The Hair'itage Salon

3159 Winton Rd South
Rochester Hills, NY 14615

User Reviews

Stylist: Ellen

I went in without an appointment. Ellen took me back and asked me a lot of questions about how I wear my hair. She gave me a haircut I love! Someone at work asked me where I get my hair done!

Reviewed on 07.12.12

Stylist: Shannon

Naturallycurly, there is no such place as "Rochester Hills, NY". This salon is in the city of Rochester. Actually it's located in Henrietta, a few miles out of the city. I was recommended this salon but it was so hard trying to get in touch with the stylist. She's only there on certain days and you have to leave a message telling her what you need and somewhat will get in touch with you on her behalf. And you have to plan your appointment months in advance because she is only there at certain times on those certain days. That is bogus. I can and do go anywhere else and get a haircut I like for much cheaper and much easier.

Reviewed on 01.29.11

Stylist: Shannon

When I moved here last year I went to Shannon twice. I had no idea where else to go. Now I know better and wouldn't go back.

Reviewed on 07.06.10

Stylist: Shannon Perry

I would highly recommend Shannon Perry at the Hairitage Salon. Not only is she a curly girl, but she has trained with Devachon in NYC and knows how to do a curly cut. She is also a color expert and trains other salons in color technique. I believe she is the only stylist in the Rochester area who actually knows how to curly cut and style. Give her a try. You won't be disappointed!

Reviewed on 05.20.09

Stylist: Shannon

I went to Shannon based on reviews from this web site a couple of years ago and had a terrible experience. She put a ton of gel in my wet hair and then put a paper towel on my head before drying it with a blow dryer. Despite all this, my hair was still wet when I left the salon. She also left some clips in my hair to hold it in place while it dried. I looked absolutely ridiculous walking out of there. She's a very nice person, but it just all seemed kind of half baked. The haircut was no different from any other curly haircut I've had. The salon amenities are a bit lacking for the prices they charge. She could have dried my hair with a bonnet dryer. I've paid the same price and gotten better service and better amenities in a much more inviting salon environment for the same price. I don't recommend Shannon, they are much better alternatives in Rochester.

Reviewed on 03.12.08

Stylist: Shannon Perry

I highly recommend Shannon, too. Knowing that she is a trained Curly Girl stylist, I chose her to get my own little Devachan experience in Rochester. Let me just say, I have NEVER gotten a haircut that I have been so excited about before. Yes, the salon experience was great -- Shannon is a super nice person who really listens to you and then thoroughly explains what she is doing and why and answers all of your questions without pushing any product. She is a curly girl too and LOVES bringing out the inner curl in everyone. But the most important thing is hearing from my husband, "Wow, your hair looks REALLY good!" And I love my hair. I loved it before, but Shannon really gave me an excellent haircut that showcases my beautiful curls, is easy to take care of, and makes me feel like a million bucks! I never realized how crucial it is to have a good, curly girl cut before. The products you use and how you cleanse your hair is just icing on the cake. Shannon knows what she is doing and will make your curls sing for just fifty bucks (but bring cash, they don't take credit cards) -- it's the best money I have ever spent on myself and my hair!

Reviewed on 10.28.07