Razor's Edge

505 W Main Street
Palmyra, NY 14522

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Stylist: Leanne

I hadn't had my hair cut for over a year and a half, because I didn't want to risk the emotions of going to a salon. For some reason, I picked this salon out of a phone book and went on a gut feeling that it would be okay. The need for a trim outweighed my fears. Anyway, I told them I had naturally curly hair and they set me up with Leanne, who has straight and very well-styled hair of her own. After talking with her a bit, I got the feeling that she wasn't just agreeing with me; she actually seemed to understand what I was saying about my hair. We decided to take the leap and slice off about 3 inches! She helped me keep some length and frame my face, which is exactly what I wanted. My hair is healthy, happy, curly, and I'm very satisfied. If you're in the Wayne County area and think you don't have any options, pay Leanne a visit!

Reviewed on 05.17.06