Salon Ziba

200 W 57th St # 207
New York, NY 10019

User Reviews

Stylist: Chrissy

I have been with Chrissy for four years now and i can say my hair has NEVER EVER looked so great. She has curly hair herself and really gets it. She also listens to what you want and then works with you to find a cut that will work for your face and type of curls cause although we hate ot admit it not all cuts look good on us curly hair girls as they do our straight hair friends. I have reccomended her to 3 curly haired friends all have different curls than my big loopy hair ( and when i say big i mean it i have a ton of hair and it is thick) and each has walked away reccomending her ot their friends. I could go on and on but just do yourself the favor and go see her...tell her Nicole sent you...P.S. for my once a year blow-out she is the best stays straight for 4 days with outa touch up if not for having to wash it i would have stayed straight for weeks. (sometimes a girl mixes it up a bit ya know???)

Reviewed on 04.10.06