Dale Lockwood Salon

587 Main Street
New York Mills, NY 13417

User Reviews

Stylist: Karie

I have naturally curly hair and have been to many different salons and realized not everyone knows how to cut curly hair. However, Karie knows how to do it!! I relocated from Long Island and I have been looking for a good stylist for the last 5-7 years and I am so happy to have found Karie. Not only does she know how to cute curly hair, she really listens to what you are thinking and gives great feedback and direction on how to get the style you are looking for. I am so happy that I found Karie!! PS. don't panic if you are looking for the salon, they have moved to: 2624 Genesee St Utica, NY the phone# is the same though

Reviewed on 04.04.12

Stylist: Karie

I have naturally curly frizzy hair. My entire life I have been searching for the great cut and a stylist who also knew curly hair. 25 years later I found her, and her name is Karie. I have been to just about every salon in the city, but no one seems to know curly hair, and how different it is. I went in only knowing one thing I wanted a cute cut with a little volume on the top, that would also look good curly or straight. I told Karie to do what she thought would look best. As she went along she would tell me what she was going and why. I walked out of there with more curly knowledge which after all this time is rare. She told me that she goes around the state teaching other stylists about curly hair and how to work with it. If you have been searching for that "it" stylist then go to Karrie.

Reviewed on 07.05.06

Stylist: Karrie

I originally went to this salon years ago, and they were the first to realize that my hair needed to be thinned when no one knew anything about curly hair. I called this salon again and told them that I needed someone who knew curly hair. They put me on with Karrie who told me that she was trained in cutting curly hair, oriental straightening and a slew of other techniques. When I went in for my appointment I had no idea what to do with my VERY long hair. I only told her that I wanted an obvious style, and that I wanted it to look good curly or straight. What she did was AMAZING, and while she cut she explained. I can say that I have never liked my hair curly but after this cut I LOVE it! She told me that cutting curly hair was different, how even coloring curly hair was different. She told me that she teaches how to cut curly hair, and explained many things about curly hair and even how to do what she does. Though we all know we can’t do at home what they do in the salon. I am going in for a color this week which I am also giving her artistic licence. I totally trust her, and I will try and write on how the color comes out.

Reviewed on 04.03.06