Bliss Salon

7540 South Memorial Pkwy
Suite U
Huntsville, AL 35802-2265

User Reviews

Stylist: Ashley Walsh Carmack

The salon was very nice and had a classy interior. Ashley was very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable about curls. She cut layers into my hair and the way my curls have grown in--I absolutely love it!! I highly recommend her.

Reviewed on 08.10.10

Stylist: ashley walsh carmack

Ashley cut my hair a few weeks ago and it is awesome!!!!!!! My hair is long and very very curly. She was able to cut it so it lays just right and gave me some great styling tips to eliminate frizz and bring out the curl. Ashley also has another amazing talent.... I went in a few days ago to get my hair straightened and it was perfect, I have never seen it so straight. I cant say enough great things about Ashley and Bliss salon. If you need help with your curls go and see her!! 9

Reviewed on 09.17.08

Stylist: Ashley Walsh

Ashley is fantastic. She helped me get my curls back in shape after an awful haircut at a different salon. She has curls of her own. Ashley not only knows how to cut curls, but she also styled my curls for my wedding! She's great fun to talk to and does great work.

Reviewed on 08.13.07