Michael's Salon & Spa

241 E Alex Bell Road
Centerville, OH 45459

User Reviews

Stylist: Forgot

I went to Michael‘s today for a hair cut & styling. I cannot remember the stylist’s name and she is not pictured on their website. During my session I made several requests regarding my styling preferences, but the stylist lost her temper in front of other clients and told me to leave. I was expecting a manager to intervene, but nobody did. This stylist should not be working at Michael’s. I am very stressed out, embarr****ed and disappointed.

Reviewed on 05.21.19

Stylist: Kylie

When I called this salon I asked for a Deva trained stylist, however, the haircut that I recieved was not a 'Devacut'. However, Kylie was very nice and did a great job explaining which Deva products I should use for my hair type and how to use them. She did cut my hair dry, but she pretty much cut the bulk of it in two snips. She then washed & set me under a dryer. Afterwards she only cut a few more strands, maybe 5, not many at all. I doubt I was even in the hair cutting chair for ten minutes. I had been expecting a lengthy curl by curl cut and was disappointed when I did not recieve it. After the haircut, I tried to style it on my own, however I never could get my bangs to work without looking very seperated & stringy. I finally realized that the reason they won't style right is because of the way they are cut. I called the salon (exactly) two weeks later and asked if there was another Deva trained stylist that could just fix my bangs. I was told that I would be charged for a whole haircut because I did not call back within 7 days. This upsets me greatly because being new to my curly hair, it takes a while to get used to the products and how to style your hair. Also, I only want my bangs cut, not everything else, to be charged a whole haircut is just ridiculous for a cut that would only take less than 5 minutes!!!!! I am greatly disappointed in this salon and will be continuing looking elsewhere for a Deva trained stylist.

Reviewed on 05.11.13

Stylist: Kylie

Kylie was kind, and a very nice stylist. She did a nice job with a wet cut, but did not have knowledge nor feel comfortable with cutting curls dry and individually to optimize curl pattern. She also tried to recommend products with silicone. I am going to continue my search for a curly stylist in Dayton that embraces natural curls.

Reviewed on 01.31.12

Stylist: Amanda

Hi -- Thank you for suggesting Amanda. I really liked her, and she gave me a very cute hair cut to work with my natural curl. I am getting compliments on the cute hair cut. She also knew a lot about products. Highly recommended!!

Reviewed on 12.13.11

Stylist: Amanda

Thank you for suggesting Amanda! She was very friendly and gave me a great hair cut. I received compliments on the cute hair cut. Amanda also explained products. Highly recommended!!

Reviewed on 12.08.11

Stylist: Amanda

After reading Anonymous's review, I really wanted to make an appointment with Matti. My original plan was to get a trim and balayage. When I called, the (rather snooty) receptionist informed me that Matti was not certified in balayage, and began to list other stylists who were. I then explained that I have wavy hair, had originally selected Matti because she was known for her curl expertise, and would really prefer to work with someone who is good with waves and curls. The receptionist then recommended Amanda, who does both curls and balayage. Fast forward to the actual appointment. Upon entering, I discovered that this salon is HUGE...no really, HUGE! The height of the ceilings made me wonder if it was formerly a warehouse of sorts...but in any case, it seemed as if it had been refurbished as a salon pretty well. I was given a "welcome package" (cute little paper bag with salon name, Rocher chocolate, and chapstick and pen with salon name and logo) as well as a "basic information" sheet to fill out. I must say...their definition of basic information is a bit more in-depth then I've ever been asked at a salon. Along with the typical name, address, phone number, age bracket info were also questions about hair health, what you'd like different about your hair, how often you visit salons, and your personal health conditions--and how those might impact your hair. Now granted, hair absolutely *is* a hallmark measure of overall physical health...but disclosing health conditions to someone you've never even met and running the risk of the same snooty receptionist who snubbed you over the phone being the one entering this information into some kind of database really freaked me out! [Can you tell that I really don't like telling strangers (who know my real name, phone number, and where I live) that I have a history of anorexia, which could definitely impact hair health?!] Luckily, before I could obsess over this question further, Amanda arrived and walked me back to her station. So, I mentioned that my original idea was a trim and balayage, right? Somehow, Amanda managed to talk me out of both, and I'm actually quite glad she did. I arrived with my hair styled wavy, and explained that I'm learning to embrace my natural curls and waves, and would prefer if whatever we did accentuated that rather than detracted from it. I also indicated that balayage was something I was interested in because it served the function of lightening my darkening blonde hair, but did so in a more natural looking way, and would grow out better than foil highlights. She agreed with the fact that balayage does tend to look more natural and grow out better, but also noted that since my hair was otherwise natural with *grown-out* highlights, the balayage wouldn't look as good as it otherwise would (since I had maybe 12 or so inches of highlighted hair, and about 1-2 inches of grown-out, unhighlighted at the crown). Instead, she suggested their color express service, which would lighten the overall tone of blonde, but would look multi-tonal, rather than flat, since I already had highlights. As far as the cut was concerned, she trimmed enough to make my hair look healthier, but suggested layers (which I'm normally afraid of because they don't always grow out well) to encourage the curl. It's about 2 weeks later, and the layers have hugely helped the waves, the color still looks good, and I'm quite the happy camper. Yay Amanda!

Reviewed on 04.27.11

Stylist: Beth

It has been a while since my bad hair experience here, but you are warned; this woman loathes curly hair. She informed me that she HAD to straight iron my hair in order to get the cut right. I heard my hair sizzle like cheap bacon and it was damaged after the too-hot frying. The cut was not great. It basically only looked good while straight and since I don't own a flatiron and would never bother straightening it at home, that means bad hair until I grew it out.

Reviewed on 10.07.09


Matti is awesome! She really understands curly hair and was very attentive to my needs. She totally gets that I wanted to maximize my curls, understands the whole curly girl routine. She's not a curly herself, but has a true appreciation for those of us who do! I recommend Matti for a great curly cut!

Reviewed on 10.26.07