Ted Gibson Salon

184 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10010

User Reviews

Stylist: Giulia

I rarely take the time out to write reviews on the internet; but I just had to write to sing praises for Giulia. I have thick, overwhelming, curly hair--the kind that stylists usually groan about and then proceed to ruin as they chop. Giulia listened to what I wanted and then gave me the best haircut I have ever had. I have been to the curly hair places, and Giulia beats them hands down. Rather than being locked into a system, she listens to the customer and then works with her/his hair. I have also seen her work on straight and wavy haired people. Everyone leaves looking great and smiling. Giulia is also a nice person to spend an hour with. Since it can be hard to keep track of stylists as they move around, here is her e-mail: [email protected]

Reviewed on 05.19.08

Stylist: Giulia

I've been to Ouidad and Devchan and was never happy with either the cuts or the atmosphere. I love the low-key vibe at Ted Gibson and Giulia is a terrific stylist. Her glorious mane of long dark curls is a tip off that she knows curly hair inside and out and she's totally a whiz with the scissors.

Reviewed on 10.05.07

Stylist: Giulia

Having been a client at Devachan for the past few years I had recently become frustrated by the uneven cuts I had gotten there. I think that, overall, they do a very good job, but in my line of work I have to straighten my hair occasionally and found that the stylists rarely check for evenness at the end of a cut. I figured that I was resigned to a life of uneven hair lengths; Devachan was the best I had found but not yet perfect for me. Then I had my hair cut by Giulia at the Ted Gibson Salon in NYC's Flatiron district. ( Ted Gibson is the man behind Angelina Jolie's hair) This is by far the best haircut I have ever had. All of my nervousness at having my hair cut by someone who was not at a "curls only" salon was instantly dissolved when I saw Giulia's own, absolutely amazing, 3B hair. (I have 3A) She agreed with many of the Devachan styling ideas (what I believe to be the best part of that program) but really recharged my style. She cut layers underneath the canopy layer of hair, really helping me with the 'mushroom effect' and 'puppy ears' I have been struggling with. AND she made sure the cut was perfectly even. I feel like I had the best of both worlds: a cut that enhanced my natural curls AND was even at the ends. This girl knows her curls.

Reviewed on 01.31.06