 04.05.11

Stylist: none

I didnt actually get my hair done there, it was my sister and she has real kinky hair. We mostly went to the dominican hair salon down the street from where we lived but when she found out about Ouidad she was excited. SO we went there and the hair job they did on her was fantastic her hair liked soft and moisturized.

Reviewed on 02.26.11

Stylist: ayanna

I only went once, was a hair model and she was the stylist/educator. She listened to my concerns and what I ultimately wanted. I came out looking exactly like I wanted and actually better than I imagined. It was definitely a blessing because I would not normally be able to afford even a phone call with her. Thanks to Ouidad for the oppportunity.

Reviewed on 12.20.10

Stylist: Cypriano

If you are looking for a curly hair expert and artist, then go to Cypriano. He has unique talent for knowing the best cut and color for my face/hair and they are the most long-lasting treatments that I have ever experienced. I have lived in Switzerland for the past 5 years, but only Cypriano cuts/colors my hair. Even though I can only make it to New York 4 or 5 times per year, my hair has never looked or felt better.

Reviewed on 07.28.10

Stylist: Virginia

I was very excited to go to a salon with specialists on my type of hair. It was a great salon with nice people and good service. My stylist, Virginia gave me a pretty good cut so that my hair didn't look like a triangle. My hair was styled very well and was completely flawless and bouncy. Ouidad is a great salon and I recommend it for anyone with curly hair.

Reviewed on 07.27.10

Stylist: Ouidad

I went to Ouidad Salon and had an appointment with Ouidad herself. I splurged and paid A LOT of money to have her do my hair. I had read a ton of reviews on the Ouidad website all raving about their experiences. NOT TRUE. Ouidad kept me waiting for 1/2 hour, while taking her regular clients that showed up after me. Her 'assistant' does most of the work, and Ouidad yelled at her saying she wasn't talking enough to me in describing what she was doing and fined her assistant $10,all in front of me. Ouidad would stick me under a hair dryer and leave me,after 3 hrs. of being ignored with a wet head, and being shoved under dryers or my head wet sitting in the chair, I finally started showing my frustration. Ouidad herself was chatting up her regular clients and didn't look twice at me. I was there a total of 3.5 hours and Ouidad apologized. Was it worth it? No. Not to pay for her AND an arm/leg for all the products they sell you. While I like the products, thats where she makes all her money. I never went back. I also left work early for this treatment.

Reviewed on 03.09.10

Stylist: Mirsada

I went to ouidad last weekend in desperate need of a cut to make my hair more manageable. The staff there is very nice and courteous. However, I will say to be careful as they try to push products or services in a very subtle way. For example my hair is very dry and they told me your hair needs a deep treatment which is very expensive and I let them know right away that I couldn't do it today so they put on curl quencher conditioner and left me under the dryer for about 15 minutes. If you're on a budget be careful or you will wind up with a larger bill than expected. She cut my hair with their carve/slice method I was very happy with the results. My hair is more manageable now even when I don't use their products. While she was nice, it seemed like I was doing most of the talking. Another thing I didn't like was when they dried the hair they dried too much so it looked kind of frizzy afterward which they fixed with a pomade. I prefer to let my hair dry naturally or diffuse just half way but overall it was a good experience. I'm open to trying out other stylists and while their products are expensive, the ones I've used so far are pretty good. They work me for me.

Reviewed on 01.15.10

Stylist: ??

I can't remember the stylist, but it was definitely not worth the money. My hair was stiff and dry. I washed it the same day with Pantene. I don't think the salon really knows how to deal with very curly types, maybe slight waves but not serious thick, curls. I should have had a clue, of the two stylists, the one who did my hair had a bad weave and the other had bone-straight, relaxed hair. So much for embracing natural curls.

Reviewed on 01.07.10

Stylist: Cypriano

I recommend without hesitation seeing Cypriano at Ouidad salon. I have loyally followed him from the salon he worked at previously because I am that devoted to how he cuts my naturally curly hair. He has a keen ability to understand what cut looks best on a person. He is not afraid of curly hair and is able to manipulate it in a way that shows off his expertise. Aside from his talent with curly hair, he is a great person who is a pleasure to get to know. He listens to his clients and will make your curls beautiful! If you are considering Ouidad for the first time, book with Cypriano. You won't be disappointed.

Reviewed on 11.23.09

Stylist: Ayanna

If you asked me about my experience the first time I visited the Ouidad salon, I would have highly recommended it. However, since then, I have been to numerous high-end curly salons in Manhattan & CT and have to say that Ouidad is a waste a money. The cut is okay, but I've had better for cheaper. The Ouidad staff does teach you some good techniques to manage your hair though.

Reviewed on 09.08.09

Stylist: Not Sure :-(

After struggling with my curly Q's most my life I finally found myself at the doorsteps of Ouidad aka The Queen of Curly Hair. You walk into an open airy salon that is extremely professional but somehow friendly and comforting. Instantly I notice all these curly heads I am surrounded by and in a world of pin straight envy surprisingly I feel confident and quite normal. After being shampooed and conditioned I sat in front of a mirror and had my hairdresser actually explain to me exactly how my hair truly is. For the 1st time in my adult life I didn’t feel overwhelmed or misunderstood, I didn’t feel like I had to apologize for my curls. Then the cut started, now this is normally the point where I am beginning to break out in a cold sweat for fear my hair is going to be chopped and butchered. Ok maybe not a cold sweat, but I am normally nervous and for some reason even never being there before I feel calm. I think it was because she explained to me how at Ouidad they have a haircutting technique that is specifically designed for us curly girls. The cut is designed to have my curls puzzle piece together instead of lying on top of one another. She further explained to me exactly why she had chosen the Tame line for my curls and how I can get this very look at home. The technique of applying product is called the “Rake & Shake” and it really is just that. My stylist sectioned my hair in four and then she would pull a little bit of hair out at a time. She raked the product through the small section of hair with her fingers and once she got to the ends she held up the hair and shook it. After the product was applied evenly through out my hair she blow dried (with a diffuser). When she spun me around to look in the mirror I simply could not believe how great my hair looked. I had never seen the perfectly formed spirals I was looking at. Although my hair had product in it, it felt as if it didn’t. It was soft and defined; I don’t even think I have ever used those two words in the same sentence while describing my hair. As I ran my fingers through my locks I knew there was product in my hair, but I had never felt my hair so soft and silky without having it straightened. My fingers didn’t get caught in it one time. Now normally I leave a salon only to grin and bare the style all the way home so I can run into my bathroom rinse out whatever goop they put in my hair as quickly as possible and apply my products. However, this was different. I really hoped I could get this look at home. I was actually sent home with notes and an entire brochure on the products and how to apply them. I definitely had to work on maintaining my look once I got home. The 1st couple of times I applied the product I did struggle a little. I mean I am not a hairdresser and it is a completely different technique then anything else I have every tried to use in my hair. I am happy to say after a couple of tries I must admit my hair looks salon good everyday! I have people ask me on a weekly basis how I get my hair to shine and look so good. I always tell them go see Ouidad!

Reviewed on 11.19.08

Stylist: OUIDAD

For years I struggled with dry and frizzy hair. My trip to the OUIDAD salon was the best thing that I have done for myself in a long time. I have read the reviews on this board- I don't get it. My hair has never been so well conditioned and frizz free. Maybe it is the styling when you got home that is a problem for you. It is a technique. You have to get out of the old pattern of twisting and scrunching that frizzes hair. It has been one year- best money I have spent and the best experience I have had in a salon in my life. Give it another try for those of you who had a poor experience- you will be glad you did. It is worth every penny!

Reviewed on 10.09.08

Stylist: Ana, Ayanna, Anila

I have been getting my hair cut at Ouidad for about 3 years and have used Ana, Ayanna and Anila. All are amazing. I have never left with a bad cut. They explain the products and how to style your hair. I go home knowing that if I end up with frizzy hair it is most definitely not the cut or the products, but my inability to style my hair. It takes an extra 5 minutes to style, but worth every dime and minute of your time.

Reviewed on 09.19.07

Stylist: Vincent

I had been Japanese straightening my hair for five years and was ready to stop damaging my hair and let my curls come back. I wanted to just get all the straightened area chopped off, but Vincent talked me out of it, explaining my hair would end up being extremely short and I would not likely be happy with it. Instead he expertly cut (carved/sliced) my hair into a style that would work for this growing out period and showed me step-by-step how to take care of and style it on my own. This new hair-style drew raves from friends and colleagues - "adorable, trendy, stylish and cute" were the words most used. Although its still not easy to deal with hair thats 1/4 curly and 3/4 straight, a fantastic cut helps immensely... and allows me to keep some length! I am a fan of Vincent and Ouidad.

Reviewed on 05.19.07

Stylist: Alex

I have been very skeptical about going to salons because my hair is so curly. Most of them say they know how to deal with curly hair but they don’t. I have had bad experiences with many salons during my adolescence years, which is the reason why I simply stop wearing my hair curly and started to wear my hair straight. This year I finally said that I would research and find a salon that would specialize in curly hair. I did a lot of research, which brought me to the Quidad Salon. Their education center helped me understand what my curl pattern was, what I was doing wrong, in terms of how to apply products, and taking care of my mane overall. Quidad’s assistant Alex did my hair and she is amazing! For one thing, they specialize in all kind of curlies. Course, fine, thick, and dry hair curlies. What’s nice is that they don’t over charge you the extra’s or just because you have a full head of hair or something like that. They go by length and not by bulk. I would recommend them to whoever wants to return to the curly haired lifestyle.

Reviewed on 05.01.07

Stylist: Anna

I live in California and fly out to have Anna do my hair. She is fantastic. I used Ouidad's products for a little while and decided to schedule a salon appt when I accompanied my husband to a conference in NYC. This was 4 years ago. Only once did I let someone local touch my hair after not being able to get out to NY because of work. Never again. It was as disappointing as I thought it would be. Anna just fixed it and my hair looks great again. My only negative would be that I don't recommend the softening treatment. It was harsh and burned my scalp a bit. Besides, my hair looks better with all its natural curl. :-)

Reviewed on 04.11.07

Stylist: Ayanna

Ill be honest, ive never had a great haircut. I have had Ouidad certified people cut my hair in the past but i was never sold on it. When I was in NYC this summer visiting family, I made an appointment at the Ouidad salon. Ayanna was great. My haircut was great. My hair has not been the same. I honestly will not get my hair cut any where else, because nothing compairs. The ouidad products are great, and my hair is so much more managable. I higley recomend it to everyone!!

Reviewed on 02.14.06